Review: Fun Factory Ellove

I really don’t own too many Fun Factory sex toys, and I’m not sure why. There are numerous ones I’ve had my eye on for awhile!

At first I was a bit biased against the Fun Factory Ellove because the size/shape/design/control pad looks a lot like the Boss Lady, which I’d hated. This vibrator did function a lot better though, the buttons actually worked! I received the pink color which is this baby rose/pink, kinda ethereal shade. Very girly.

I’m a bit sad that this isn’t one of their Click n Charge vibrators, as the Ellove takes 4 AAA batteries – not something I tend to have a lot of on hand. It does offer up a nice vibration though, if internal vibrations are your thing. Definitely not the surface/buzzy style that I dread. This design also has the “boost” button which you can use to give the vibrator just a little more power. In concept it’s nice but…..why not just make one more power setting? Why complicate matters with a separate button? For the boost button to work, you have to hold it in, and keep pressing on it. The moment you let go, the “boost” goes away. I’m power-hungry, I don’t want to be pressing and holding a small button while trying to thrust and make sure I’m hitting the right spot, you know? Over all the power level of this toy is what I’m consider to be “moderate”. It’s not weak or buzzy, but I don’t think too many women would say it is overly powerful, especially since it is an insertable vibe.

The texture of the Ellove, like so many other Fun Factory toys, is this velvety-matte silicone that has a bit of a “drag” to it, if that makes sense. It’s not a shiny, slippery silicone. This type of silicone is one of few that I actually need to use a little lube with, especially the Ellove since it’s not a slim toy. It’s not a humongous toy either, but given the not-so-slippery texture it can kinda feel bigger than it is.

The controls on this vibe are pretty simple, albeit small. Sometimes, especially with slippery fingers, I had trouble pressing the “+” and “-” buttons, so I just cranked it up to full power (Hello, it IS me we’re talking about) before inserting it. The boost button is at the tip of the toy so it’s in a good place to use while thrusting, even if it is a little small and annoying.

Ellove is a very curvy toy, with a little give to the material and a little bit of flex. Given the curvy head it’s going to be good for g-spot reach, but given the flexibility of the toy it’s best for those who are familiar with their g-spot and don’t require a lot of pressure to it.

I’d recommend this toy for users who know a little bit more about what they like, in terms of girth, vibration style, etc. If you enjoy internal vibrations coupled with a thick girth, you’d really like this vibrator. While this is not a girth that is ridiculously large, it might be intimidating for women who have never owned an insertable toy or played with a cock that is more than 1 1/2″ diameter. The Ellove measures about 1 3/4″ diameter at it’s widest.

The Ellove is silicone for the insertable portion, and plastic for the controls cap. Read here about silicone care and maintenance, with a subset reference on the cleaning method for vibrators. I have seen places list this toy as both waterproof and splashproof – it’s one or the other, there’s a big difference! To be safe I’d stick with just splashproof.


Total toy length: 8.5″   Insertable length: Almost 6″  Widest girth: 1.7″