PalmPower Wand Massager Review

PalmPower Wand MassagerAfter reading a number of glowing reviews, some even saying that the PalmPower is their new favorite vibrator, I broke down and tried it. I’m not really a fan anymore of being tied down by a cord, so I had ignored this thing for awhile. PalmPower Wand Massager is made by BMS Factory, makers of that “PowerBullet” you keep seeing in Jopen, Leaf, and other vibes. I had been interested in trying out this design for some time now, back when CalEx was making it. Yes, from everything I can see, the PalmPower is the same thing as the CalExotics Couture Inspire just in a better color scheme, thankfully1according to BMS a few years ago, the only thing as powerful as the Vanity VR6. Since I loved the VR6 (internal arm only, though) I assumed the PalmPower / Couture Inspire would have the same deep, rumbling vibrations.

I was mislead.

Yeah, PalmPower Wand Massager is super strong. And it, at times, has deep, rumbling vibrations. But something is getting lost in translation here, and I can’t put my finger on it. It does feel rumbly on the lower levels, but only on the sides of the cap. The top of the cap has drastically less vibrations on the low-to-mid settings. On high, it’s all a blur. On high, the PalmPower Wand Massager feels identical to the Magic Wand –  just a smaller head.

But the problem with the more pleasing vibrations in the lower range being more rumbly and lovely on the sides, is that now you can feel that cap’s edge since you’re using the sides of the head. If I were to call it a “seam”, it would be the most obvious seam in sex toy history. I found it quite irritating in use. I could feel it, pinching and making me itchy. I kept trying to press it harder against my vulva, trying all levels of power in an attempt to orgasm, but it was so much more difficult than it needed to be. This could be because of the way I’m built, and maybe not everyone is irritated by this. But I am.

And then when I removed it from between my labia, the silicone cap came off.

*sigh* I suddenly have labia of steel?

To make matters worse, it’s tricky to get the cap lined up just so so that it fits on there properly.  I can understand, I suppose, why they made the design this way. It allows for other caps to be put on. They have a set for body parts and a set for genitals. The body parts set did nothing for me, but I don’t really use a wand massager for my hands. So I tried out the caps for dual stimulation with much hope. I figured that this would allow me to harness the power for good, er, I mean, concentrate the power where I wanted it. That didn’t happen. The part that sticks out, sticks out from the top of the vibrating head…..remember me saying I felt a lot less vibration at the low-to-mid range on top? Yeah. In order to then get decent vibrations traveling through the attachment, I had to crank up the power. And it was no longer the rumbly power I was trying so hard to nail down. Neither attachment worked out for me. It was close, but not quite right enough for me to orgasm without fighting for it.

PalmPower Wand Massager Cap PalmPower Wand Massager Cap
PalmPower Wand Massager Attachments

Another aspect of the PalmPower that I dislike  is the single button. You have to press and hold to increase the power. It can be easy to screw this up mid-use and then it turns off on you altogether because you just clicked the button once. I accidentally turned it off a lot during use. The ramp-up to full speed also seems to go on forever. It’s the vibrator version of the longest pee. I clocked it at 8 seconds. Paltry in the grand scheme of things, but annoying mid-use if you want to jump straight to full power. And, while the PalmPower is easy to hold, a good amount of vibrations do travel down throughout the handle.

PalmPower Wand Massager Compared to Hitachi Magic Wand and Vibratex Mystic WandAnd yes, despite the diminutive size of the PalmPower Wand Massager, it plugs in to the wall. They do give you a long cord, longer than the Magic Wand. The cord, oddly, isn’t permanently attached. It plugs in via jack to the bottom, which – from reading Amazon reviews  – is pretty confusing to many people who went on to complain about their “defective” unit not holding a charge.  I can’t find these reviews anymore, of course, since it was Amazon and they were being sold by shady sellers, so the listings with reviews are now gone but there were many reviews that complained about the cap popping off, the motor overheating, and other issues with the Couture Inspire. I don’t know which wand came first, or why there are two. I asked BMS, but never heard back, so my review has to go live with questions dangling like a participle.


