This time, I’m the one asking questions


My question is in regards to cunnilingus. Do you enjoy when the giver sucks on your labia, pulling them outward with their lips or perhaps even teeth?


Have you ever used either one of the Tenga Fliphole (there’s a white or a black)? If so respond favorably with an email address I can contact you at for a few questions.


With the new theme came more changes than just some colorful shit. Previously, my pages were a slightly-hidden list in the sidebar. Now they’re taking more center stage up there, along with the post categories up top. The question is: Are these navigation bars useful to you, be you a new reader, just coming here, or old reader?

I used to have some interesting (and some creepy) conversation through my Yahoo IM Pingbox that was in the old sidebar. But because Yahoo is a slow-assed bastard, my site’s loading time was always slow because it was retrieving info from Yahoo. So, I yanked it. But I do have a subdomain, and was considering putting a link on the sidebar here to the Pingbox’s page over at the subdomain for those who want to ask questions but are really too shy to give me any sort of contact info (i.e. email). Thoughts? Or is it worthless?

Also, I’m opening the floor to hear the unrestrained thoughts of my readers. Even if you’ve never commented before, go ahead and use a fake email address if it helps. I just want to hear what you’d like to see more of around here – be it return of old content, or something new.

10 Responses

  1. Buddha says:

    Never tried the Tenga/Jenga Flip thingy, no. The only toy I use is my hand. As for the layout and navigation bars, it’s a huge improvement … as I’ve been saying.

  2. Kayla says:

    I like the new layout. It looks great.

    As for the fliphole, the boyfriend has the black one if you want to ask questions. :)

  3. Aurore says:

    Believe it or not I could generally take or leave cunnilingus but if someone’s going to be down there I prefer a little nibble and a tug. Soft and gentle gets almost no response from me.

    I like the new navigation bars – definitely useful.

    And I adore you right back doll ;)

  4. emme0704 says:

    I really like the new layout. But I’m a fan of sleek and simple. Tho the banner is anything but that – I really like it!

    Anything I miss? I’ve always been a fan of your erotica – esp when I’m wondering if it’s real or fantasy….

    As far as your question – I don’t mind a bit for teasing, but please no biting or I’ll kick you! I’m way too sensitive for teeth down there. Hard licks bottom to top? Well…then you will have me kicking in a good way.

    ~ I’ll have to remember that ;) ah the erotica. yes. Well I’m trying…..workin on that. We’ll see.

  5. guest says:

    Personally, sucking on my labia doesn’t really do much for me, other than making him seem enthusiastic, which isn’t a bad thing. It just doesn’t FEEL especially good. I like slow, firm circles around my clit interspersed with faster flicking and long licks. And if there aren’t fingers involved rather quickly I WILL start bucking and eventually demanding them.

  6. daniel says:

    Never heard of the Fliphole, sorry. What’s it do?

    And as far as the new layout – I already told you my thoughts in general, but it doesn’t honestly much impact how I navigate around here. I generally come straight to the front and read whatever’s new without much regard for post categories or any of that.


  7. Jake Holden says:

    I’ve got the white Flip Hole and used both a Tenga egg and an onacup. I highly recommend the flip hole!

    Feel free to email me any questions :)

    Jake x

  8. Surreal227 says:

    For me sucking and licking my clit with long licks is what feels the best. No teeth though, I like the teasing and the gentle gradually becoming rougher, but no teeth.

    I love the new layout! All the sparkles with the deep purple, simply gorgeous. I haven’t found it too hard to navigate, if anything I think it’s a little easier. I haven’t had any questions where I felt that I needed to contact you, but I think giving people an anonymous way to chat with you is always a good thing. All I can say about content is KEEP IT COMING!!

    By the way, your erotica is amazing! And my fiance isn’t too upset with my reaction to it ;D

  9. I am a newbie but I do like the layout. It feels good. I like for everything to be easily accessible but I do not have an issue with commenting and saying what I have to say.

    As for the cunnilingus… I like the labia to sucked hard but not too fond of biting. Professor has a way of making it feel real good when he pulls on it a bit. We try different techniques. I am not familiar with the Tenga Fliphole but am considering getting one for him to see if it tickles his fancy but I think I far much more skill than any gadget.

  10. Reveka says:

    Hello. This is the first time I have commented, although I have been following your blog for about 3 or 4 months. I enjoy your writing and always look forward to seeing new content.

    While I didn’t ever run into complications with the old layout, I like that this one makes your writing the most prominent thing on the front page. (And I like the purple.)

    As for your question, I like when my partner nips or gently nibbles my labia. For me, it has two main benefits. (1) I like it as something that thrown in every so often to keep me from becoming bored with repetitive movements. If my clit gets too much attention for too long, I don’t experience as much sensation (which I think is bad). (2) It’s a good way to tease me. I have a much better experience if I am mentally engaged and some amount of being teased really helps me with that.