We should all start our own company

Don’t you think that sex toy reviewers could create, quite possibly, the world’s best sex toys? This thought came to me the other day when lamenting both “premium” vibrators and how they still lack some fundamental things for me, and sex toy storage.

Sure, bloggers that review a lot of toys have a hard time reviewing toy storage sometimes simply because our own collections far exceed the capacity of the storage. But a few years before I started reviewing, or hell even knew that such a gig existed (actually it probably didn’t), I did indeed buy a sex toy storage bag because I wanted some nice  (and cute) safe place to store things, especially since we didn’t live together. For being just a regular person, I did have a fair amount of toys and accessories. The bag I bought back then was sold by My Pleasure and I have no idea who made it. Sure, it was water-proof. Wiped clean. Cute and small yet held a lot. But…..it wasn’t the greatest quality. And it wasn’t anything more than a glorified duffel bag. No separation to speak of. Actually…..it reminded me a lot of a cheaper version of Devine’s older sex toy storage case, the Satchel.

I used to think very highly of ForYourNymphomation’s cases. Yes, they lock. Yes, the larger more expensive ones have little pouches for organizing and separating. But the quality wasn’t meant to last. I had a little “wristlet” purse from FYN that I quite liked for the right occasions, but one of the zippers busted in fairly short order. I’ve heard reports of the pink cases bleeding dye onto toys; straps popping off; other zippers busting. Unfortunately, FYN doesn’t come with a warranty.

While the Devine cases are pretty, my complaint was always “too small”. A complaint others might make is “too feminine”. The Play Chest case is huge. Really huge. Which ok, thats great. I personally could use huge – except, that makes it really heavy, and the general construction of the case IMO leaves a little to be desired (which I talked about here, mostly the clasp/”lock”).The other Devine case I reviewed, I really thought that the padlock was of very poor quality – I recently had an FYN lock totally jam up on me, I thought we’d have to hack it off, so I’m afraid to actually use the Devine locks for fear they’d break while locked.

What is a toy owner to do?

Either we find a company to make our (reviewers) ideas viable, or I guess resort to perverting things like plastic chests of drawers, luggage and lacking up dresser drawer space.

Tell me how you store your toys. And what would your perfect storage and/or travel case look like?

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  1. Janie says:

    I just store mine in my top drawer next to my bed in the boxes/pouches they came in. Thankfully (?) I don’t have many but it’s already not enough space. Would love something a bit more exciting and tailored for that use.

    I often think some of the sex toy reviewers know more than the shops – they could make the best one!


  2. Right now I keep my most used (and review queue) toys and lubes in a drawer of my nightstand. My dorm bed has a pair of gigantor underbed drawers; the one near the head of the bed gets all the toys I use regularly, while the other drawer in in 2 sections – one gets toys I rarely use or am waiting to swap, the other side holds my bondage gear. Impact toys hang in my closet on hooks that are pretty well hidden from cursory inspection.

    The closest I’ve seen to what might be perfect storage are some of the custom BDSM implement cases I’ve seen around the internet. Each implement gets its own custom-fitted loop or pocket that is designed based on what’s inside – a line of elastic loops to corral flogger falls, padded pockets for Violet Wand electrodes, heavily reinforced pockets (almost sheathes) for knives… They were seriously impressive, but prohibitively expensive.

    One of the most affordably awesome storage/organization solutions I’ve seen, at least for non-breakable toys, is the Grid-It pads.
    One wouldn’t hold a whole collection, but one would help with travel, or a pile could organize a drawer. You can slip all kinds of different sized toys through the elastic loops, and they’ll stay put. You’d have to come up with some kind of bag for the pad (the purpose made ones look too thin for sex toys), but it looks like it would make a great organizer. Or a great model to base our design off of. ;)

  3. Aurore says:

    Until a few months ago my toys were scattered in a few different drawers. Recently I bought a material covered box at Ikea. It’s not very organized but everything is in one place.

    Thankfully, my toys haven’t needed to travel…yet. I do wish I could find something that holds not only my sex toys but my BDSM gear without being a giant, ugly piece of luggage. Something I could take to a party or on a weekend getaway.

  4. Psycosis says:

    I can’t imagine a single case will ever meet everyone’s needs. It will always be too small or too large. FYN did hit on a great point with their more expensive cases, customization and expandability.

    That said, I do have a complaint. With plugs and the like I always find myself washing lint off them even when they’ve been kept in a bag in a drawer.

    I’ve got an idea too. Something like an over-sized jewelry or tool roll would be good for similar toys like plugs, bullets and wands.

  5. We keep ours in several different places. I would like a case that is soft sided, with adjustable compartments.

  6. Britni TheVadgeWig says:

    I keep mine the same way Epiphora does, but I also know that it’s not a workable solution for many people, especially those with kids.