New and Improved: We-Vibe Tango and Touch Review

WeVibeTangoStandard Innovations has been improving on their flagship couples’ toy, the We-Vibe, for awhile now. We’re on the 4th version of the We-Vibe, so it’s about time they upgraded the much-loved We-Vibe Tango and We-Vibe Touch! In this review I do primarily focus on what has changed since the original versions. There is still a good bit of info from my original review that should be read, though.

What’s Changed for the We-Vibe Touch?

The We-Vibe Touch was never my favorite, but I didn’t hate it. I liked the size, the ergonomic shape. The motor was supposed to be identical to the Tango. But the motor being surrounded by a hunk of silicone led to quite a bit of vibration dampening – moreso when pressure was applied or it was held too firmly. Plus, the silicone of the original We-Vibe Touch was shiny; it attracted ALL THE FUR. ALL THE DUST.

We-Vibe Touch: The glossy silicone of the original We-Vibe Touch shows a ton of fur, dust and lint. The new silky, matte finish of the Touch 2 stays clean!

Thankfully, the Touch has received the same silicone upgrade as the We-Vibe 4 – it is now a silky matte finish that stays relatively clean. The difference between my original Touch and my new one is that I’m not noticing nearly as much vibration dampening. It was extreme and obvious on the first one, it sounded like it dropped down 2 or 3 whole speeds when the tip would be surrounded by flesh. For that reason I could never recommend it to those who needed a powerful vibrator. New & Improved We-Vibe Touch is absolutely improved. Better silicone and hardly any vibration dampening, so it is much stronger.

What’s Changed for the We-Vibe Tango?

We-Vibe Tango: Comparison of the Lelo Mia 2, new Tango, old Tango, and a Tantus bullet vibe. The We-Vibe Tango and it’s dearly departed sister, Salsa, is my vibrator obsession. It’s my holy grail, my “stranded on a deserted island”, and always my answer to “if you had to pick just one sex toy”. For me, it’s just THAT good. We-Vibe Tango is versatile, portable, has the most perfect type of vibrations and remains my #1 recommended external vibrator. I heard back from a lot of people who got one under my recommendation or won one of the many Salsas I’ve given away; every person fell in love with it completely. I personally have 3 each of Salsa and Tango – one died after 15 months, but it was my most-often used in the bunch by far simply because it was my first one acquired and I probably used it 320 times in that 15 months.

The Tango is still made of shiny ABS plastic to transmit the most oomph for your buck, but the size and shape is slightly different now. They’ve also changed their color lineup. It’s now available in a sort-of cornflower blue shade that We-Vibe Tango: The dark purple older We-Vibe Tango on top, the blue new version Tango on bottom. Slightly elongated tip on the new versionI actually really like, and a bright fuchsia pink. The length of the new Tango is just a fraction of an inch longer, with a more pronounced tip and slant. It doesn’t affect how it works for me based on how I use it, but for those who enjoy a super pinpoint vibration it will be a little more enjoyable. There’s still the flat surface of the slant or you can apply it more sideways like I do. I was a bit concerned that the added length and shape change would affect the ability for Tango to replace watch-battery style bullets (like those in Tantus toys), but so far I’ve not had any problems.  The body of the Tango also seems to be wider, by just a millimeter or so, so if you had one and it was a tight fit for the bullet it was replacing, it will be just a bit more snug. A touch of lube will help.


Overall Changes to Both Tango and Touch

I’ve had great luck with my Tango/Salsa units, and they’ve gone on to work like champs for me. Of the ones I’ve given away from contests, only one person reported an early failure. Unlike a certain company I cut ties with, Standard Innovations has thus far been really great about replacing dead units for people, as far as I’m aware. I’ve not heard of any customer service problems. However, others aren’t as lucky with longevity and I’ve seen some reports of multiple unit failures. In response to this, Standard Innovations listened:

“Based on the assessment of some failed units we made changes to the electrical board that should decrease the failure rate for Touch and Tango. We’d love if we could guarantee every unit would be perfect, unfortunately that is not realistic. We really encourage that people take advantage of our warranty because not only does it help the customer receive a functioning product but it helps us document issues, see trends and make changes as required. We truly want the best experience for all users of We-Vibe products.”

