Sex Slang (words I hate)

There are certain sex slang words that when used in earnest turn me off completely. I hate them no matter what, but if they are used in a hot erotica piece….I lose interest. Thankfully I have never been with anybody that’s dared to utter these in person, it might result in some very unpleasant visceral reactions from me.

At the top tip of my list is the word “dong”. Some people and sites will tell you that there is a difference between a dong and a dildo, and I’m telling you: I don’t give a flying fuck. “Dong” is an Onomatopoeia and I’m not going to use it when referring to a hunk of silicone that I fuck myself with. No.

The rest are just self-explanatory euphemisms for cocks, cunt and asshole. And I hate them. Fully and with the utmost conviction.

What are your words?

ETA: I had to update my own jumble bc I forgot about “titties!!” I do so hate that one, I even wrote about it and I still forgot to add it! Thanks to Bunny for reminding me ;)

11 Responses

  1. hubman says:

    I agree with you on all of them except boobies, which I will use playfully with Veronica but never while fucking.

    I think dick is kinda unsexy and much prefer cock.

    ~ You’re right, dick is kinda unsexy. But for a long while, actually until I was exposed more to the online sex blog world, “dick” was all I knew. I guess “cock” seemed ultra dirty. But then again, I now prefer cunt to pussy so I guess I’m getting more naughty and vulgar as I get older.

  2. Saraid says:

    Vajayjay, Hooha, rod, “junk”.

    Also, I hate the verb “boning.”

    ~ I’d have to agree with you on rod & junk. And boning. Banging might be up there, too. Not my generation, I guess, haha

  3. elsie says:

    I have to blush, because I must confess to using one or two of those in my writing… it is a challenge as an erotic writer to keep from repeating oneself too much, and there are only so many synonyms…

    And I personally like ‘boobies’

    As far as my own list goes, I will sign up for the word ‘cum’… it is a latin conjugation. More of a pet peeve than a turn-off, really though.

    ~ Yeah it does make it difficult to not resort to teenage giggling when I see that someone graduated “Magna Cum Laude”

  4. Bunny says:

    I’m not a fan of my cunt being referred to as “she” or “her”. Titties is another one I could go without.

    ~ Duh I forgot about titties!!! How could I? Thanks for reminding me, I updated my jumble bc I hate that word that much ;)

  5. MissPtunia says:

    Tube Steak, Rod, Hunk O’ Sausage, Dong, Tool.
    Cooter, Vajayjay, Kitty.
    Boning, Bumping UGLIES.

    ~ “tube steak”??? UGH. ew. gross. I have enough issues as it is with looking at bratwurst and not making silly penis jokes. Should a man ever use those terms to me in anything other than joking, he’d lose his permits and licenses to bed me.

  6. Janie says:

    It depends on the context. I like the word boobies for general conversation but it is *not* sexy at all. And titties is just gross (as you’ve written before!) Vajajay is ridiculous. And as a Classics-nerd Elsie’s comment makes me smile – I try to say come instead of cum for that very reason!

  7. Sage says:

    Vagina in my opinion is the ugliest word ever. I don’t like snatch, muff, or twat.

    I go with tater because no1 else does.

    Ding dong, ding a ling, cock, dick The general, The lil fella are how I refer to mine. They are all ok. Cock is best for erotica IMO. Penis is way too clinical.

  8. Chris says:

    I don’t like a lot of the words mentioned as they just sound so silly. To me though, junk is the worst of them. Why did it ever become accepted to refer to any part of our body as garbage?

    ~ That’s a really good point

  9. Ashly Star says:

    Oh dear. Please forgive me as I have a lot that just annoy me or I flat out can’t stand.

    Vajayjay, kitty, kitten, bearded oyster, beef curtains, panty hamster, poonany, vertical bacon sandwhich, trouser trout. I actually read an “erotic” piece recently someone had written using this sentence: “He could not wait to remove her dripping panties to get to her throbbing trouser trout to pleasure her.” I SHIT YOU NOT. Oh my gosh.

    Bean or pearl tongue for the clit.

    Titties, cans, dirty pillows, puffy pillows, dairy pillows, milk sacks, honkers, balloons, puppies, fun bags.

    Rod, dong, weiner, schlong, tube , meat, man meat, willie, winkie, pecker, pud.

    ~ ewwww “trouser trout” for female genitalia?!?! for either, thats nasty. I also hate “beef curtains”.

  10. Alpine says:

    Some of my words that aren’t mentioned above are ares and box. I don’t mind boobies if it’s meant in a playful way but not when I’m in bed with someone.

  11. Topaz says:

    This post is wonderful! I rarely want to discuss those words I hate. ‘The twins’ is one reference that seems absurd to me, and above all things, for whatever reason, the word ‘cunt’ is in no way dirty-loving, but I’m starting to come around. I remember reading ‘Honey Pot’ somewhere, and that just sounds… needy.

    ps – this is the first time I’ve stopped by and I’m glad I did.

    ~ “honey pot” is a term that makes me wonder if my lack of sweet taste is abnormal, lol. Of course, my experiences proved otherwise so I agree that its annoying. And thank you!!