It’s not easy being a sex blogger

In recent months I’ve been able to tell a few outside-the-bubble people that I am a sex blogger. It’s always a weird thing, filled with uncertainty and trepidation. A few weekends ago it was a fact about me that came out pretty early on into being introduced to new friends, friends of a friend. And sure enough they seemed to take it pretty well. I’m not used to spitting that out. But OH IT’S NICE to talk about my sex toys, the silicone, the jelly, the chemicals to non-bloggers. I was told I lit up when I spoke of it all.

I’ve lamented sometimes that I feel worthless because I don’t have a job. A few friends remind me that I *do*….this website. So the question is, do I return from leave, or do I hang up the gloves? Revenue from advertisers/sponsors is maybe 1/6th of what it was a few years ago. My affiliate commissions, though, have increased quite a bit so there is a bit of evening out, but not quite enough to balance the scales. It’s not that I do this for the money, I never have. But it’s been very nice and I’ve come to rely on it. Of course, one should never rely on something so fickle.

I’ve been away from the blogosphere for quite awhile. I’ve kept up reading some of them, I check into Twitter for brief moments here and there but that is it. If I really missed it all, don’t you think I’d be checking up on the social media sites more than I am…..? So that’s the question. Do I hang it up. I’ve had some wonderful support in my hiatus. People telling me how much they’ve learned from me, how I’m needed in this “fight”, this “War on Sex Toys (or more accurately, Jelly)”. I think about posts I could write and I come up dry. I have back-logged reviews to write and the motivation is lacking. Perhaps I need to force myself into it, which is why I’m writing this. Squeeze some words out, see if more follow on their own.

I finally will be changing over my site very soon to the New Me. Maybe that will provide the kick in the ass I need.

2 Responses

  1. Lorelei says:

    I can sympathize. As a full time student and sex blogger I feel constantly guilty. But then I get these wonderful emails from readers telling me that they learned something, or that they went out and got books on something, or that they tried something new and it worked… and it’s all worth it, ultimately. Sometimes its hard, but I think people appreciate the intentions people have. Looking forward to more words!

  2. Ashly Star says:

    The new header looks great!!

    I always enjoy your posts because you don’t really sugarcoat things and you lay a lot out there. I can easily relate to things you say here and the grumpy posts just make you seem more real since you’re never trying to portray an image of some unrealistic perfect life. And you are one of the very few reviewers I actually enjoy reading reviews from whose opinions I trust. No matter what you’re posting about, I’ll be here reading as long as you’re throwing stuff out there. :)