Reinvention? The Lelo Ida – Vibrator Fail

I usually don’t do this – “this” being editing a post to completely change it OR essentially reviewing a sex toy that I’ve not even tried.  But, I’ve read a review on the Lelo Ida from someone I trust and it confirmed every single suspicion I had. When you’ve owned hundreds of sex toys and been reviewing for over 5 years, you get to be a pretty damn good judge of a sex toy before you have even seen it in person.

Lelo asked me to write this post originally to hype up their newest WTFail, the Ida. I had to write this post, and talk about a sex toy I knew very little about, in order to be allowed to even review it. Then, I was told to “be patient”, that my review order was being put on the back burner so that they could fulfill retailer orders1.  And then I never heard back. And then….then I read Piph’s review.


And I thought about it all for a little while. I thought about Lelo in general. My frustrations. My issues. My disappointments. I decided I had to determine if I wanted to remain a “VIP Reviewer” for Lelo, and keep on doing this. I had to decide if I even wanted to review this Ida for myself. I could still decide, you see, because they still hadn’t yet sent it to me (meanwhile Piph’s had hers for like, a month). 

My answer came in short order. Actually, it came to me about 2 minutes after I finished reading Piph’s review.


Lelo Ida is being launched in response to the ruling that the Lelo Tiani cannot be sold in the US or Canada; it looks like the ITC once and for all ruled in favor of Standard Innovations and their We-Vibe.  The Tiani 2 was pretty popular, judging by the vast traffic I’d get from searches about it. But Lelo took it pretty hard. They had seen the success of the We-Vibe, and felt jealous. They felt that they HAD to have a “worn while lovemaking” hetero-focused vibe, too.  Unable to release this concept from their robotic-claw grasp, they put on their crazy-hats and came up with Ida.

Debuting in late September, IDA is the most revolutionary couples’ massager, and unlike anything available on the market! Designed to be worn when making love, IDA stands as the only couples’ massagers that combines powerful vibrations and thrilling rotations within – providing the most stimulating sensations for both partners!

Since they were unable to utilise the U-shape because it belonged to We-Vibe, they made it look like a bathroom wall hook. Here’s a link to Lelo’s video, showing how it works.  The flat portion is what rests on the clitoris. As I’ve explained before, this design will not work on a fair portion of the world’s clitoris-bearing people. The arm, then, rotates. All the time. It never stops. Unless, of course, resistance stops it. Like a penis that is average sized, or bigger. Then guess what happens? The outer disc portion “rotates”, since the motor has to DO something otherwise it’ll burn up and die. From all I’ve read, the vibrations are largely worthless and the sound of the rotating arm is likened to a dentist drill.



So, let’s see. Either the penetrator feels an object bumping and shoving his dick while it’s in a vagina, or nothing happens because the vagina isn’t as cavernous as some men, and Lelo, think it is. The disc design could be nice for those women with an “exposed” clitoris and less prominent outer labia/mons, as the other person’s pubic mound will, in the missionary position, provide pressure. Some people need that pressure on the clit.  Ok, I’ll give them that. But they’re still leaving out a huge portion of the population.

Oh, and you also have the option of Tara–Ida’s less fancy sister. Same design, same stupid concept, just sans SenseMotion remote. Awesome. Make it even more awkward to use. But oh, Lelo Tara comes in a pretty Midnight Blue–a color Lelo has previously considered a “boy” color; we’d only seen it on their older cock-ring, Bo and the “male” version of the Liv, Billy.

If Lelo had come up with this design as a solo toy, I might not have had such a visceral reaction. I might have looked at it and said “Okay, it won’t work for people built like me, but it has some potential”. Instead, me, my husband, my girl friend, and other friends have all had the same reaction:


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  1. Before retailers could back out after reading a bunch of negative reviews? Maybe? Who knows

6 Responses

  1. He@ArousedDuo says:

    She@ and I really like the We-vibe. We have the original version and it works well for us even though it doesn’t have any of the different vibration modes that the newer versions have. Frankly the toy doesn’t do much for me, but when it works it does great for her. I say “when it works” because we do have one issue with it: positioning. Positioning the We-vibe initially is simple, but depending on factors that I haven’t been able to figure out, the thing shifts and moves as I thrust. Most of the time we have to do at least one re-adjustment and frequently we just can’t get it right. Actually there is a second issue we have with it but that has to do with the difference in our physical sizes. Sometimes the part of the We-vibe in her vagina takes up a bit too much room. With these things in mind, I have my doubts that the IDA will work for us. While the rotating head looks intriguing, I suspect that the rotation will make the positioning problem worse. Also the rotating head seems to be fairly bulbous, so the “no room at the inn” issue could made worse too. All that being said, we stand by with an open minds and are hoping to be proven wrong as we have always had good luck with LELO products.

  2. Camryn says:

    Watching that video made me laugh for some reason. It looks rather odd, and I’m puzzled as to how it will rotate with a penis/dildo sharing the space. I’ve never tried a rotating toy, but given all the vibrators that turn about it must be pleasant for some. However it turns out, I’m looking forward to the reviews on it *grins and grabs the pretzels*

  3. Deviant says:

    Having something rotating in my vagina while there’s a penis thrusting in and out of it seems awkward and uncomfortable.

    I imagine that people who are fond of the rotating feature that is common in jelly rabbits (but don’t like the material) might enjoy it, but it seems like it would work better as a solo toy. The reviews shall be interesting.

  4. Mary Smith says:

    Hey, have you seen this?

    Are you going to do a review on the we vibe 4?

    ~ I just found out about it today, actually. I have plans to review it, fingers crossed!

  5. Reylena says:

    I want this!! Depending on price, and if i like it in my hands, i will get it over the we-vibe 4!(which also looks good much better shape)

  6. The Ida was a huge disappointment to me not only was it under powered but it was overly intrusive, your partner had a job entering you at the same tine.

    And as if that wasn’t enough the rotational stimulation was very weak. I believe that Lelo should test their products with multiple individuals for size and fit.

    ~ I believe Lelo should test their products on humans, period! :) Because they clearly do not!