Jun 272009

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My first review for EdenFantasys! I’m getting pretty picky with my vibrators but you know I’m still a girly girl at heart who sees something pretty/unique/fun/shiny and goes “oooooo”. Sometimes I end up finding out that I picked the item just based on looks. That’s how I picked the Orion Bottle Rocket vibe.

Well, the Bottle Rockets by Evolved are pretty new. They’re a twist on the typical “pocket rocket” type of vibrator, and the packaging is a cute clear plastic bottle. You unscrew the bottom to get the vibe out. And that bottle cap? It’s a real one. Metal and all.

This functions like your typical pocket rocket – 1 AA battery and 1 button, 1 speed. It does have more oomph than most other pocket rockets that I’ve tried, but it’s not my type of buzz. You can hear it in the video below what I’m talking about. My old trusty Pocket Rocket is the one that gets me off – its a lower pitch and a deeper vibration. Too high of a pitch and to ME it’s kinda…itchy/irritating after awhile. But I have weird sensitivity issues.

It differs from typical pocket rockets in that it looks more like a mini traditional vibe. There’s no flat top with nubs and strange caps that I throw out. It’s smooth and bulbous and has a velvety texture to the plastic. Instead of typical pocket rocket style “on/off” of just sliding the two halves together and twisting, this actually has a push-button on the top – which I prefer. My old pocket rocket, it’s either put together and on, or separated and off. Orion is also quieter than my Old Red. It is about the same size though as my Old Red.

I’m not sure where to get my trusty Old Red – the brand is Nasstoys, but their newer pocket rockets don’t look -quite- like this. They might still have the same motor though, so I’m going to have to try them out – just in case Old Red should ever die. This guy is the very first clit vibe I bought and I hit a home run with it. It’s the ONLY toy from my “sex toy history” prior to reviewing that I have kept. What can I say…I’m picky about my sex toys! Honestly though if you like most pocket rocket style vibes, you’ll like this and the more user-friendly controls.

Check them out, and reDiscover sex!

  • Great Review! Thank you!

  • Interesting comparison…I used to have something similar to your “Old Red” toy. (We’re talking years and years ago mind you) and they went through batteries like it wasn’t nobody’s business…

    The newer one though seems like it has somewhat of a kick to it.

  • heh, I just saw the new one when I was with Freddy and Eddy last night. Very cute packaging idea. The new ones have a twisted look and feel. I’m beginning to notice quite a few recent reviews coming from Eden Fantasy are either products that have been updated since, hence you don’t have the newer version. Or products that are no longer available at Eden Fantasy. Kind of makes me go :(

    ~ Actually, I included a link in the review to the other Bottle Rockets, there are 4 different ones. The whole line is very new to everyone, and EF does indeed carry them all. There is one with a twisted look to it, but that’s the Nova.

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