Aug 262008

An exhibitionist, a horny photographer and a new camera – dangerous!

A date and I took my camera for a trip to the park on Saturday night. After I got half nekkid, I offered to take care of his growing problem. There’s a few pictures of that but I don’t think I dare post them ;)

heh, pose looks funny but my head was thrown back with the giggle-fits

Sunday my partner and I tested it out in the shower. The lens on this camera got steamed up whereas my old one didn’t for some reason, but I think that just led to some interesting photos. Don’t ya think? More have been emailed to Vixen for Tits For Troops! The other “color accent” red bra pic will be posted for next week’s HNT. This week are the final Scrabble pics!

I’m in the process of moving out of my first apartment here at Blogger/Blogspot, and have purchased my own domain name. As soon as I figure all this crap out (CSS? Wha??) I’ll direct you all to my new digs.

Lastly…I’ve lost one of my boys. “T”. I received a bizarre email in the middle of the night from him. Not his usual greeting, signed his real first name…
Titled “Gone”, and indeed he is. No explanation, I couldn’t even ask why as his email account was deleted. I’m sad, I’m going to miss him. He’s one of very few guys who’ve seen it all – all my pics, a few video clips, webcam (when I owned a working one), phone….and he loved every bit I had to offer. I loved talking with him online. Oh how I loved his voice. A few short video clips and my chat logs are really all I have left of him now.

T….if you read this…I’m going to miss you. I hope all is alright, and if you can, please just let me know what happened.

  9 Responses to “Dangerous Combination”

  1. An exhibitionist, a horny photographer and a new camera…….. and two awesome tits!!!!
    you forgot to add that part!!

    Sorry about your buddy maybe he will let you know!!

    Can’t wait for the rest of the pics!

  2. Post the other pics of you taking care of him!!

  3. Love the pic. ;-)

    Hope everything turns out okay with T…

  4. Love the nude in public shot. I think T at the very least owes you an explanation.

  5. what park was this in???
    Beautiful hnt picture of you.
    A very late HHNT

  6. Sage – Well I thought they needed no introduction, lol

    Mickey – Maybe ;)

    Wife – Thanks hon. I think he’s gone tho.

    Devil – I don’t think he owes me one, I just think it would be nice.

    Mike – No worries, this isn’t the HNT, just a no-occasion half nekkid excursion! And I’m not tellin which park, if I do the secret spot will be ruined!

  7. Lilly,
    I relised that after i posted! lol
    But hey its still a wonderful picture ;)
    No worries as it would way to far for me to travel to anyway lol

  8. That sucks when someone leaves with no real explanation. Hopefully that will come when he cools off from whatever is eating him.

    What doesn’t suck are your pictures!!! These and that red bra one from Sunday are knocking me out!

  9. Maybe we should institute half naked Tuesdays too? Mind you, if it were up to me, we’d have fully naked everyday – at least for you ;-)

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