Aug 312008

She’s standin in her underwear
Lookin down from a hotel room
Nightfall will be comin soon
Oh my my, oh hell yes
You’ve got to put on that party dress


Update: If you’re just seeing this review for the first time, you may wonder how I feel about the Magic Wand these days. Wonder no more! Here’s a Throwback Thursday update.

The Magic Wand. It is, indeed, magic. There are two speeds. “Oh my my” and “Oh hell yes”. For the sensitive lasses out there – don’t bother. Go for the Vibratex Mystic Wand. This one would make you cry.

Orgasms with the Magic Wand are finicky with me. It’s either a record-breaking 1:47 seconds the-crowd-is-cheering sort of thing, or it’s just too much and my clit won’t break and submit to it. The Hitachi has many uses. It truly is great on the back. I’ll give them that. It can make any stationary toy into a vibrating machine. I’ve heard it can do lovely things to rope when you’re all trussed up (perhaps someone will show me the joys of that particular use…)

Here’s the deal. It’s kinda large. It’s kinda heavy. It plugs in, so there’s no batteries to waste and that means it’s super-powerful. If you are prone at ALL to squirting, you will want to cover the head and such with a condom – you’ll understand why when you see it. It’s made of plastic and PVC, so condoms are good if you’re at a play party and sharing. (And please do share, if you happen upon a Hitachi-virgin, initiate them into this world. It’s your civic duty.)

My first playtime with this guy came the night it arrived. I plugged it in, sat here at my desk with legs spread wide and resting on various furniture items, and turned it on low (i.e. Oh my my). FUCK that felt good. Within literally a minute and a half, I felt the telltale spreading of full-body tingling. I clicked it over quickly to high (i.e. OH HELL YES) and 20 seconds later I was coming. Hard. Flushed and shaking. I clicked it back over to low to ride it out, made myself keep it there until my cunt stopped throbbing for the most part. 2 minutes.

I predict that for women who have a more prominent clit than I (mine requires a bit of exploration, some, like my friend Sarah are out and proud “Hi, I’m Sarah’s clit!” As she likes to explain it), they won’t even need to disrobe to orgasm from this thing. And as AlwaysArousedGirl put it once, this is not a toy you make love to. This is not a toy you use and abuse, let it wring the orgasms out of you rapid-fire, when you are in deep need of a good hard screaming O or three. Or pressed for time.

The downside? It gets warm. Nay, hot. If used too long, that is. Let the poor guy breathe in between orgasms/people, for a few minutes.

Plain and simple, people: Unless you come at the drop of a hat…unless a finger to your clit triggers orgasms in a minute or so…BUY THIS VIBRATOR.

Go. NOW. Buy it.

Jul 112008

One sentence.

One little sentence, a few words strung together, and I’m a goner. You know that feeling of immediate arousal? It’s like a tingle…starting at about the throat and traveling down south at the speed of light. Butterflies. Your breath catches, your pulse quickens, and you grin like the damn Cheshire Cat. I’m rendered speechless…my cunt throbbing and wet…my face flushed.

3 times yesterday. 3 men. Seriously, are guys trying to kill me?

(I had asked K if he had seen the HNT pics)
K*: you mean the tank top that made me want to slam you against the wall and fuck the shit out of you?
(He said more that made me about speechless for a minute, but that was the big one that reduced me to a whimpering lust-puddle in a split second)

R: gets really close to your ear for a second while nobody is looking and whispers I can’t wait to try and put my fist in your cunt, though. licks your ear
(Fucker. He says that, but I didn’t see it at first, had to quickly leave the window as a co-worker was coming up to my desk. I read it finally, minutes later, and had to quickly regain my composure. He said this without yet knowing that being fisted is a fantasy of mine that only has its place in the rough, submissive sex scene I’m craving lately)

T: I came really hard staring at your tits the other night…I’m going to look again in a few…and probably….cum hard again…
(T’s making me a video of himself doing just that…he knows I love hearing him cum)

*”K” asked me to change his initial on my blog, to something completely unrelated to his name, real or screenname. To find out who K is you’ll have to check back at older posts. He’s been talked about a few times and any place he is referenced, the initial is changed.


In other news – I found a really great use for the Silver Bullet I reviewed here. I mentioned using it on guys as did Heather had also suggested in comments, but I hadn’t yet tried it. Hooo boy did I get a reaction! I held it against him…nestled in between his balls and pressed against the base of his cock while I sucked him off. I think his eyes rolled back in his head when I first did that with the S.B. I asked if it felt good and I was given a mostly-incoherant reply that clearly meant “yes, and don’t stop”. I started it out on a lower setting and as he acclimated to the vibrations I gradually increased it.

