May 122009

Back in the old office, I was taking risks. Masturbating at my desk, even while I felt 95% safe doing so, was still a risk. Someone could by chance hear the vibrator, or take note of my flushed skin and lack of focus on work – or worse yet, as I got more daring towards the end, walk around behind my desk as I was on the floor. Perhaps my feeling safe was just being cocky.

I had assumed that, given the layout of the new office, I would not at all be able to continue my ways, especially playing with Q online. The inability to easily carry on a mostly-uninterrupted conversation is gone now; my movements have to be controlled and my poker face has to be in top game. And, given that I need pressure on my clit in order to come…..well, how could I do that at my desk here??

Last week he and I finally succumbed to it all and for the first time in many weeks, he had his (virtual) way with me. Twice.

I realized that even though there are more people, and closer, the office is noisier. The bullet vibe sound was masked perfectly. (as an aside, I am now using another bullet, more similar to my beloved original Silver Bullet)

And….before, the restroom was small….4 stalls. Any sound of the vibrator was frighteningly loud in there. But here, the restrooms are much bigger and I was able to find a way to quietly use the bullet vibe while in a stall. There were a few moments of loudness, as the internal vibrating bit went off balance and hit upon some hard internal surface, but I was able to orgasm. I waited until I thought everyone had left, for the first round, and was successful.

Of course, you know what that foreshadowing means.

I wasn’t so successful the second time.

The second time took me longer, there were more people in there, etc etc. As I felt myself nearing, I was not caring if someone was still in there. I did try to wait, and I thought I had heard the door close, with no other sounds of occupation.

In the words of the great Ron White….

I was wrong.

As my climax subsided and I moved the bullet away from my clit, I had this feeling I should have turned it off first before moving it, and I was right. A few short loud bursts in the silence of the bathroom and I wondered “What if I was wrong about it being empty?” Oh well, too late, deep breath. I wiped away the excess wetness from my cunt (for my panties already had a large soaked patch in them, I didn’t need it to be worse)  and snapped a few requested photos for him, I exited the stall, headed to the sinks and….there was a closed stall door a few down from me.


Whoever it was had to have heard me at some point. I had also been in that stall for quite some time, relatively speaking.

I kept my back to the stall doors, washed my hands in a hurry and quickly but controlled I left the restroom and made a beeline for my desk. I don’t know who it was – in the current office there are over 300 people on my floor, chances are it wasn’t anyone who knows me.

But still.

I was embarrassed and yet thrilled, scared and yet even more aroused.

Playtime is now a lot more dangerous, that is for sure. But neither he nor I care, really.

May 092009


Half of my request is pervy, and half is coming from a genuine learning itch. I know that my orgasms and methods are different from yours, but I want to know – and share.

You can be totally anonymous and I won’t say who it is. I’ll just post your photo and your words. Or if you’re brave, write a post similar to mine and include pictures if you dare. I’ll link to it.

Send me whatever you dare but remember….my birthday is coming up, so make it good ;) What better gift than educational porn could I receive??? Ok well I could have the female in question live and in person but hey…..I know my limits here. Sadly.But ya know…..a private video would be a great gift. Just sayin. =D

By the end of the month I want to have a post or two sharing your stories and photos with my readers. So, show me yours. Pretty please? :)

May 072009

Pictures of Lily made my life so wonderful
Pictures of Lily helped me sleep at night

For me and Lily are together in my dreams
And I ask you, “Hey mister, have you ever seen”
“Pictures of Lily?”

~The Who, “Pictures of Lily”

How could I resist using this song title for a post about, and containing photos of, my cunt? Especially since the song is about masturbation in a roundabout way and a “picture of lily” is well…..yeah. you get it. I don’t need to explain all the points, right? You’re smart people.

Lilly / Lily


for Rated X, click through

Now, where were we? Ah yes. You know how I do it. But now….it is time for me to attempt to explain the wordless, to put text to something I feel and see. See? yeah…you’ll understand it soon.

Let us use the scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the lowest. I rarely start out at a level of 1, unless I am idly playing with my cunt as I am reading mild erotica. Using my fingers only, it is a slow climb up the rungs….achingly slow.

