Aug 152008

And I’m not religious! (at all)

I picked up my box o’ toys last night –

Japanese G-Spot Squirmy
Hitachi Magic Wand
Venus Penis 2
We Vibe

You’ll have to wait on the reviews, because ya know…I need proper experimentation time. Gather up some labrats and test test test!

But you guys know me…I HAD to try them all out quickly last night.

I’m intrigued by 2. One of them is a complete and utter FAIL, totally unworthy.

The other…Hitachi….*swoon*. Next time, I want to be timed. I swear to jeebus it was less than 2 minutes and I’m not an easy O. I think the new (poor, unsuspecting) neighbor may have heard me ;)

Next week’s HNT theme is the olympics, so I’m going to make you wait for the final Scrabble series pics for 2 weeks. Anybody have any “olympic” suggestions? ;)

And omg, The Exhibitionist and the Voyeur Cross Paths freakin made Fleshbot. hot damn!

  10 Responses to “HolyJesusMaryAndJoseph”

  1. Can’t wait for the reviews. Tell me the Venus wasn’t the fail!!!

    Olympic theme?? Diving! Breast Stroke! Synchronized Swimming!

  2. Naked gynmastics?
    Javellin (with a cock…)

  3. I think you should use your nipples as the Olympic rings.

  4. Maybe you should take the Hitachi round to the neighbour ;)

  5. Garbonzo – wweeellllllll…… =/

    And you and Mickey, how’m I sposed to photograph that stuff? LOL

    Hu – I dunno, that’s not a “first date” sort of toy ;)

  6. sounds like to me you could be the gold medal Olympic toy tester!

  7. The first time I used the Hitachi, I did time it (inadvertently; I had a youporn clip on and it was about two minutes long). Two minutes flat. I was completely floored.

  8. I figure the breast stroke would be easy. Synchronized? Well, guess you would need a partner. Diving? Well…

  9. Long jump?
    Pole vault?
    Er… nekkid judo with a manly friend?

  10. New Record: 45 seconds.

    I’m not shitting you.

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