Oct 302012

When I re-reviewed the Lelo Luna beads, I asked lots of questions of Lelo. I was told that one could boil them for no more than 5 minutes to help remove any lingering stains and/or better clean the nylon pull string. Seemed reasonable, but I didn’t yet try it.

Recently, a reader wrote and told me that she did this and her beads melted a bit, became deformed. I confirmed that she followed the “no more than 5 minutes” and promptly put her in touch with my Lelo rep so that her beads could be replaced. Lelo told me then to update and say that one should place a washcloth or something in the bottom of the pot to prevent the beads from banging around in metal. So I changed it, and then I heard from a few more readers who were STILL having problems with melting. This advice has since been updated and now is:

Pour boiling water over the Luna Beads whilst they are in a bowl and let them soak for up to 5 minutes. This will prevent the beads from coming into contact with the very hot bottom of the pot, which is what could deform the beads……not the water.

If you’ve previously dropped them in a pot of boiling water and had any damage, please do let Lelo know or let me know. I’m sure they will replace your damaged beads for you. I really do wish that these instructions would have been tested and further clarified before I made them public, but hopefully this info will reach enough people.

UPDATE: AGAIN:  I received an email from someone and I have contacted my latest rep at Lelo for clarification – see below the reader’s email for Lelo’s response. Frankly, I’m pissed. They gave me false information once before and now this? I don’t know what to believe anymore. My best advice NOW, if you’re dealing with a discolored string, is to clean it in a very mild bleach solution. Let it soak only a few minutes and then rinse, and let it soak and rinse twice more in clean water. If the plastic discolors, contact Lelo. You have a warranty on these, use it. According to the latest from LELO, boiling water should still be fine. Since this person purchased the Minis when they had the uncoated metal ball, I’m thinking that that run of Minis was defective altogether. I don’t think that the uncoated metal ball was intentional, but who knows.

Hello Lilly,

I own the Luna Beads Mini and the string became discoloured after a few weeks of washing with just soap and water, so I did a Google search for “how to sanitize luna beads” and yours was the first site that came up.

I followed your advice from the LELO rep (I put the beads in a bowl, added water from a kettle and let them sit for less than 5 minutes). Unfortunately, one of the beads must have had a weak seam because this treatment allowed water to enter the bead. I have the old version of the Minis with the bare metal ball and now the ball is rusting due to the trapped moisture.

I contacted LELO and they are sending me a replacement, but after my experience I will not expose the replacement beads to boiling water. The manual says to NEVER expose the Luna Beads to extreme heat, and the customer service rep who handled my claim warned me that boiling the Luna Beads voids the warranty.

Either there is some inconsistency among LELO reps or they have updated their cleaning advice again.

LELO updated me:

Boiling LUNA Beads in the way I explained before is a fine method for cleaning. We do apologize if our Customer Care representative passed on the information that it automatically voided the warranty for LUNA Beads to your reader, but as I understand we did continue to honor the warranty in this case.

As to what it says in the user manual about “extreme heat,” we are trying to make sure customers do not expose their LELO products to unnecessary heat such as intense, direct sunlight over sustained periods of time, or trying to sterilize in a flame directly/ boil them incorrectly etc…


I’ve been contacted a few more times by people who have damaged their Luna Beads following the instructions I posted.  Many times, they were ignored by LELO customer service. They never had a response. Or they were told that they did something that broke the warranty. I was able to get them help by contacting LELO on social media.

Soundtrack of the day (or week, really)

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Oct 302012

I escaped the Big Storm mostly unscathed…many of my Bubble Crew seems to as well so far. My body is still recovering from the tremendous flare-up that rolled in before the storm did. We only have one family section to worry about, who are on Long Island. It’s sounding like the town and possibly the house are in bad shape and I am very concerned but not as concerned as I was for my mother. I suppose it is because my mother is widowed and frankly…not very strong anymore. Indeed, last year’s flood nearly did her in.

I did a buttload of laundry in preps for the power to be out, thinking I could fold/put away when there was nothing else better to do. Except, the power didn’t really go out and I can find LOTS OF OTHER THINGS TO DO. Poor laundry. So neglected.

In other news  e[lust] seems to be back on track. I admit I’m not ready for it, but I’m also not ready to give up on it.

Today I’m playing music that seems to be fitting in with where my head is at recently…..Strong, supported, and laughing at the stupidity I am seeing. (in related news, I’d give my left big toe to be able to sing as well as these ladies)

But since you been gone
I can breathe for the first time
I’m so movin’ on, yeah yeah

I’ve loved this next song for a long time. I heard Fiona’s Extraordinary Machine when it was leaked and “unreleased”. A good bit got changed when it was officially released and I’m grateful that I had the unreleased version. There’s something both simple and utterly complex about this version with nothing but her, the piano and an orchestra. It portrays every emotion perfectly. While I like the video with Zach G, I hate the song. It’s….manic and messy and it loses so much. When I listen to the “original” version I suppose though that I might look like an orchestra conductor on crack. :) Goddamn it’s just so powerful this way.  The way the piano pedal stands in for a thump of a bass? PERFECT

Conversation once colored by esteem
Became dialogue as a diagram of a play for blood
Took a vacation, my palate got clean
Now I could taste your agenda
While you’re spitting your cud

And it doesn’t make sense
I should fall for the kingcraft of a meritless crown

Turn on my heels
Step out of this sight
Try to live in a lovelier light

I’ve loved nearly everything by Fiona, but I’m not sure about this album yet.  Lyrics are good though….as always.

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Oct 282012

In recent months I’ve been able to tell a few outside-the-bubble people that I am a sex blogger. It’s always a weird thing, filled with uncertainty and trepidation. A few weekends ago it was a fact about me that came out pretty early on into being introduced to new friends, friends of a friend. And sure enough they seemed to take it pretty well. I’m not used to spitting that out. But OH IT’S NICE to talk about my sex toys, the silicone, the jelly, the chemicals to non-bloggers. I was told I lit up when I spoke of it all.

I’ve lamented sometimes that I feel worthless because I don’t have a job. A few friends remind me that I *do*….this website. So the question is, do I return from leave, or do I hang up the gloves? Revenue from advertisers/sponsors is maybe 1/6th of what it was a few years ago. My affiliate commissions, though, have increased quite a bit so there is a bit of evening out, but not quite enough to balance the scales. It’s not that I do this for the money, I never have. But it’s been very nice and I’ve come to rely on it. Of course, one should never rely on something so fickle.

I’ve been away from the blogosphere for quite awhile. I’ve kept up reading some of them, I check into Twitter for brief moments here and there but that is it. If I really missed it all, don’t you think I’d be checking up on the social media sites more than I am…..? So that’s the question. Do I hang it up. I’ve had some wonderful support in my hiatus. People telling me how much they’ve learned from me, how I’m needed in this “fight”, this “War on Sex Toys (or more accurately, Jelly)”. I think about posts I could write and I come up dry. I have back-logged reviews to write and the motivation is lacking. Perhaps I need to force myself into it, which is why I’m writing this. Squeeze some words out, see if more follow on their own.

I finally will be changing over my site very soon to the New Me. Maybe that will provide the kick in the ass I need.

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