Jul 062008

Lest you think my inner slut is all there is to me let me assure you that I do, in fact, have a heart. A big one. I love completely, I love fiercely and I would do anything for my loved ones and friends.

I realized the other night that I have a bit of a crush on K.

Our internet-friendship has been primarily about sex in some way or another in the 4 months we’ve been talking. Whether it’s factually or sensually, sex is the main topic. He knows every little detail of what I like in bed, and he has created fantasies that I wouldn’t have given much thought to in the past. He eggs on my naughtiness, he gives me “dares” to do/say to a guy. He gives me advice. We talk about boring non-sex stuff sometimes, as well. We only talk when he’s at work, save for the occasional morning he’s horny and needs some extra stimulation from me to help him along. I know a few things about his job, and his life outside of work. I know he has a girlfriend he lives with and that he’s pretty serious about her. He, actually, knows tons more about me than I know about him.

And yet I still developed a crush. I noticed myself getting moody with him recently. Feeling disappointed when he’s not in the mood to talk. I started thinking stupid unfounded things like he “replaced” me or he’s no longer interested in talking to me. And feeling a little crushed whenever he tactfully avoids an answer whenever I say something in the vein of “I want to meet you”. Despite how great we probably would be together in bed, we’ll never meet unless something happens and he’s single. Which I don’t wish for. He’s been possibly unfaithful in the past with girlfriends he didn’t care so much for, but it appears he’s found a keeper and doesn’t want to jeopardize that. But knowing I can’t have him has made him a little more desirable. There is a strange fascination/turn-on with “taking” something that isn’t mine, that I shouldn’t have. It’s led me to some morally questionable situations in the past. To hear “I want you so bad, but I just can’t” is kinda like fuel to my fire. Frequently I get what I want. With K, I don’t.

I confessed my little crush to him, to explain why I have been weird with him lately. “Aww, I’m sorry” wasn’t quite the response I….wanted? But what I expected. He thanked me for my honesty. It’s a crush, just a crush, I’ll get over it. I’ll work through it. I’m not sure HOW, but I will. I may have to back off talking to him for a little while, except that that might risk the friendship. It’s not a friendship I want to lose; after all, I owe him a lot. He has gotten me to go deeper down the rabbit hole of my sexuality. And he’s gotten me to explore my submissive/bottom side much moreso than anyone else ever has. I have him to thank for my deep craving of rough, hard, bottoming-out/submissive sex.

And he’s been a good friend.

I need to be more careful in the future. But it’s just a little crush. It will fade away.

Jun 172008

Is it still exhibitionism if no one knows?

I chat online with guys every day. Some are flirtations that have been around awhile, some are boys-of-the-week. I get VERY aroused when the flirting turns sexual. Not so much cyber-sex as in “I’m doing this to you, can you feel me?”, but the “if I were there” game…the virtual show and tell game…swapping stories and fantasies and compliments and photos (oh the photos…my favorite sort of online exhibitionism…we’ll talk about those another time)

I work in an office, I’m kinda like the receptionist/secretary. Therefore, I don’t hide away in a cubicle or office. There’s only two ways out of our area, and to go out the more-oft used doors, you go past my desk. In any given minute, I have someone walking past my desk. Being that it’s a receptionist desk, I have one of those “counter” like things in front of me.

So I sit here and off and on throughout the day, I’m talking to people. Some days it’s fairly innocent. Other days….whew. Now the people I’m talking to online know what I’m doing, but my coworkers do not.

What am I doing? Talking about sexually explicit things. Perhaps going into the public restroom to snap a photo or two on my phone to send to the lucky recipient. But sometimes…..

Sometimes I’ve gotten out a badboy similar to this:

Slipped it somehow into my panties with the remote in my hand, hidden under my desk. Depending on if I’m wearing pants or a skirt that day, the handpack is hidden under clothes or perhaps not. I nestle it between my pussy lips and against my clit and turn it on. And I try really hard not to let on to all these people walking by my desk what I’m really doing. Which is difficult because this particular toy can get really powerful at the top setting of the dial. At the lower settings it is quiet enough, once nestled, for me to use at my desk (key thing here, for me, which is why I’m having trouble finding a replacement for it since it just died today)

I have had one online-amour, K, instruct me when to turn it on, what setting, when to crank it up and when to let myself orgasm.
I’ve sat here and squirmed, flushed red, driving myself to the edge…but the combination of the act and the talking has me so wet that the vibrating little devil won’t stay put. I try to discretely use my fingers/hand to press the bullet to my clit.
A few times I’ve orgasmed…right here at my desk. Once I had to take it to the restroom (the public one) and discretely finish off in a stall.

So. My point. I had one ;)

SOMEone knows what I’m doing…the online object of my lust…but the people around me do not. sure, I could easily get caught with my hand down my pants, or flushing a little too much.
Is this still exhibitionism?