Ever wondered how to use a Stand-To-Pee device? Ask Miss Maggie Mayhem!

There’s a couple of Stand-to-Pee devices out there for vulva-bodied people.  The most visible ones are those being sold by sex toy retailers who recognize that it’s not just something to help you take a pee in the woods without ruining your shoes. The ones that most will know the names of are the P Style, and GoGirl. I’ve read reviews on them but words only go so far, really.

It’s kinda something you need to see (or just buy it and try it yourself, in the bathtub). Maggie Mayhem is a blogger, does porn, is a feminist, an activist, kinky, and wonderfully nerdy. She’s been in my periphery radar for quite a while but her recent post on reducing rape culture in the BDSM community and all the posts it spawned brought her into focus more. And I quickly found her porn site that she does with her partner, Ned, called MeetTheMayhems. Something that was on the front page, and happened to be a free clip (their porn isn’t free) was an explicit how-to video of Maggie showing how to use the P Style. AWESOME. Maggie’s so friggin cute n saucy that it takes it from instruction video to fun video. There’s a few other toy review videos that are free to the general public; so far it’s just Ned, but I’m not complaining!

To view it, and you really should if you’ve never tried a STP device and are curious, first visit their site through the front door and proclaim your age. Then click my link here that goes directly to the P Style video. If you just click to the video first, the site kicks you back to the age verification and then to the homepage, instead of where you originally wanted to go.

As “pay sites” go, this one is unique. Maggie and Ned aren’t just posting porn, they’re sharing explicit video reviews, posts on various topics both sexy and sexy-nerdy, and the only part you pay for is the actual porn – and it’s really reasonable. They’re a unique couple with a unique site and I quite like them both.


2 Responses

  1. Ned Mayhem says:

    I just fixed the issue with the age verification page routing you to our homepage. Now the link to the pStyle video should just work – verify your age and then it’ll take you straight to the video. The same is true for external links to any page on our site. I believe that I also made it so that you only have to see the age verification page once a week instead of once a day – please let me know if this is not so.

    Thank you so much for the kind words. I’m glad you like the site, and I agree that Maggie is a very nifty lady. Cheers!

    -Ned Mayhem

  2. Ashly Star says:

    Huh, interesting. I didn’t even know products like these existed. Now I have to go look into them more just out of a sheer need to see and learn more about them. Thanks for posting about this, totally would’ve never known otherwise. And now I have something new to make all my close friends look at, haha. :)