L’amourose Rosa Rouge

rosarougeI read somewhere that the L’amourose Rosa Rouge was not only powerful, but seriously rumbly which meant I had to have it, immediately. Luckily for me the lovely French company obliged. Let me set the tone early: I loved the L’Amourose Rosa Rouge so much that within 10 minutes of my first orgasm (which was within 15 minutes of opening the box) from this vibe I was emailing my favorite retailer and telling them to stock this line, stat. And now, I need to spend the rest of my review convincing you that the price of $195 is worth every penny.  It’s very infrequent that I rave so highly about such a pricey sex toy; often I find that they’re not worth their price tag. This has been the exception to the rule. If you’re on the fence feel free to grill me and we’ll figure out together if this amazing thing will work for you.


  • Seriously amazing vibrations
  • Easy to hold & great for those with reach issues
  • Anal safe
  • Warming aspect really does work!
  • Versatile
  • Charging base works like a champ, every time
  • Will suitably impress from package to toy, as a gift
  • Waterproof
  • Gimmick-free!
  • Charge lasts about 1.5 hours of use on high
  • 18 month warranty


  • The price
  • Controls might be difficult for lefties
  • No “quick shut down” button
  • Won’t provide super firm pressure to the g-spot or prostate due to flex at the base of the shaft
Wherein I Fall in Love

When I got  my L’amourose products in the mail, I was really drawn to the packaging. For such a jaded reviewer, this is significant. The outside design and photo of the toy looked different than we’re used to. Like a perfume ad. L’amourose is what sex toys would look like if Chanel made sex toys. It’s all packaged very carefully inside, with attention to detail. The shape of the Rosa intrigued me before I even had it in my hands.  It can be a dual stimulator, but in a more subtle way than the Denia. I expected to be able to just ignore that aspect, and enjoy it for what intrigued me: a base to grasp onto, that is angled more towards me rather than a straight handle that would point away from me combined with the drastic curve of the shaft. I was able to achieve this because my g-spot is fairly shallow. If yours is located farther back then the base will press against your vulva. 

It’s been a long ass time since I’ve been so immediately impressed with a vibrator in the first minute. I quickly wiped it clean and tried it out. I first tried to use it as a dual stimulator and it was seriously good, enough that maybe I could have come that way. But I decided to just try using the shaft as an external vibe you know, just to see, curiosity killed the cat and all, and then it felt so nice that I didn’t want to stop and then whoops….I was coming. It really was just “okay wow, that feels awesome, just another few seconds and I’ll switch back….OH! HELL-O!”. I went into this meet-n-greet “cold” – no arousal, no build-up, no porn. I wasn’t angling for an orgasm, I just wanted to see how it felt. This was by far the easiest orgasm from a sex toy since the We-Vibe Tango. There was no reaching for it or wiggling it around to get the right fit or any other sort of acrobatics to coax out a nearly-there orgasm. I had also let the warming feature come up to temperature (it takes 3-5 minutes) so I had that aspect going as well. Did that provide the tipping point? More investigation was definitely necessary because this sex toy does have a big price tag, and part of that price is the warming feature. The regular Rosa is considerably less money, but still more costly than most Lelo vibes at $169. It comes in a gorgeous green, though!

Amazing Things that have happened since I got the Rosa Rouge:

  • Had an accidental orgasm
  • Have yet to find any real flaws that bother me
  • Have forgotten about the Tango 5 times
  • Gushed like a fan girl to the company rep
  • Set a record for how quickly I’ve begged SheVibe to stock something
Why Would I Want a Sex Toy That Heats Up?

We don’t see many vibrators with intentional heating (vs unintentional overheating that feels scary). The point of a warming sex toy, similar to all these warming/arousal lubes on the market (most of which don’t work), is that increased blood flood to the genitals = arousal. When you are naturally already aroused, there is a lot more blood pumping through your entire genital region. Things are alive, awake and biology is at work folks. The vagina expands and lengthens with arousal, and self-lubricates. You can use the L’Amourose Rosa Rouge as a warming vibrator or a warming dildo because you can turn on the warming function without the vibrations (or use this feature to simply bring the Rosa up to temperature before using the vibrations).  The warming aspect is even nice for the butt. Many moons ago one of my early sex toy purchases was a hard plastic vibe that was “infrared”. My partner ended up hijacking it and found that he really, really liked the warming feature for anal play. The shape of the Rosa Rouge is definitely butt play friendly, by the way.  The Rosa Rouge warms to a specific target temp that is warm enough to encourage increased bloodflow to the genitals but not so warm that it’s uncomfortable. I really got the most benefit from the warming feature when I used it as an external vibe. I think that, instead of gimmicky warming lubes, using the Rosa Rouge on the lowest setting + heat would make for an excellent warm-up toy for those who need the help getting their body to catch up to their mind.

