Nominate me, please!

I’ve spent the majority of my 6+ years not asking to be nominated; I felt it defeated the purpose (in my mind). That if anybody actually liked my work, they’d nominate it without prompt. I’ve since dropped all stubbornness and “pride” and have no fucks left to give about my previous stick-up-my-ass ways.  I am liberated! Or something.

I’m cantankerous, I’m rough around the edges, I’m not all that universally liked. I’m okay with that! I’m proud of the work I do, and if I raise some hackles then I think it means I’m doing my job right. The private notes I receive keep me going, the thanks and tales of change.  And while I’m not a “sexy” blogger anymore and don’t really fit in now with any of these “sexy” sex blogger lists, there’s a new feature that I think I do fit in with. Rory has decided to highlight “posts of the year” and there’s actually two categories that are very much me: Op-Ed and Educational/review.  Of the pieces I’ve written from these categories this year, I think these are the best ones. If you happen to agree, I’d like to ask for your nomination, here. Of course, if there’s something else I wrote that you think is better than these, by all means, ignore my four below. *I* think these are my best, but what do I know :) 

Wood Sex Toys: An Introduction

Despite being probably one of the oldest materials used to make sex toys, wood is one of the most misunderstood. We hear the “splinters” comments a LOT, you guys. A lot. I tried to debunk the myths and figure out the safety aspect.

A Brief History of Sex Blogging

This started out small, but turned into a rambling history filled in by many people across various platforms (and it also sparked controversy and misunderstandings).

How Porous is Your Sex Toy? Why Does it Matter?

There’s a great big gray area in the world of safe sex toys, the porous-but-not-toxic section. Or the porous-and-they-claim-it’s-not-toxic section. So many don’t understand why porosity matters, or that they should stop using the dildo when little black spots start showing up.

The Posh Life of a Sex Toy Reviewer

Most companies don’t have a clue how much work many of us reviewers put into each review, how many hours. We work a lot harder at this than you may realize. Our work is worth more than you realize. And it is work. It is time consuming.


Thanks :) Visit Rori here to nominate your favorite blogger posts.

11 Responses

  1. nite byrd says:

    You got it! Off to nominate you!

  2. Rori says:

    I’m glad you asked for nominations! I used to be the same way, but then I realized…hey, my readers might not read other sex blogs (or at least, the blog asking for nominations), so how would they know? :) And, for the record, you will ALWAYS be a sexy blogger to me. I think education, and especially the changes in the sex toy industry that you’re championing for, VERY sexy!

  3. Thanks Rori. I think it’s my mindset, I just run from the sexy now. In fact you won’t find any evidence of the photo memes I used to participate in. I had to wall that all off…it was either that, or quit, so I had to take a drastic step :)

  4. thesindoll says:

    Mad respect for you and what you do, L. You’ll be getting one from me.

  5. CrystalTippedWings says:

    What is an Op-ed?

    Also I like how you you’ve chosen one about health problems with sex toys although I would have chosen your ‘Is your sex toy toxic’ myself. :) This sounds like a great way to raise awareness!

  6. Op-Ed is short for “opinion- editorial” in journalism. Posts to be nominated had to be written this calendar year, and had to be a post, rather than a page :)

  7. CrystalTippedWings says:

    Ah I see. Thanks for explaining. :) Although what’s the difference between a post and a page?

  8. Uh….well….I mean, technically? Nothing. It’s still info. But when you’re talking about a site that’s laid out as a blog, a blog post is an entry that corresponds to a day, whereas a page is seen as more permanent, part of the site navigation, and whatnot.

    That’s the tl;dr, just the basics.

  9. CrystalTippedWings says:

    *chuckles* Well thanks for explaining the non-technical difference XD it makes sense now. :)