Vixen! Medium Realistic Bent vs Vixskin Tex

Vixen Medium Realistic Bent and Vixen Vixskin TexThe Medium Realistic Bent and Vixskin Tex are the same size, length and design – modeled after an average-sized cock with foreskin. The only difference between the two is that one is dual-density Vixskin and comes only in flesh tones, while the other is more firm and comes in colors like black and a gorgeous purple. I’m not a fan of super-realistic dildos, but the realistic design squick can be offset for me with non-realistic color options, hence why I chose the Medium Realistic Bent as my single-density Vixen to try out.

Probably the only real issue I have with these two dildos is the length. It would be a great addition to a harness for thinner build people, but from my experience larger people need a dildo that is a little longer. I carry a lot of weight in my midsection and it can interfere with a harness dildo of this length. For solo play the length also bothers me due to my build and lack of extreme flexibility. I need something that is curved like the Pure Wand, Comet Wand or Nobessence Seduction or a dildo with a longer handle.  Even the Tantus Cush O2 is easier for me to use simply because the overall length is greater; even though I can’t use all of the length for penetration it gives me something to hold on to. The same could be said of the Raptor XL.

Some silicone attracts fur and dust like crazy; the Vixens are some of the worst. Vixskin, for me, is harder to clean and keep clean than even Tantus O2 material. No matter what I tried, I couldn’t always get it totally clean – I kinda resigned myself to the fact that a few stray cat hairs were going to end up in my vagina. But the Vixskin certainly does feel realistic; I almost couldn’t tell the difference under clothing between my husband’s bio cock and a Vixskin dildo. I would absolutely agree that Vixskin is the most realistic silicone dildo on the market. The firm core is a little less (just a little) firm than the Tantus O2, while the squish is a little squishier, plus there seems to be more of the squish layer. I think that for people who want to move away from the very porous but realistic Cyberskin style materials, Vixskin is the best route.

Some Vixen models have a base that has suction cup abilities, some don’t. Both the Medium Realistic Bent and Vixskin Tex do. It’s not as strong of a suction as the Tantus Suction Cup Attachment, but it holds up pretty well. It also melds two suction-cuppy Vixen dildos together at the base quite well, creating your own custom double-ended dildo, for those flexible enough to use these outside of porn. That’s probably how Vixen got the idea for their Nexus.

These two dildos might be on the short side for me, but they’re not exactly slim at 1.6″ wide. Both required lube for me (which isn’t normal for me) and I felt a bit more drag/resistance with the Tex. I thought that the plushness of Vixskin would make a somewhat-girthy dildo easier to accommodate, but the Vixskin material seemed to provide a bit more resistance for me.  I’m not particularly sensitive to textures and I’m not one who finds that firm dildos of a certain design catch on my pubic bone so honestly after insertion….I couldn’t really tell all that much of a difference between the two. There was a slight difference; Tex felt a little more comfortable, a little more blurred-edges. Medium Bent was a bit more noticeable in use. Given the shorter length, I found that Tex worked well for me as a “stationary” dildo in the double-up cuff of my Aslan harness (which can hold in a plug or dildo for the harness wearer). 

For those who notice texture more and especially those who have problems with chiseled dildo heads catching the pubic bone, I would recommend Tex over the Medium Realistic Bent. For those who want to feel everything, go for the Medium Bent. I found that both provided g-spot sensation for me, really well, without being overly large. The Vixen standard silicone does feel more plush than most Tantus single-density silicone, I noticed. Yet both models had a strong enough core that I could apply the pressure that my g-spot needed, unlike the Raquel.

Both the Medium Realistic Bent and Tex are 5.25″ long and 1.6″ wide. If the width is good but you think more length would be better, I’d recommend Woody (6×1.5) for the same design, Leo for a less pronounced head ridge (7×1.5), Mustang for Vixskin and non-realistic colors (6.5×1.5), or Bandit for a slightly tapered Vixskin design that’s highly realistic (boo, balls) (7×1.7).


The Vixen Medium Realistic Bent was provided to me by SheVibe and the Vixskin Tex was provided to me by Vixen, both in exchange for my honest review. You can purchase all Vixen items from either SheVibe or directly from Vixen.


7 Responses

  1. Penny says:

    Thanks for the comparison review! I have yet to try any Vixen toy–the Mustang is high on my wishlist right now. I’m kind of surprised that it seems like there isn’t a huge difference between the single density silicone and the Vixskin; that’s good to know. Usually I don’t like purple toys simply because there are so many, but that marbled purple is gorgeous.

    Also, “I kinda resigned myself to the fact that a few stray cat hairs were going to end up in my vagina.”–I feel you on that, lol.

  2. There IS a difference when you’re feeling it with your fingers, of course, the head especially is very squishy, just I personally didn’t notice a huge difference in my vagina. But I think other people might.

  3. I love the colour of that Purple one or is it a deep blue! It’s hard to tell but it’s so beautiful.

  4. Adriana says:

    Love my tex!

  5. Kaguya says:

    “I kinda resigned myself to the fact that a few stray cat hairs were going to end up in my vagina”
    That is basically my life.

    Someday I will own a Vixskin toy. I love squishy toys to begin with, so one with a firmer core just sounds perfect. I only wish that there were more options for non fleshtones.

  6. Great review, Lilly! I have the Tex too, but while the girth is good, I definitely feel the head is too defined for me — it doesn’t catch on my pubic bone, but it creates a weird suction/vacuum sometimes. I wish I had gone with the Mustang instead!

    (But okay, fine, that’s largely because I want something in that gorgeous fluoro-pink so bad.)

  7. Tawny J0nes says:

    Invaluable analysis – I was enlightened by the facts – Does someone know where my assistant could locate a fillable a form form to fill out ?