Hot Octopuss PULSE II SOLO Review

Pulse2soloWell, this is going to be a hard review to write. I hate phoning it in, but the bulk of the review has already been written before – the Hot Octopuss PULSE II SOLO, whose counterpart is the PULSE II DUO, was originally just one toy: the Hot Octopuss Pulse. It was meant for solo OR couple’s play and while it had some flaws and areas of improvement, it was an item my husband really enjoyed. And how you use it, how it works, has remained the same. They’ve changed the buttons and added in pulsating patterns but the gist remains the same – apply to penis, vibrate, ejaculate.

Most people out there don’t treat sex toys like the latest iPhone; they don’t purchase the upgraded version when their older version functions just fine or even just “good enough”. For those who DO purchase upgraded versions, you’re in luck: just about everything you wished they would change, they did. There’s now a dedicated on-off button on one side, and intensity controls on the other side. You now have the added option of pulsating patterns. And finally, the blessed thing is more quiet. Not “whisper quiet”, but it’s a big change. In order to make it more quiet, though, they did have to shave some intensity. My husband enjoyed the intensity of it, the deep rumbles of the vibrations, but he doesn’t feel they tamped it down too far. It’s still intense on the upper levels.  But wait, there’s more: The Hot Octopuss PULSE II is now waterproof. Before it wasn’t even splash-proof. 

Hot Octopuss decided to make two versions this time around. With the new PULSE II DUO you have the *option* of turning off the exterior vibrations, and you have a remote to help control things (which is a necessary upgrade for using it this way). With this distinction in models, it allows for one version to cost less (there’s a $40 price difference), so that’s nice. Those who only ever plan to use it solo aren’t penalized with the higher price tag for the dual motors and remote.  Reports have come in that the external motor on the PULSE II DUO is stronger than the one on the original Pulse, but is not rumbly like the interior motor and can actually overpower the interior motor for the penis because the higher-pitched motor wins out, in a bad way. I never found the design comfortable to use as a couple’s toy especially because it gives very broad stimulation and I need pinpoint.

The silicone wings still accommodate a large range of cock girths. With a lot of lube, you can use it in motion but as with the original Pulse, my husband felt that it’s best keeping it in about the same spot – that sensitive point on or near the frenulum. I think that for some people, this sweet spot location will vary slightly. The vibrating pad that gives off the most sensation is about the size of a quarter. How do you know if you’re going to like this sort of sex toy? I’d suggest first trying out a regular vibrator, one that’s very powerful. Good test subjects would be the Vibratex Mystic Wand, the We-Vibe Tango or Touch or any very powerful and rumbly vibrator that you or your partner already have on hand – if you don’t have an immediate “WOW” reaction to the level of vibration, then it’s not really strong enough to give you a good idea of how the Hot Octopuss Pulse II Solo will feel. Some people respond well to concentrated vibrations, and some don’t. Before you drop $99 – $139, you should be certain this is something you’ll enjoy.

Since I wrote my original review, I’ve heard from a number of people with erectile dysfunction who rave about this and its ability to provide pleasure and orgasm even if they can’t get a stiff erection (which would be necessary to use penetrative masturbators). I’ve even heard from a few disabled people who find the Hot Octopuss Pulse much easier to manipulate and use versus penetrative masturbators. We still feel that it’s not totally hands-free because applying a little pressure to keep the vibrator on-point is necessary but it requires less effort than many sex toys for penises. In my original review my husband loved it but felt it would be better with some upgrades – and all of those have happened. So if you were waiting around on them to make a better, updated version then you’re in luck. We don’t have anything bad to say about this sex toy!

The Hot Octopuss PULSE II SOLO comes highly recommended from us both, and can be had for $99 from the lovely Shevibe, who graciously sent me one ages ago in exchange for my honest review.


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  1. Sara Testarossa says:

    Thanks for this and the original review! The store where I work just got these in and they seem prettyh neat. Glad to read it comes recommended. I’m also glad I clicked on the “blog” section because I hadn’t seen this on the review page (the one I have bookmarked) – is this intentionally not tagged as a review? Whatever the case, thanks for the awesome site and the work you put in!

  2. Oops. Only bc I fucked up with the categories :) but there’s usually great posts that are not reviews too so checking on the main domain, or signing up for the newsletter, is maybe a good idea!

  3. Ronald Messier says:

    I am SCI and diabetes. I have not had an orgasm in 11 years. That is before the accident. I want to get one of these. There is a good vibes store near me in Brookline,MA.

  4. Ok but if it’s got a motor, chances are pretty damn good your sex toy is made in China. Even really good brands are. It’s just a fact of life. I believe the Pulse has a warranty.

  5. David Rafford says:

    this thing is garbage. save your money. I lost mine. does nothing. feels like a battery charger on your balls. pathetic. I wish I could litigate for a refund.

  6. KiGoet says:

    I was disappointed. I followed the manual to the letter, and still managed to damage it on the first use. I have to turn it up to max intensity to get the plates to start moving, and even then, any amount of pressure causes them to stall. That’s when laying down on top of it.
    I thought maybe I could sit up and let it hang off my shaft and buzz there, like a blowjob, but the wings can’t even keep a good grip, even when dry (I tried talc powder, too). There’s just not enough to wrap all the way around.

    I got mine on sale from Shevibe (who made damn sure that I understood that since this was a sale item, no returns or exchanges would be accepted, and that it had been “tested and guaranteed to function”, in big bold print), right before Hot Octopuss announced the launch of the PULSE III. So that leaves me fucked and double-fucked and fucked again.

  7. Most retailer of sex toys don’t allow “returns and exchanges”.

    Have you tried actually contacting the manufacturer? Because there’s a warranty.

  8. KiGoet says:

    “Returns and exchanges” being an umbrella term for most manner of refunds. “The thing we sold you doesn’t work? Fine, we’ll refund your money, but you’ll have to send it back. Can’t have you just -saying- it doesn’t work to get your money back.”

    I’m still ‘actually’ waiting on a response from HO. Which I can tell you is very probably going to be “We don’t support that series anymore. If you’d like to purchase a Series III, please visit one of the following retailers”.