Note: You can still have the same powerful vibrations with a bit smaller of a price tag by getting the Rosa sans “Rouge”. It’s listed at $148 at Shevibe.

So would I love the Rosa without the Rouge? I would, yes, but not quite as much – I really feel like the warming adds something great. Rosa is  very powerful with very rumbling vibrations. It wins the title of Strongest G-Spot Vibrator, besting my previously-crowned Vanity VR6 or Lelo Smart Wand + Attachment because the shape and fit is so much better and more versatile. The Vanity VR6 was never quite right for me because it’s a true dual-stimulator of the “rabbit” variety and the clitoral arm wasn’t perfect. But it has the vibrations I needed and for me, it’s all about that bass. Rosa delivers that bass with nothing getting in the way (in case you want to use something else for clitoral stimulation) and is designed so that all but those who require pinpoint stimulation will love this as an external vibe. The curve of the Rosa Rouge can provide g-spot stimulation, prostate stimulation, clitoral stimulation or all-over vulva stimulation. It’s pretty much going to win Hardest Working Vibrator this year.  I  love using the L’amourose Rosa Rouge as a g-spot vibrator with other means of  clitoral stimulation but I really love using the Rosa as a clitoral vibrator the best. L’amourose does make a clitoral vibrator, the Vera, but it’s not a style that will work with my labia and buried clit. And as for colors? The plain Rosa comes in black, hot pink and emerald green while the Rouge is only red.

rosarouge2 rosarouge3 rosarouge4

Other Notables

The only aspect I’ve not covered that L’Amourose advertises is their “Flex and Shift Technology” which sounds fancy, but it really just means that there’s some flexibility to the shaft. That’s it.  There’s quite a bit, really, but I don’t actually see that as a plus. I’d ideally like to see less flex. Too much and the dual motors can go into dissonance. But it’s still not a big enough flaw for me personally to give a shit.  I was able to get enough pressure to my g-spot but some people might consider the flex a deal-breaker.

If you make one major sex toy purchase this year, it’s gotta be the L’Amourose Rosa Rouge. No question. There’s a broad range of vibration intensity, and many patterns on the L’amourose Rosa Rouge.  It’s great as a clitoral vibrator, it’s wonderful for anybody with grip and/or reach issues, it’s decent as a dual-stimulator (would work better for those with minimal labia and an easily accessible clitoris), it’s pretty awesome as a prostate vibrator (I have that on good authority), it’s a wonderful g-spot vibrator, it’s a great vulva stimulating vibrator – in short IT’S PRETTY DAMN AMAZING.

I’m in love. I think about this vibrator when it’s not around. I crave it. I’ve chosen it over my beloved Tango multiple times. It’s THAT good, people.  If you need power, this is it. If you hate buzzy, itchy vibrations, this is your jam. If you have difficulties grasping and holding a tiny vibrator like the Tango, this is the answer to your prayers. If you need power in your vagina but not your arm, THIS IS IT. And if you can’t justify the cost of the Rosa Rouge, you should at least consider the regular Rosa.

Great for:
  • Those who need strong vibrations
  • Those who don’t need pinpoint clitoral vibrations
  • Those who don’t need very firm pressure on the g-spot or prostate as long as the vibrations rock
  • Those who are looking for something different


 Thanks to L’amourose for sending me the Rosa Rouge in exchange for my honest review, and thanks to Shevibe for stocking it

25 Responses

  1. Adriana says:

    I recently tried a heating toy that I rather liked, and I didn’t think the tech would do much for me. Anyway, I hadn’t heard of this company at all but I like what I’m seeing in their store!

  2. Charis B says:

    I just bought this at Love Honey for $183. Got a $61 discount due to Black Friday! Woohoo!!

  3. I’ve never heard this and I’ve been talking to the manufacturer.

  4. Random Person says:

    Bought it from Lovehoney and it just arrived. Came with a UK electric plug. Did yours?

  5. I would recommend against a universal adaptor until I talk to Lovehoney. I don’t want you to ruin it if the adaptor isn’t great. I’ve notified my contact there and will get back to you. This should NOT have shipped to a US buyer with a UK plug.

  6. I didn’t order from Lovehoney. I was reluctant to recommend them, but did so because of the Black Friday sale and the fact that it wasn’t in stock yet at Shevibe.

    I’ve reached out to my contact at Lovehoney to see if there’s anything they can do. I’ll get back to you when I hear something.

  7. Krista has reached out to CS at Lovehoney UK. She has recommended that you contact customer service and initiate an exchange. I have asked if there’s any way they can just send you the correct charger. Have you contacted them through live chat? Might try it, at least: https://www.lovehoney.com/help/contact-us/

  8. Try to talk to LH through Live Chat: https://www.lovehoney.com/help/contact-us/

    It was suggested to me by Krista at LH that you start the returns process, but I can understand that you wouldn’t want to go through that. I’ve asked to see if they can simply send you a proper charger for US but you can also ask in Live Chat, see what they have to say.

