Jan 082009

I know that most women envy a thing or two about the male body. The ability to pee upright and anywhere you please is the first that comes to mind! But as a woman I am fairly certain we have this one all to ourselves – the delicious next-day reminder of a good fuck in the form of a tender, raw cunt.

I might wince in pain now and then the next day, but it can be such an erotic thing……because everytime I sit I have the harsh reminder of the screamingly-good pounding I had the day before. And I don’t think you men have that “problem” at all, do you?

Reminders come in many forms and for me it is very erotic to see the various markings on my body for the next few days. Things like bruises, scratches, etc. These linger but are usually covered up by clothing and so while they are lovely and longer-lasting, they do not serve as a constant reminder quite like a well-used/abused cunt.

The soreness is enough to keep me at a simmer (at the least) all day even though it is not to my benefit to be so……for a repeat performance so soon could very well tip the pleasure-pain scale in the wrong direction. And there’s the rub (no pun intended….kinda). Every other move gives a jolt of arousal. I am kept wet and wanting for the whole next day. But yet I can’t do anything about it…..

I could be wrong but I think that perhaps, sometime soon-ish, I will be finding myself in just this sort of situation but to an extreme I’ve not yet experienced. I anticipate the whole encounter greatly and with much erotic longing, but I also look forward to the following days filled with delicious reminders.

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  1. Lilly, this post was really really good. The party scene was good also, but this was so much better. Would be great to see it picked up in sugasm or some other site.

    ~ Really? And to think, this one was batted out in 10 minutes flat with no hemming and hawing. But I must respectfully disagree, lol, I do quite like the fiction piece better. Thank you for the kind words, you know it means alot. I’m not sure which of this weeks I’ll submit to next Sugasm yet, but as for getting picked up elsewhere……it won’t. I won’t be getting fleshbotted anymore.

  2. Maybe it’s just us guys who are uncut, but while fucking doesn’t usually make me sore, a lot of oral and handjob activity can leave me a bit sore the day after. Deliciously sore that is …

    ~ Well I’ve never known a guy who’s uncut, at least not in that sense ;) But it didn’t occur to me then that you could get sore!

  3. I will tentatively raise my hand as not being a fan of the pussyache!

    I see it is a sometimes necessary after effect, but I most often associate that discomfort with early-onset yeast / UT infections, I get more worried than aroused. Bruising afterward, yes. welts, scratches, abrasions, bitemarks, all this is delightful memorabilia to me.

    But an achy-breaky twat ain’t my cuppa!




    ~You can disagree, it’s alright ;) I recall getting those infections – for some reason only as a teenager, but to me they didn’t feel anything like the well-fucked cunt ache, lol. I enjoy all the reminders that linger though, all that you listed!

  4. Well, I can’t say the ol’ Bullet Baton is sore the next day, but I usually feel it in my hamstrings, calves and shoulders. If it was really good, my knees will creak for at least a day. Oh, yeah. I get down gymnastic style.

  5. Ohyeah. A little soreness is a nice reminder…the bruises and welts I can show to others, but that light ache between my thighs is just for me to enjoy. ;)

  6. I love the soreness, the bruises, any after effect of a good fucking. There isn’t anything quite like it.

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