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Sometimes, a girl gets desperate.

Perhaps I’ve mentioned it before,  but I hate shaving my “bikini area”. Hate it. But I really like the bare results. It just doesn’t usually seem worth it, for all the effort, the pain after (red bumps that I cannot seem to avoid) and it fucking begins to return in 24 hours!

Nair and similar don’t go over too well on my skin, usually. Nor do they keep things smooth for really any longer.

Being still relatively new to my area, I really wouldn’t know where to go for a Brazilian wax – save for the one obvious place,  a pricey salon that “starts at” $65. I just can’t afford that!

As most of us women have done, I once purchased the drugstore “wax” kit, the prewaxed strips that do little else than leave you sticky. Still hairy, but now sticky. So on a whim I Googled “home brazilian wax kit”. And I find this. Now really…..for $45, it looks pretty good. It contains everything a pro waxer would use, even the proper wax-warming vessel to ensure its neither too cool or too hot. 14 ounces of wax sure sounds like more than enough for an application and quite possibly enough for 2 applications.

Even though my partner showed signs of hesitation when I asked him if he’d do it for me (I’m sure the labor horror stories popped into his head of women squeezing various appendages of their husbands whenever contraction hits), I assured him that hey…….that’s what the restraint system is for ;)

So honestly…..is this asking for trouble? If he tests out his ripping skills on my legs first, to get a bit of practice…..this could be just fine….right?

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  1. Oooh, I have to be honest — I would pay the extra money for expertise. For one thing, ripping hairs off your leg isn’t much like ripping hairs off your lady bits, so it doesn’t necessarily follow that he could do one just because he did the other. Also, waxing your pubic area requires NO hesitation or loss of nerve. If he pulled too weakly or double-clutched, you would just end up having to go over that area again — twice the discomfort, and more irritation besides. I just had my waxing this afternoon, as it happens, and although it took a couple of tries, I found someone who is absolutely worth the expense.

    As much as I enjoy the results of waxing, you’re right — it costs a pretty penny. I’m probably going to let my hair grow back in 2009. Like you, I can’t stand shaving it. It itches like mad when it starts growing back in!

  2. I’ve been bare since… well since I had hair. I suggest going professional at least once to see how they do it before going solo. Your girly bits will thank you! I know they allowed my friend to watch me get it done under the pretense she wanted to consider it. Maybe try that and if your partner is still cool with it, get the kit?

  3. Honestly, it’s best to let the pro’s handle it. If the wax is too hot, you can blister, if it’s not hot enough, taking the hair off will feel like fucking crucifixion, squared.

    I swear by my cute Asian girls because they’re super fast and inflict the least amount of pain, in my experience.

    Totally worth every penny when he’s pawing at your smooth as silk pussy :)

  4. My wife has a full bush, so I don’t have any first-hand expertise, but you might want to check what the Real Princess has to say on her blog–realprincessdiaries.com.

    Either way, good luck and keep us posted.

  5. Wow, oddly parallel experience. Alex went through basically the same chain of reasoning recently, concluding in a pot of Nair microwave wax (“no cloth strips required”). I did the actual work. The first time went well, the second time resulted in a small burn from overheated wax.


    1. You’ll probably have to do some touch-up shaving anyway. Really, really short hair ignores wax.

    2. There’s a lot of delicate skin that will tear(!) if you aren’t careful when performing the actual ‘yank.’ Be sure you’re pulling in a direction that won’t result in a little contusion in a sensitive place.

    3. Get the temp right. Either buy a proper heater, or follow the damned directions exactly.

    4. Having her bikini area manipulated for 45 minutes makes Alex crazy. Leave some time for a post-wax romp. (Consider adding handcuffs during the process?)

    5. Do every area. Stubble and stragglers just inside the labia, especially at the top of the vagina, will come back to bite you later if neglected. Also, that nice, clean, “pro” look comes from being thorough around the perineum and anus. Take your time.

    Let us know how it goes. Happy new year!

  6. Yep. I’d be paying someone (preferably hot but definitely experienced) to do that for me.

    Be sure to let us know what you decide to do!

  7. I absolutely agree with those who say let the pros do that. That skin is nothing like that on your leg, as someone pointed out. If it is done wrong, you can seriously tear skin down there, and I’m fairly certain you don’t want that.

    I’ve been getting mine waxed since I was 15 – it gets far easier the more you do it. Take some ibuprofen an hour before you go. Some places even have topical anesthetic you can request if you’re that pain sensitive.

  8. I’ve yet to wax down there, I usually shave. If you want to reduce irritation, make sure the razor is sharp and moisturize. . . yes, moisturize. I personally use a little bit of body butter and make sure it is absorbed before I get dressed. The smoother skin you have, the easier it shaves, and the usual advice, make sure the hair has absorbed a bit of water so it removes easier, stuff like that.

  9. If you do try it, you are one brave girl.

    I shave, down there. I wax my legs occasionally, and judging from how THAT hurts, I’m kinda really scared to go brazilian. Even more so DIY brazilian. O_O

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