A number of people, myself included, hated the magnetic charging base. It was a little round thing, and very finicky about staying connected.  The new base or “cap” is rectangular and is USB only. Sorry for those like me who still prefer wall chargers! You can plug it in to a USB wall adapter though if you have one (which you should, since this is clearly the way rechargeables are going now). I think that the magnets are stronger, and the contact pegs on the newer versions are just a bit longer. I’ve not had nearly as much trouble getting the cap to stay connected to the unit during charging – it’s much easier on the new versions but even if you pair a new charger with an older Tango, it will still hold on better. It was pointed out to me that Shevibe carries a nifty little adapter in case you don’t already have one – you plug the large USB end into it, and voila, you have a wall adapter for charging. Thanks for the tip, Dizzygirl! We-Vibe Tango: The old charging cap up top was round, a nightmare for keeping it in place. The new charging cap is much improved!

The Tango and Touch also now have a low-power alert. I can appreciate it, especially during use and right after to remind me to charge it. But when it’s laying around somewhere like my nightstand or my desk, the yellow blinking light is annoying to me. Of course, to shut it up, all I need to do is put it on the charger. I’ve managed to get another orgasm out of it while it’s still blinking, because it doesn’t take me half an hour of use to come with these.


Who Do I Love The Most?

While I’m still in love with Tango and will continue to recommend it heavily, I’m now much more apt to recommend the Touch. Touch is not quite as powerful as Tango because of the silicone surrounding it, true, but the new silicone and the lack of vibration dampening has won me over quite a bit more.  I find it funny that in my initial review of the Salsa/Tango/Touch I didn’t seem to quite portray how much I loved my vibrator. Sure, I said I loved it. I said that the rumbly vibrations are the best I’ve ever felt in any vibrator this size (and in most any vibrator). But I noted that there downfalls. So I went back to do an update on the review post to mention about the Salsa discontinuation issue and I find that my words still apply so I’ll use them again here:

The Tango is my go-to vibe now. For the last year plus I’ve used little else; they (plural because I own a bunch of them) continually rock my world. 99% of my sex toy collection is collecting dust, because these little vibes are the only thing I need. My listing the price as a con? NO NO. I take it back. I’d happily pay that price for these vibrations. They’re worth it.  Crappy storage bag? No travel lock? SHUT UP LILLY THIS IS THE BEST VIBRATOR EVER. FULL STOP. GO HOME.  I’ve yet to find another external vibrator that matches (much less exceeds) the rumbly goodness of the vibrations coming from this little powerhouse. It’s astonishing.

I also want to note something: With nearly every vibrator I’ve ever owned, I can’t orgasm until it’s on high, the highest setting it has (if it’s ever going to get me off, that is). With the Tango? I’ve been able to orgasm from the second power setting. There are FOUR. Sometimes I need the fourth power level, sometimes I don’t. It’s because of the type of vibrations this thing has. It’s the rumble. The rumble is just that important.

Want One?

Grab your Touch or Tango from Shevibe. They have really competitive pricing, are trustworthy and reliable (unlike Amazon) and they’re my favorite sex toy store.





I was provided a Tango and Touch courtesy of Standard Innovations in exchange for my honest review. is sponsoring the giveaway. Much love and thanks to both!

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  1. blackouthart says:

    Jopen Key Comet G Wand version 2! Basically, the one that vibrates as well! Epiphora sings the praises of the first one, so I was wondering if you’d like the second one better.

  2. DanaesDen says:

    Never owned a Touch, but I have the We-Vibe III, and the silicone’s texture drives me CRAZY. The Touch is now that much more appealing to me now that they make it with the soft-to-the-touch silicone!

  3. DanaesDen says:

    Regarding a review request: I’d be very interested in knowing if the Nexus Bisous is worth its insane price…

  4. Oh yeah. I swear that was half the reason I couldn’t ever give the original Touch more chances to win me over. Every time I’d reach for it it was filthy, no matter where I stored it.

  5. DanaesDen says:

    The We-Vibe III is protected by its little futuristic pod yet lint is still a problem, so I can’t even imagine how linty the old Touch gets. Ick.

  6. Ningyo says:

    I would like to see vibrators from Jopen’s Lust line reviewed, the insertable ones, in particular the L17. That one looks it would fit me like a glove, and it comes in green! (It can be seen on Jopen’s website.) Now I haven’t seen many of the Lust items for sale yet, so it might be awhile before it’s available. I really want one based on what it looks like, but of course I’m wondering how strong it will be.

    Great review by the way. I really want a Tango now, loving that new blue color!

  7. thelesserunknown says:

    I’m not decided yet on what I want to see you review next, but I started submitting my long-unreleased reviews to SheVibe because of this. Thanks for the incentive to get off me lazy butt!

  8. Yay, nice!

    Don’t need to wait til they’re approved to give me the deets for your entries, I’ll be waiting to pick a winner til they can approve/get thru all the submitted reviews.

