Review: The LELO Elise

Ask and ye shall receive. LELO is a high-end toy manufacturer and wonderfully accepted me as a reviewer for them. I did not request much, but I let them know that I was intrigued by the Mia and something that was powerful – they can choose. What they chose was Elise. First off, I gotta say, the two toys together – perfect color combination. A black Elise and a pink Mia. LOVE!

Really, if you read any review of Elise, all you will hear are various women singing the praises. While this is a really nice toy – beautiful, sexy, classy – and it does have more power than most Lelo vibes (Update Oct 2011: Mona & Ina, while not being similar in size/looks/shape, are a bit more powerful than Elise, and Elise is still more powerful than any of their Insignia line)

First Impression and Technicalities: It comes first in a hard matte black box. Like a gift. There is a user manual. Really! First it needs charged but it’s not that bad…only 2 hours of charging will give you I think 5 hours of use.  There is a quadrant pad of 4 buttons – 2 control the speed, the other 2 control the style of vibration. There are two vibrating spots, one at the tip and one in the middle. It has 5 speeds, is fairly quiet, and has 5 different functions of vibration.

  • Tip only
  • Middle only
  • Both sections vibrating
  • Slow pulse
  • Fast pulse

It’s not so precise that you can truly tell sometimes exactly what section is vibrating – that is until you set them to both be on. The pulse settings impart a delicious “thud” to the vibrations.  It goes from low to high, and high is very very pleasurable.  The insertable part is medical-grade silicone that has a velvety smooth texture, the top is plastic. Easy to clean. Here’s the reason it’s truly worth it – it has a one year warranty. What vibrator has a one year warranty?!? Amazing. Since there are no batteries to remove, you may ask “what’s to stop it from turning on if hit the right way at the wrong time?” The controls lock. Push down on the center for a few seconds, and it’s locked, much like a cell phone.  This is one sex toy that I wouldn’t feel embarrassed about if Airport Security had to pull it out.

And Now, the Good Stuff: I had to try this out ASAP. I have used mainly 3 of the 5 functions – Why bother with only one section strongly vibrating, after all! I am loving the sleek, modern and pretty black color of it, which I don’t think is available anywhere but from LELO directly quite yet.

I’ve used Elise both internally for g-spot stimulation, externally for clit stimulation, and internally for just a good hard fucking. I have had Elise pushed hard against my g-spot, so hard that it felt like I could feel the vibrations all over my mound, pubic bone and thighs. Fucking Fantastic. You really can’t go wrong with this vibe, it has something to please everyone. LELO has coined these as “pleasure objects” rather than the now-seemingly gauche term “vibrator”. Pleasure object, indeed.


Purchase an Elise: EdenFantasys

4 Responses

  1. Jake says:

    I love these well designed, aesthetically pleasing sex toys. Thank God the luridly coloured ‘realistic’ veins-and-all cock toys are dying out, or at least being pushed to the bottom of the sex toy food chain/hierarchy!

  2. Lilly says:

    I know, right? This is so much more visually appealing than say my old “monster cock” that was bright purple with veins.

    I’d much rather a phallic symbol than a replica. when I want and have the real thing, its real. When I want something on my own that vibrates and/or pushes my limits, I want something nice looking.

  3. Anaïs Satire says:

    Lily, great review. Did you find the grip to be difficult to manage when too much saturation came to fruition?

    Were you able to manage the Elise from start to finish, actually getting off with just Elise – by yourself?

    The length looks perfect for g-spot stimulation, I do wonder about the wet factor though and if its a slipper fucker or not.

  4. Lilly says:

    You know, no I didn’t because I kept the lube and other wetness below that silver line. I suppose those that if your hand were to get slippery, so would the toy.

    I hit the buttons accidentally a few times when thrusting on my own, because of the way I hold it. Also, I have short arms and definitely do *not* have a flat tummy, so for me something that i thrust can be…difficult. But I manage.