Lelo Ina – Silence of the Lambs Edition

When I was a kid, two instances showed a glimpse into my true nature: One, when I took apart my old Simon electronic game at age 9 just because I had no idea how it worked and I wanted to see inside. The second is when my dad bought this book…I can’t remember the name but it was very similar to what I’m sure the “Big Book of Why” is. Anyways, that became one of my favorite books.

Usually never content to leave well enough alone, I have to dig sometimes. There is another, underlying reason why I did what I did, which I can’t tell you all yet (but oh man…it’s exciting) but after my review of the Ina 2 went live I thought and thought and realized I never was going to use the original Ina so I decided to see what was underneath a Lelo dress, so to speak.

I got out a boxcutter and felt very, very crazy and bad. Like it was sex toy reviewer sacrilege to purposely ruin an expensive sex toy. And in true nerd fashion, as I’m cutting and pulling away the skin from the body I kept gleefully uttering “this is so neat!!!”. AND THAT is a sentence I never thought I’d write. Wow.

Photo shows a Lelo Ina with a visible slice through the silicone skin down the backside of the toy. You can see that the silicone skin isn't very thick, ranging from 2mm at the thinnest section to 5mm at the thickest.   

Lelo Ina "deskinned" - Showing the glue on the inside of the skin. The skin, now removed from the toy, reveals a layer of glue which held the skin firmly to the hard plastic body

Lelo Ina "deskinned" - A naked, white Lelo Ina! Photo shows a hand holding the naked Lelo Ina that has been completely deskinned of all silicone. You can see that the main insertable arm is all white, hard plastic.. The clitoral arm has a white, hard plastic tip and appears to be held on by a translucent substance. You can see some wires in the clitoral arm.

Lelo Ina "deskinned" - Closeup collage of the clitoral arm. This photo shows three views of the clitoral arm. The main photo is a close up view of the flexible joint of the arm. You can see wires buried in the semi-translucent material. An inset photo shows the hard plastic clitoral vibrator being bent away from the material, the material isn't as flexible as you would think. The clitoral arm appears to be essentially an egg-shaped bullet that is held to the same body as the Lelo Mona with a slightly flexible substance. Another inset photo shows how the flexible substance goes into a hole at the bottom of the clitoral bulb, holding it fast.

I’m not versed enough to know what the substance is that makes up the clitoral arm. You can see how it’s not as flexible as it probably should be, it isn’t stuck to the bullet vibrator that essentially makes up the clitoral arm. I could see how, from viewing the construction of it, that very frequent use and lots of manipulation of the clitoral arm could result down the line in that substance detaching from the hard plastic of the main body? I could be wrong. Since I actually do like the Ina 2 and can see myself using it, I don’t want to de-skin that one, too, but I am super curious to see what they did differently to make the clitoral arm more flexible.

The silicone skin covering the body of Ina ranges in thickness from slightly less than 2mm to just under 6mm. Glue keeps the skin firmly attached to the main body. ‘

Yes, yes I do now have an urge to go de-skin a bunch of other toys. But I won’t. Not yet.


8 Responses

  1. Penny says:

    Wow, cool! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sandra says:

    We’re gonna have to create a new hero character for you like The Undertaker or
    Dr. Delicious…hehe, uh-oh, somethings brewing in my brain. Mwahahaha!

  3. Septimus says:

    I have to admit that when I saw the thumbnail for this post, my first reaction was: “NOOOOO!!!!!” followed by: “What has she done to my Ina 2?”

    Then I saw that it was the first Ina, and I didn’t care.

    But seriously, this is really cool. I’ve always wondered what was in my sex toys, and now I don’t have to cut them open to see! Thanks!

  4. Lorax Of Sex says:

    I do shit like this all the time. This is how I don’t have toys coming out my ears- I dissect them, or I give them to my hacker friends to cobble together into weird franken-vibes. Working on splicing together the WeVibe and ClubVibe right now actually. Some serious potential in that.

  5. fire says:

    All the best things are done for science!

  6. Sugarcunt says:

    Oh my gosh, I am just dying of laughter because of Silence of the Lambs and peeling back the skin and I am losing it help me lilly what is air.

    I would enjoy seeing you skin more toys.
    man. even the comments of this post are creepy.

    Seriously, though. I’m fascinated by the Ina’s innards.

  7. adriana says:

    For science! Seriously neat, though. Makes me want to do the same but I have none that I want to sacrifice

  8. Tmcaurinus says:

    It is SO cool that you did this. I really appreciate that you’re willing to destroy your sex toys for your readers’ information! And for SCIENCE!