  9. I was approached, but it was by a UK company. I asked if it was UK only item or not, and they never got back to me!

  10. sheboppin says:

    hula beads! I feel like the rotations should make more sense there compared to the Ida, but I’m still skeptical?

  11. Pantophile Panic says:

    I would really like to see you review something by Bad Dragon. Maybe the Tentacle or the Tongue?

  12. Yeah I’ve only seen L5 and L6. I’ll have to go look it up!

  13. trix23 says:

    Sometimes I crave a Stronic Eins, and sometimes it terrifies me. So, a review would be really helpful, since I still can’t decide (especially since it’s so expensive)…

  14. Camryn Jones says:

    I would like to see you review the Palm Power and its attachments. Your wand vibrator comparison posts are very helpful and I’d like to see how you rank the Palm Power amongst the other wands you’ve tried. Plus I’m curious about how well the vibrations carry though the attachments and how well they suit their intended purposes.

  15. Yeah I’m curious about it. I think I need to do an updated comparison though. I don’t think very many people use the Acuvibe, etc anymore.

  16. Shey says:

    I really love my salsa, but the charging doodad drives me nuts. I’ll have to get a new one some day when I wear this one out~

  17. Glad you love your Salsa!

    If this comment is for an entry, though, it isn’t valid. Gotta read the directions! I ask for specific things to be commented!

  18. Please note that if this comment is for your entry, it is invalid. Gotta read the directions, I asked for specific info in the comment!

  19. M A says:

    I would really like to see you review something by Ovo. They seem to be pretty new and don’t have a lot of reviews out there. The few reviews they have are pretty positive, but not many of them seem to be from critical, experienced bloggers.

  20. Hooman says:

    Tantus Leisure–I haven’t seen many reviews of this and I’m wondering if it’s any good.

  21. Just an FYI……every entry you had in for the contest has been disqualified. You unfollowed me & Shevibe on Twitter, you unfollowed me on Tumblr. Dishonesty never wins.

  22. M A says:

    I… didn’t unfollow on any of those? I’m not really worried about being disqualified (my chances were tiny anyway), but I legitimately did not unfollow you or Shevibe on Twitter, or you on Tumblr. (I had actually been wondering why I wasn’t seeing any tweets or posts from you guys there, since I wanted to follow anyway.) I followed through the giveaway button by entering my usernames and it said everything had gone through, is it possible that it glitched or something?

  23. It’s pretty foolproof. Also, I just now am seeing notifications that you followed me. Too late for that. I believe in a glitch on one platform, but not multiple. Not with multiple people and platforms.

    Dishonesty when entering contests gets you nowhere.

  24. Victoria Reuveni says:

    I LOVE my old Tango as well. But since I got the Touch in a raffle at CCon East I’ve been hooked! Thanks for all the great photos. I didn’t realize there was such a difference between the two Tangos.

  25. I don’t see any problem with it, and I did swap myself just to see. It’s perfectly fine.

  26. Kyla Patton says:

    What is the amount of use time before recharge for the Tango vs. the Touch?

  27. Strap-on Jo says:

    Tantus Leisure is fantastic for strap-on play or solo use if you want something long, smooth, and very slender. I have small hands, and at 1.25″ diameter, it is thicker than one finger but thinner than two. Its appearance isn’t especially sexy, but I find it MUCH more useful as a beginner anal strap-on dildo than most dildos marketed as for beginner anal.

  28. Have you tried contacting We-Vibe customer care? As I said, they’re VERY good with this. Sounds like you just have a bad charger, they can send you a new charger. Happened to me, and the new charger fixed it right up. There’s a one year warranty.

  29. B bear says:

    Thanks to the Tango, I just had an orgasm for the first time in many, many months! No other toys, no masturbation material -just me and my new Tango. Thanks for the advice Dangerous Lilly!

  30. Mist says:

    The We-Vibe Touch is one of the best things to ever happen in the sex toy market, and I don’t say that lightly. I’ve always considered myself a “power-slut”, since nothing ever seemed to get me off and I would always resort to my fingers to finish the job (defeating the purpose). However, having had the touch for a while now, a little over half a year, and I suspect it’s because of the rumbly vibrations, I’ve noticed a greater sensitivity and have even achieved orgasm from, get this, the LOWEST setting. That NEVER happens. I’m always keeping it charged, because I’m always using it. It is absolutely one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself, and because it is just that good, it makes the price worth it – you won’t need another vibrator, unless you’re wanting for internal vibes as well.

  31. THIS. Thanks to the rumbly of the Tango I’ve been able to use it mostly on level 1. THIS NEVER HAPPENS. While I don’t care which level I need, using level 1 simply means the charge lasts longer.