Sep 192009

I’ve been spending a good bit of time lately on a couple of sexy forums/bulletin boards. (No, I’m not saying which ones, protecting my privacy a bit) Between posting and sharing pics (99% of them are ones you guys have seen, don’t worry) it’s been a big help to my feeling “flawed”. All your supportive comments kicked me out of my foxhole and I landed right in the thick of things. It’s also been a boost to my libido and writing creativity, so expect to see a few more fiction pieces soon. These places are wonderful for me to re-connect with my exhibitionist/voyeur roots and indulge my fetishes for those. Will I go so far as to get on cam or audio for a whole chat room to see? That’s still undecided.

I’ve started using my vibe again at work – but sadly, I cannot find my wooden dildo that I used to love to use in tandem. It’s here somewhere….in the clutter and piles…

So since the following pic got such good reception, I’ve decided to post it here too. I’m finding that there’s a lot more men who appreciate a woman of my size than I realized. Pity that most are not in my area, lol. Also a pity that the women I’m drooling over (who are returning the interest) are not in my area. It has reignited my absolute utter need to find a female sex partner. NEED.


Here I go again, being dangerous and bad. Don’t worry, you’ll hear all about it.

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  1. Glad you’re feeling sexy again. I guess most of us who are a bit larger have been there, but from what I can tell you’re very beautiful and sexy and you should enjoy that. And share it with us, of course!

    Concerning the “not in my area part”.. greetings from germany ;)

  2. Realizing that others appreciate all the “flaws” we see is such a big help and I have to say darling that photo is super sexy!

  3. sexy photo ;-)

  4. I must say, I have been a quite reader/viewer of your blogs for a while and I cant help but think that there is nothing flawed about you. You make every part of me excited with your stories, and your photos, including this one. I love to be an exhibitionist as well and love the availability of webcams to do so. Try out CamFrog, its a great community and its a safe fun way to express yourself.

    ~ Thank you, thats encouraging to hear :) I think I’ve tried out Camfrog once before for something but had forgotten. I’ll look into it!

  5. You are such a beautiful woman! We ALL appreciate you sharing yourself with us!:)

  6. Thanks for sharing the picture! I’m looking forward to more erotic from you

  7. Its all in the attitude, you obviously have the right one in my books. Just got here so I haven’t seen your face yet but I’m guessing your eyes are gorgeous, if there is no facial shot I’ll fantasize. =)

    ~ No, won’t find a full face pic here, sorry. A few snippets but I gotta stay anon ;)

  8. There’s the Lilly we know and love! Glad to hear you’re feeling better about things and planning naughtiness in the future :)


  9. You have a very beautiful body!!

  10. You are beautiful, and I am I glad to hear your creative juices are flowing again. ;-)

    Love the picture!

    ~ thanks :) they’re slowly coming back into their own

  11. You are a brave, brave woman, and you’ve just won yourself a new fan.

    Keep putting it out there – you’re leading the way for the rest of us!

    Ms. Mix & Bitch

    ~ Thanks lady! I’m not brave though….I’m just bi-polar :D

  12. You’re beautiful!!

    And I thought I loved my tits…damn girl!!

  13. I’ll make you drool as much as you’ll let me ;)
    -VI from your secret forums

  14. Yummy, yummy!

    Me likes!

    Nice to have you back to normal.

    Do tell about those you drool over!

  15. You feel “flawed”?? Oh my….you are so NOT flawed. Very beautiful. I’m a very recent reader and first time to comment. And I can hardly wait to see more.

  16. Your are absolutely beautiful and don’t let anyone drag you down. You deserve someone that appreciates you.

    ~ And I do have that someone!

  17. Girl, if I lived anywhere near you, I would be all about it.

    You are beautiful!

  18. I love your photos and I really appreciate that you’ve opened up about your feelings of supposedly being “flawed”. It shows how deeply rooted in flat-model-land much of our thinking can be. But I think there are a lot more men who appreciate rounder women than who will admit to it. For some reason most of my girlfriends were round. There is just more to love.

    When I sleep at night and when I enjoy bodily pleasures with my wife, what I’m looking for are things like skin, comfort, warmth, softness, scent, curves and fullness. Bones are just not sexy, but your lips and your tits are incredibly so.

  19. Very Nice!! Keep it up.

  20. Those who judge one for something so beautiful as curves are the ones who are FLAWED! Curves Rule!

  21. You are so beautiful and sexy!

  22. Very hot – never hide and definitely keep it up.

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