At 2, I’m getting wet…spreading the silkiness around…

At 3 my clit is solid…

At 4 my middle finger right hand is pressing and circling and rubbing my clit. At 4 I am moderately wet. At 4 I am fully aroused and will find it quite difficult to stop the boat there.

At this point I employ toys. If this is a clitoral-only session, then a vibrator is on the menu. In some regards I am more male than female; masturbation seems to be one of those areas. I am not like the porn actresses…..I do not spend time languidly touching my body. My goal is to get off and if I want to prolong the experience then I go for more orgasms. The only time I prolong the ride to orgasm is when my body is being uncooperative or I have to keep stopping (such as being at work). As I touch the vibrator to my clit, we shoot up the scale.



7 ……are all rushing by. I tense my muscles, almost…..pulling them inwards, sort of. My lower abs, back, ass, thighs, PC muscles…I am tense and writhing and working for my orgasm. I continue my pattern of pressure and tight circles around my clit.

8….my breathing is quicker my heart rate increased and my chest feels a little tight. My pelvis is moving of its own accord.

….9, here we go, we’re almost there. I know when 9 has hit and I know that 10 is just around the bend and no matter what I am NOT stopping now…..I can feel my body getting warm. My face and chest. If the ride up the scale was prolonged than you can bet that my chest and neck are splotchy and red like I had an allergic reaction, almost.

Aannnnddd 10.


10 means the tingles and bubbles hit (think of the effervescence of a carbonated beverage). They began forming in my cunt and the first step of orgasm is that the tingles spread throughout my body. Down my legs, up my belly and my chest and my face and then my eyes….yes, my eyes. There is concentrated tingling behind my eyes and I usually cannot keep them open during that long second. And then….

one beat…..calm before the storm….

and the tingles all rush back to my cunt in a fury and my whole cunt from asshole to clit is contracting and pulsing and the pleasure is intense.

The intensity varies, it is increased three-fold if I employed a dildo and ten-fold if I am using the Pure Wand. The orgasms with the Pure Wand can sometimes actually cause me chest pain, they are so intense, partially because I am bearing down so hard because it is with the Pure Wand that I have the opportunity for squirting. I have the ability to remain silent when I need to, but I prefer being able to be free. I am not a “screamer” but I can get very vocal.

I generally stop all movement when the pulsing starts, but I leave the vibrator on my clit until the biggest quakes pass. I lay there to catch my breath and let my heart stop pounding. The little aftershock mini-quakes make my cunt twitch. I once had a guy tell me he could feel it – right after orgasm he was on his back and I on my side, I curled into him…head on his chest and my legs wrapped around his thigh, my cunt was pressing to his hip.

If I had been using the Pure Wand, I don’t usually let up on my g-spot and I give my clit only a mere moments rest. I can go again and again; within minutes the next orgasm comes rolling in.

What does it feel like with the g-spot stimulation added in? Levels 6, 7, 8 go by so fast they’re not even acknowledged. The g-spot stimulation intensifies the clit stimulation and vice versa. I know I have the g-spot right when I get the “gotta pee, maybe” feeling but its not bad, it’s….good. It’s the mecca of pleasure. And when I come it is as one thing, it is neither a g-spot orgasm nor a clit orgasm it is…..a full cunt orgasm.

Sometimes my g-spot is my happy spot and after an intense session I will lay there in exhaustion and I giggle.

I am glowing, I am flushed, I am spent….and I am giggling and I am just thrilled with the world at that moment.


Until I discovered vibrations on my clit, I did orgasm from sex – but it was a g-spot orgasm, this I know now. And with a g-spot orgasm, for me, there are none of the telltale signs at level 9, there are no contractions of my cunt. So as you can imagine when I first experienced that type of orgasm I was enthralled. I actually got out my digital camera and took a close-up video so that I could watch what I was feeling. The female orgasm, watching the moment of orgasm and all that is happening……I am entranced and intrigued by it. When I watch porn it is that shot that I want to see. It is rare. Even just the sort that is a solo woman masturbating (which I love) they tend to focus the camera on her face. This is fine and beautiful but it’s not the best view, in my opinion.  This is probably why the highlight of all my experiences with other women was the time I photographed and video’d a friend while she masturbated.