You must be thinking to yourself by this point “Jeezus Lill, is there anything you like about this or are you just the pickiest twat on the East Coast?” So I’ll tell you yes, there are things I like. I like that half of the head, and the attachments, are silicone. It’s a nice silicone, with not much drag and it doesn’t attract a lot of lint and fur. I actually do like the smaller size; easier to take with you than the Magic Wand, and gets in the way less if you like to use it during sex. It’s certainly quieter than the Magic Wand. The price isn’t awful. At $69.99 on SheVibe, it’s a bit more than the Magic Wand but still much more reasonable than the Doxy Massager. If they would just make the plain head a permanent “cap” and make it the entire head silicone, with the attachments fitting over that – like every other damn wand is made – it would improve the whole thing greatly. For what it is, it’s pretty decent. It’s not in my top 5 or even 10 because the flaws are too flawed for me to love it. If you adore the Magic Wand’s vibrations but hate the short cord or the large size? This is your vibe. So many other people love it, so I must be the only odd person out who focuses on flaws. That’s the only thing that makes sense here. I just want a high-powered, rumbly vibrator that doesn’t have glaring flaws that stand in my way of enjoyment. Is that too much to ask? Oh, wait……



I was given the PalmPower Wand Massager and its accessories in exchange for an honest review thanks to BMS Factories. I recommend purchasing the PalmPower at my favorite retailer, SheVibe.

  1. Inspire was only available in pastel hues of pink and purple. While the PalmPower still has pink, it’s a much better pink to me, the magenta color as an accent to the dark grey

9 Responses

  1. Camryn Jones says:

    I’m disappointed, but extremely grateful for this information. My vulva’s anatomy and reaction to vibrations are similiar to yours so I suspect I’d have a similar reaction. It’s a shame because I love the size of it and I’m searching for deep rumbly vibrators to add to my toybox. I’ve already started saving and the Palm Power would’ve been my next purchase. I think I’ll put it towards a Vr6 instead.
    Thank you Lilly!

  2. It’s sad because I think it COULD be something better, something I’d feel better recommending, but it’s been around for years as the Couture Inspire so I do not see them making changes to the design.

  3. Emma says:

    I liked the labia of steel line. I wonder if you’d like the palmpower recharge, as it is a bit rumblier and you don’t have to deal with the silicone cap issue?

  4. Penny says:

    Hmmm as a Hitachi lover, I think I might like this toy…but I’m glad you pointed out everything that you did. Also, LABIA OF STEEL. I feel like that’d make a good tattoo, lol.

  5. dizzygirl says:

    Bummer you didn’t like it. I really have none of those problems with mine. Might be difference in anatomy and how we use them.

    Not a huge fan of how the cap is done but did appreciate the fact that it’s body-safe and hygienic. I think it pops on pretty easily but would rather have had the entire head made of silicone. Maybe part of the reason they did the removable thing is because you can’t get the body really wet but you can take the cap off and get it nice and clean.

    I’m in the process of writing a review for their new PalmPower Recharge that hasn’t been released yet. I like it a lot more. It is rumblier than this one and no annoying cap issues. You can also use it internally without attachments and there are motors in both ends. I think it’s pretty great. So maybe you’d like that one more.

    I do think both PalmPowers are WAY stronger than my Salsa.

  6. The PalmPower is stronger than the Tango/Salsa. That doesn’t make it automatically better to me. It’s not the same type of vibrations.

  7. dizzygirl says:

    I agree. Stronger is not always better.

  8. Joan Price says:

    I’m surprised! I love the Palm Power. (I’m a reviewer who declared it a new favorite.) I didn’t have any problems getting the cap on correctly as long as I l lined up the notch with the “T.” I hold it sort of diagonally, so I don’t feel the seam. I appreciate that we’re different, and I love your reviews, whether we agree or not.

  9. Tzipora says:

    So I just did a search and saw no mention of the Swan wand. Have you tried it yet? I almost tossed ordered it immediately after reading I think it was Jo Ellen’s review (especially since she’s a broader stimulation fan like me). I pretty much think I’m gonna go for it with a black Friday sale but would love to hear your thoughts if you have tried it.

    Seems like it should solve most of your problems with the PalmPower. Also, I’m so, so glad I read this. After my long comment as far as labia and size stuff yikes, if I had picked this one thinking eh it’s cheaper but similar I would’ve had those same issues I’m sure. Loving the Swan wand for being totally different in that sense and hey rechargeable and bonus of being insertable is pretty awesome. I believe I’ve heard the power is basically the same between them, yes? But rumblier you say than Hitachi?! Glorious. I’m so so in. Curious on volume but safe to assume if the PalPower is much quieter than Swan Wand must be too? Currently living with family and was great in the summer when I had a rumbly loud window AC (AC was so loud and the right pitch more importantly that my mom walked in on me using the Hitachi and wouldn’t have realized even then that I was until I panicked and lifted my leg to turn it off lol) but nothing else drowns that wand out and my slacker 20-something brother also lives here and has lots of dudebro friends over so yeah rather not announce what I’m doing. Found Hitachi was irritating my labia too and not totally sure why so I want that sort of power but something different… So Swan wand sounds like a solid bet. Any thoughts on this?