Jul 172010

Hubs got this today for our kitchen, for those times when your hands are yucky with raw chicken juices or whatnot:

As he was reading the brochure:

The spout sensor soap pump dispenses soap touch-free to help avoid the spread of germs. Simply place your hand under the spout to dispense soap automatically. The elongated spout arcs over the sink basin to keep wet hands and soap from dripping on the counter. Four volume settings allow you to control the amount of soap or lotion dispensed.

He says to me “Hey you could put lube in this!” At first I gave him a look because, well, we don’t use lube right now for sex and I don’t use it for myself but it really would be great for that sort of thing. Wouldn’t that be awesome to not have to touch anything, just stick your hand under there and you barely need to interrupt the flow of the session!

I can totally picture some of the more hard-core sex toy reviewers enjoying the hell out of this. And of course anybody who uses lube frequently. Just get the thinner consistency lubes! We found that thicker hand soap liquids got clogged easily.

  8 Responses to “Do you masturbate…..a lot?”

  1. Dude, that’s awesome. I would have no need for it either, but I kind of want one anyway. I can’t imagine the look on someone’s face if I brought them home and when we needed lube I pointed them to my automatic lube dispenser on the nightstand.

  2. Thats awesome! I totally need, erm, I mean want one!

  3. considering the bottles of sticky lube I have around here-I want this. And then I never have to THINK if anyone else is using my lube.

  4. I agree with Bad Bad Girl. Got lots of sticky lube and bottles of lube that I’m always cleaning off from some “rough handling”.

  5. Yeah. That is a useful product for many things. Hell, I could probably stick cheese in that thing for when me and my girlfriend eat nachos naked.

  6. That is an absolutely brilliant idea!

  7. Agree! Leaky lube bottles are the bane of my existance. Lol – but it would be handy…now how to hide it from the 5 and 2 year old..hmmmm?

    Psssst…..I would love to follow you on Twitter. :)

  8. I wouldn’t have a need for that as a lube dispenser but that’s a very clever idea!

    I like it for it’s intended purpose. Maybe once we’re back in our own place with money to spare I can get one of those for my kitchen. It would definitely come in handy.

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