May 042009




I have reviewed a lot of sex toys, and if you’re a loyal reader I think you know by now what it takes to get me off. Of course, getting off goes beyond toys and you know that aspect too. But what you don’t know… how. How I get off.

Since May is National Masturbation Month, there is no better time to talk about it. While every girl jerks off a little bit differently, today you get a sneak peak into the mechanics of my masturbation.

Sometimes I have a goal – to squirt, to come many times, to simply try out a new toy.

Sometimes I start from a bare simmer, and sometimes I wait until I’m a squirming mass of arousal – my cunt and clit already engorged and achy and slippery.

One thing that I really don’t ever do is finger-fuck my cunt. My arms are short and it’s just not comfortable for me. 50% of the time, when I masturbate, it is clitoral stimulation only. It was more frequent before my recent toys but now I have a few wonderful items that fill and stretch me or manipulate my g-spot in an irresistible way. And there are indeed times now where my orgasm is elusive until I hit the proverbial big red panic button that is my g-spot. When done correctly, it is like my g-spot and my clit are inextricably linked together – one fuels the other until the orgasm crashes and I really don’t know where it’s coming from.

Back up.

Clitoral-only orgasm. These are good, they are great even. These were my only method for some time  – back when I was using only found objects such as the battery-operated toothbrush. My fingers? Meh. I’ve orgasmed from merely fingers very few times in comparison. I have gotten to the edge many times, but usually not over. It is, indeed, frustrating.

My clit is picky. There is one spot – THE SPOT – and that is on my right-hand side of it. Vibrations are necessary –  but equally necessary is combining the vibration with pressure. Rubbing and pressing the vibrator hard against myself. Sometimes an up and down motion. My favorite and most delicious, achieved best with smaller vibes that have a pin-point of stimulation, is a tight circle around my clit. But the pressure, oh the pressure is needed. Because of my anatomy – my very full lips – my clitoris remains somewhat hidden. The pressure ensures pleasure is received not just at the tip but the shaft that is hidden inside my body. Also because of my anatomy, my tried-and-true methods include my fingers spreading my lips wide open and taut. My clitoris exposed as much as possible. In longer sessions lasting more than 30 minutes my pussy lips will actually get sore and a little bruised. It is generally a requirement for orgasm to do these things but sometimes, like at work, when I can’t do it I have managed. Likely though I find a way to at least provide the pin-pointed pressure which sends me crashing.

Yes that pressure is necessary and sometimes it is more than most people would think a woman could tolerate. Certainly all of my partners have to be egged and coaxed to be as firm as I need.

The mental aspect….I think it is safe to say that I am different. Sometimes I will be watching porn while I jerk off but that’s actually rare. Before? yes. Before I will watch or I will be reading blogs or looking at photos and I will let myself get to the point of wet cunt, engorged and aching clit, fully aroused. But during? Let us assume I am not in the unusual situation of being at work and let us assume I am alone or at home and perhaps alone. Once I have brought out the toys and I am working towards the end goal, I do not fantasize. In fact my mind does not settle anywhere. I might have images flitting through my imagination, words, shadows of thoughts……. but it is much like well…..a cacophony of images and sounds, a little bit like the Lost brainwashing video but not extreme and not as random. It’s just how my ADD-brain works. I am concentrating on the orgasm; I can’t also concentrate on my thoughts and direct them to fantasy.



I’m not done

We don’t end here

You want to know more….right?

I think the men would appreciate a verbal anatomy of a female orgasm….wouldn’t you, guys? A description of the sensations and well….I think you might appreciate the photos that are coming up.

May 012009



I know you all do it.

You all know I do it….a LOT.

I do it in risky places.

I do it for the greater good.

The fact is, nobody can get you off like YOU get yourself off. I’m not saying that jerking off is better than partnered sex, it’s just more reliable. And different.

I am going to make a point this month to masturbate every single day, and I’m going to aim for a different way every day – whether that means a different toy every day I don’t know.

I’m going to try a few new things.


I’m going to post a few photos soon that I didn’t ever think I’d post here.

getting off
I’m getting off
keep getting off
keep getting off
I’m getting off
I’m getting off to you
It’s not enough
It’s not enough
and more can never be enough
I’m getting off
I’m getting off to you

~Korn “Getting Off”