Jan 102010

What is it about wet skin (or wet clothes even) that is so universally sexy and sensual?

Not just water wet but oil wet or lube wet or ohhhh soapy wet!


Why do you think wet is so sexy?

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  1. I love wet hair too, no idea why though!

    I think with the skin it’s because it feels so good! Wet skin against wet skin, mmmmm. Wet lips feel amazing too, so soft and slippery – lovely to kiss.

  2. Well I don’t know why its sexy but it damn sure is!
    great pic!

  3. It’s not just being wet, it’s WHO is wet, and YOU look great in a wet t-shirt! I don’t care how it got wet, it is and I’m happy :-)

    Why? I have no idea…

  4. An aroused woman is wet. The wetter the better. Both sexes recognize wet as a sexually aroused state.

    And wow do you look good wet.

  5. There is just something so sensual and freeing about water. I’ve always found myself feeling very sexy and free when I am swimming or even in the shower with a guest. Skin always just feels so smooth and silky.

    Even the pic you posted is just so sexy with your buds showing thru saying touch me ;-) (maybe not directly to me.. but you know what I mean)

    Happy posting,

  6. Slick, silky, slippery, sensuous…lickable?

    I concur with SteelHorseman’s assessment…


  7. A stunning and provocative photo. One can not put a penis into a vagian without it being WET. Wet is sexy.

  8. I love the peek-a-boo your nipples are doing.

  9. Wet skin is not always sexy, it depends on who is wet! You for instance, look very tasty. The outline of your boobs, the nipples, the suggestive nature of the picture…

  10. I am sure there must be a scientific explanation, and I will keep staring until I figure out what it is.

  11. It’s that marriage of the senses and how they amplify when he / I are wet… the textures, tastes and visual are so much stronger. YOU look scrumptious here darling.

  12. Water = wet = life

    Great shot. Now THAT is the way to start off my week!

  13. Its the hint of what is under the clothes. The wetness reveals more or less of the surprise waiting to be unwrapped.

  14. very hot photo… thanks for sharing.

  15. Its slippery, it shines, it highlights curves, it excites goosebumps & nipples, . . ., its so wonderful. Now, white tank tops are another thing, especially on the right person.

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