Jan 162009


I’ve never tried anything like these massage oils before – to be honest we used the KY warming or something (and I’m mostly referring to back massages). Since there are a lot of different scented/flavored massage oils at Sextoy.com (you’ll find more in the Bath & Body category), I had to have -some- method for choosing. So I went by looks. Isn’t this pretty??


Shunga Chocolate Aphrodisiac Oil

I’m not one for fake-fruity flavored/scented things, so I went for chocolate. I’ve got a chocolate-hazelnut candle that’s delish, and a chocolate-vanilla bodypowder that’s wonderful, so I thought I was on the right track.

The Good:

  • There is actually no oil in this. Which means it’s not going to feel oily/greasy during of after.  {Ingredients: (may contain) U.S.P. Glycerin, U.S.P. Propylene Glycol, Flavor, Sodium Saccarine, FDandC Blue #1, FDandC Yellow # 5, FDandC Yellow # 6, FDandC Red # 40}
  • Since there’s no oil, if any drips onto clothing or sheets, clean-up will be easier
  • It never gets sticky
  • It’s a really pretty bottle, enough to sit out in “public” view

The Bad:

  • It claims to have a “warming” property…..if you blow on it?? That seems odd to me. And it also didn’t work
  • There is a vague scent but I wouldn’t say it’s chocolate.
  • Flavor….oh dear. It is sorta chocolate, but that wasn’t the issue. Suddenly the “warming” effect came out loud and clear….and resulted in a “ewwwww getitoff!!!!”. It wasn’t pleasant. Don’t lick it.

The Ugly:

  • It looks like dirty motor oil when you first pour it, lol.

Case in point:


It’s not a bad product – it doesn’t live up to its advertised properties, but I’ll still be using it.


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  • dominadoll

    BooHoo! I have had good feedback on other Sunga products. Chocolate seems to be hard for a lot of manufacturers to copy though. Have your tried Kama Sutra’s oils of love? The original & the vanilla are really good. They don’t have chocolate though.

    ~ I do have a vanilla Kama Sutra oil to review, and so far the scent is much better. I would like this oil better if they even just worked on the chocolate -scent-….I know there are good chocolate scents out there, I have other items scented chocolate.

  • I have this in grape & like the flavor. :)

  • dominadoll

    What is the chocolate hazelnut product you mention? Sounds delicious.

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