Aug 032008

Ok, maybe not. Do so love Sara Bareilles though (lyrics from Vegas).

I’m off to NYC tomorrow to visit Jack! My first ever trip to the city. Takin the train there, so I don’t drive and get lost. Wonder what naughtiness I can get up to on the train….hmmmm….

I’m enamored with Central Park. Did you know there’s a “castle” in it? And that scenes in which the Count is in his tower on Sesame Street were shot there?? How neat is that?? Ahem. sorry.

Slow going with the W4W ad, but there’s a good possibility or two in there. We shall see. If only I lived closer to some of the women on my blogroll ;)

Oh, found out where X disappeared to…silly fuck got himself caught. I had an interesting (read: psychotic) IM exchange with his apparent fiancee. Whoooooo boy.

Rule 1. Get a secret email account. If not, delete everything immediately. This is not Mission Impossible, it will not self destruct.
Rule 2. If you get caught – warn the other person! Let them know “hey my SO found out about you, just in case you get any future weird emails or IM’s”. Had I known in advance more that it wasn’t X on the IM, but his nutter fiancee pretending to be him….I coulda covered for him. But alas….*shakes head* it wasn’t pretty.

Sometimes I think the world would be a better place if more people believed in a sexually open relationship. Perhaps the root of the world’s problems are sexual frustration cause they ain’t gettin no action from the spouse.

Just sayin…….. if I were a Miss America contestant (yes I know, utterly ridiculous) I’d wish for Sexual Freedom in Relationships. The pathway to Whirled Peas.

  11 Responses to “Gonna Quit My Job and Move to New York”

  1. Oh hon.. the more I learn about you, the more I like….

  2. One day we’ll untangle sex and loyalty and what a day that’ll be. Still psycho IMs have got to be fun…

  3. If I was Mrs A I’d just try to keep from busting my ass on stage!

  4. you are going to have soooo much fun in NYC!!!!!!

    ps. that sounds like an awkward situation.

  5. who is jack?

    yes, the castle in central park is really beautiful. my friend just proposed to his girlfriend there.

    who is x?

    jesus, youre confusing me here ;)

  6. I did have fun, but I’m paying the price today. Soooo much walking…lol

    James – you’re back! :)

    Pitseleh – Well read back, dear ;)
    Jack from Roughwords (blogroll)

    X is the guy from my post “Caught” back in early July.

  7. I like the last comment. Definitely agree and think the world would be a MUCH happier place. ;-)

    Any recommendations for a good (short size) whip?

  8. You got my vote for Miss America. Even before your speech!

  9. The world would definitely be a better place if more people had open relationships. I mean, we can agree that sexually satisfied people don’t start wars, right?

  10. “Perhaps the root of the world’s problems are sexual frustration cause they ain’t gettin no action from the spouse.”

    Ouch, you just hit me where it hurts. But I’m in the majority. Forget Miss America, you should run for Prez on this platform.

    Ya know, offer some kind of huge tax break for those who maintain Sexual Openness. And a national holiday to celebrate it, National Open Orgy Day – you’d get a lot of votes.

    I’m just sayin….

  11. Riff – *blushes* Why thank you babes

    Sabina – I think that’s safe to say.

    VillageIdiot – sorry luv that you’re not gettin any! This uptight anal country would never vote my ass for Prez. Hooolordy no they wouldn’t. I’ll go start my own country. We’ll be like Switzerland baby, neutral. Don’t involve us, we’re havin fun over here. haha ;)

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