Jul 122009

There’s this guy who works in my office, one row over, and I think he might have a little thing for me. I’m not sure just how young he is, he’s old enough to be working there permanently and at something one step up from entry level but he has a baby face.

My job went from being a relaxed administrative assistant to a grumpy clerk who basically does glorified data entry most of the day. Type up a list of numbers, then head back to the printer for all the sheets that the program printed out that I have to then merge with the correct invoices. So, I print a lot. Frequently. Sometimes large batches.

Sadly, I don’t have my own printer. At the back end of every other row is a printer. This guy doesn’t work in my aisle, he’s on the other side (our “adjoining wall” sides are a little over 5 feet high, the cube separating walls are a little over 4.5 feet high) but he uses the same printer as I do. It’s a given that most times, someone else’s stuff is mixed in with mine. For some reason he’s not real adept at finding his stuff, and I’ve got the method down pat and can flip through the stack in mere seconds. He’s taken to occasionally teasing me that I purposely print out a batch of shit right when he prints out one page. And even though I couldn’t possibly know, lol, we end up back there at the same time frequently.

When I walk by his row or he’s in mine, I catch him staring at me.

The other week, as he walked in the thru-way aisle that’s just in front of my cube, I stopped him.

“Hey M, did they put more toner in yet?”

He looked down at me over the shorter partition and fumbled for his words. Pretty much, no, they hadn’t.

Then I realized the view he just had.

Poor kid.


  15 Responses to “Shy Boy”

  1. Yeah, I think the sight of your cleavage would render *me* speechless too. The poor boy doesn’t stand a chance.

  2. Gee what a shame….*insert sarcasm here*

  3. Ha, Ha! Such a poor little boy :)

  4. Why aren’t there any women like you at my office? Damn…

  5. I am surprised his jaw just didn’t drop; what a treat. You made his whole day and probably night too.

  6. Oh yes. Poor kid. Bet he bee-lined for the bathroom afterwards to obtain release. You may very well have made his week at work ;)

    ~ No, only you would do that ;)

  7. That top is a new look for you. Any other pictures of it?

    Poor kid, his momma never warned him about women like Dangerous Lilly.

    Nice shot.

  8. Hahah I think you probably made his day!! Lovely picture

  9. oh boy, oh boy ;)

  10. I could bury my face there for hours and die happy.

  11. Oh ya he never stood a chance!

  12. Poor kid? His only problem may be a woodie that doesn’t go away for days!

    I’m with Ronald10021 – could bury in there for *frickin* ever!


    ~ Days?? Now now, that’s a bit much ;)

  13. I like the view and the shirt! Where did you get that at? I am much endowed like yourself and like flattering shirts like that!!

    ~ Well actually, I got it on ebay. It was a Lane Bryant top, I think. However, any “faux wrap style” top, I have to tack shut at the bust with a few stitches, otherwise it gapes open to the bottom of my bra. not good!!

  14. I think he’s got a crush on you….

    ~ oh now I wouldn’t go so far as “crush”, lol

  15. Hi Dangerous.
    Great Pic.
    what a lucky boy

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