Review: Frixion Lube

Today’s straightforward-no-bullshit review brought to you by the letter L. For lube.


Frixion 4 oz Lube

Really, there’s only so much you can say about lube! It either, well……it either lubes or it doesn’t! Once again though, Lilly Succumbs to Pretty Packaging. Remember the last two times?

I’ve got a thing for cobalt blue glass, and while i know that the bottle isn’t glass….well, close enough. It’s pretty translucent cobalt! All the text/etc on it is on two labels so if you’re resourceful you could remove them and have a pretty nondescript bottle on your bedside table. Of course….well honestly now, what else could it be? I sure as hell would assume lube, but that’s my perverted mind.

Now see, I realized recently that I’m not really the best gal to have reviewing lubes. I don’t really ever need it on the girly bits, and anal is not in the picture. I tried it on a dildo I used anally but then again it wasn’t really used in the manner in which a cock would be, and also the dildo was non-porous. A cock is decidedly porous.

I put it to the biggest test then with giving a hand job and tit fuck. We had to keep reapplying it, especially during the handjob. So much so that when we were done, we were sticky/tacky. Not sexy. I suppose that for things such as that, a silicone lube should be used – this is water based.

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