  9. MrsJoJo says:

    There is the rosa and the rosa rouge. The rouge which is the red, maybe where people are thinking it’s a limited addition? They are the same, just different colours, from what i see?

  10. An update for those who bought the Rosa Rouge from Lovehoney.com during the Black Friday sale and received the UK Charger despite placing the order from the US site – Lovehoney doesn’t have the US charger. (Shevibe does, though). They can’t get you one. You can get an adapter to change it, and hope for the best; if it does short out your Rosa Rouge you do have a year to return it to Lovehoney. You can also try to reach out to L’amourose customer care customercare@lamourose.com to see if they’ll send you one. I know they exist, because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to charge it up! And Shevibe wouldn’t sell it without a US charger.

    For now, it seems Shevibe is the only place to get this in the US?

  11. Katja says:

    This looks like it could be a lot of fun with a Liberator toy-mount. Do you know if it might fit in a Liberator Pulse?

  12. I doubt it. The buttons are on the side, and they’d be buried in the mount – you couldn’t get to them and the pressure from the mount may press on buttons.

  13. Zoe says:

    How would you rank the strength of the vibrations of the Rosa, on a scale of 10? Do they trend toward buzzy as the strength increases? I’m more interested in using this externally, and after the Mona 2 just wasn’t enough for me, I’d love to know how it stacks up. (I don’t have a Tango… yet… not sure if I should invest in that as I’m not a fan of pinpoint stimulation)

  14. There’s nothing “buzzy” about this toy. Heh I’m not really sure how else I can put it when I say that it’s very powerful and very rumbly.

    It’s definitely way more rumbly than the Mona 2 and more powerful. On MY scale (visible here: http://dangerouslilly.com/sex-toy-reviews/lillys-toybox/) I’d say it’s a 9, 9.5.

  15. malachior says:

    Thank you for your detailed review. I’m close to ordering one of these. But first, I would like to know if the vibrations can be controlled independently of one another. For example, could I just turn the vibration on the shaft, without the base vibrating? Or vice versa?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  16. The vibrations on the external portion are not the same type as the internal, first of all. External isn’t powerful and rumbly. You CAN turn off the motor for the external portion but it doesn’t make much of a difference – vibrations from the strong internal arm still travel to the external portion. But it’s not bad, either, and won’t leave you with a tingly hand. And yes you can then turn off the shaft but leave the base vibrating, and also just have the warming feature but not the vibrations.

  17. Joan Price says:

    Wow, great review, and now I want this lovely toy! How girthy is it?

  18. It’s….different, from the Tango. I think it’s because the Tango is so much more pinpoint. I’ve been able to get more time out of the Rosa Rouge than a Tango, maybe closer to an hour but even by the hour’s mark it’s less powerful than if it were fully charged. It’s pretty easy to charge the Rosa if you leave the base plugged in, just set it on the base. It’s not a finicky connection like most other magnetic chargers.

    I’d say it’s on par with the VR6, but I like it more because I’d always wished for the VR6 to be made without that clitoral arm, since the arm didn’t work perfectly for me.

  19. Camryn Jones says:

    Oh man. I was planning to save up for the Vr6 since you praised it so highly, but now I think maybe I should get this instead? Or do I need both? Decisions, decisions…

    *sighs* So little monies, so many great toys

  20. Michael says:

    The Rosa Rouge (and the non-heated Rosa) is about 1.5″ at the widest point. But there is not much tapering at the end, so it gets to 1.5″ quite quickly. For those prefer more narrow toys or at least ones that work up to their maximum width, this might be a difficult toy to use.

  21. Michael says:

    I was interested in your comments about the Rosa as a prostate massager. Is it truly 1.5″ at its widest point? It seems like it gets wide pretty quickly and would require a bit to work up to.

  22. FieryRed says:

    No, the Rosa Rouge has a heating function, which the original doesn’t have. See Lilly’s review above. ;)

  23. Lemme contact someone there and see what we can do!

  24. Lauren Elizabeth says:

    What does pinpoint clitoral stimulation mean? I’ve only ever been able to achieve orgasm using a detachable shower head, and I came across this post because I’m searching for an alternative that can be brought into the bedroom.

  25. Pinpoint means (for me) that one side, one spot, of my external clitoris is much more sensitive than the rest and I NEED vibrations right on that spot.
    This means that larger vibrators like wands take a lot longer to work for me. I’ve also been able to use a shower head but it had to be on the “jet” setting so that I could position it right at the clitoris. If that isn’t you, then you don’t need something extremely pinpoint but you probably need something powerful (like the Rosa).

    This post may also help explain pinpoint a bit: http://dangerouslilly.com/2016/07/clitoris-lefty-righty/