Jul 092008

Despite the hotness of my morning tryst with X, I don’t think it’s going to work out with him. I put up another ad on Craigslist to find a new toy.
Results are much better this time around, and now I find myself with a few choices; more than 1 truly intrigues me and has the looks to follow through with the intrigue.

Hot Boy #1 actually responded to my post looking for the jogger, but he’s not the jogger. He is, however, a potential.
Hot Boy #2 has another side of intrigue to him, I may be meeting him for an innocent drink shortly. I’ve always wondered about pierced tongues…
Hot Boy #3…..his words don’t have the intrigue of the other two, his woo of me is something much more shallow…his body. But oh I would feel like I’m robbing the cradle…

X isn’t totally out of the running, but he’s not in first place.

I need someone local to satisfy the cravings brought about by my online boys who are too far away to do anything with. Ah yes, I need to introduce you to R……

Me: I’m a bratty sub
Me: i test limits
R: that’ll leave as soon as I punish your cunt by bringing you near orgasm a few times and denying you


Jul 072008

I’ve been tossing around the idea of putting up a Craigslist Missed Connections post for the jogger. I don’t want to -meet- him, just ask him what he saw…how much…etc.


A fellow blogger posted somewhere musings on what we would do if anybody we knew in real life were to find our blog, or if there was a suspicion or danger of it. What would we do? What do we think might happen? I can’t say I want to think about what would happen if my family read about it. A friend saw my blog; I don’t know how much they read or anything (we didn’t discuss it) but I know they read it. And they’ve pretty much stopped speaking to me.


Someone asked me recently why I have so much porn on my computer. (I have about 40 gigs worth of stuff I’ve downloaded) And now I know the reason. The first time I view a video, it’s like I’m spying. I’m seeing someone’s secret. It’s fresh and new and you don’t know what’s going to happen next. Future viewings…the secret is out. It’s no longer titillating. I keep them though in case others would like to peruse my library and borrow a book ;) And in the hopes that maybe in a few months that really hot scene will get to me again.


Of all the sex toys I’ll be reviewing there is one that I will not be reviewing and I likely will never own (but hope to at least try someday) and that is a fucking machine. To be fucked by something that can go faster than any human is able to is arousing. Even more so, to be restrained and forcefully fucked by this machine and some of the time a big vibrator on my clit.


I do not fit in with the traditional fetish/kink community it seems in that I’m not really and truly Dominant or submissive. I consider myself a switch because I like both sides of the coin. But I cannot just BE one or the other with someone. There has to be chemistry. If I am dominant or submissive with a person it is totally dependent on the vibe I get from them. I am not saying they dictate which I will be; but I cannot say before knowing someone that yes I top them or bottom to them. Just because I am speaking with someone who is only submissive, that does not mean I’ll be able to top them. I tend not to be into someone who identifies more as a “lifestyle” player. Let’s keep it to flirting and bedroom time, thank you. I don’t usually like truly submissive men. Nor do I usually like truly dominant men.
Lately I have been wanting to try the bottom/submissive side. Very occasionally I meet someone I think I could top, or who I want to top. Very rarely I meet someone I could see both sides happening with.
Although I am bisexual, I tend not to feel dominant or submissive to women. Cannot figure out why.
Hopefully a trip to a FLOG event with a certain couple I know and love will bring out some surprises for me and change my viewpoints a little.

Jul 042008

I have a new potential partner-in-crime….as his situation is a bit delicate, I won’t use his real initial, but merely X. X is not single and really shouldn’t be playing with me, but he likes to play with fire. This delicate balance of fire and reality will be leading us to some rather interesting hook-ups, I’m sure.

The other day was a hell of a way to start things off. Mornings before work are easiest for him and we found a location that seemed foolproof. A very large office building that’s unoccupied, and has a very large parking lot. It’s near some retail places but at 7:30 in the morning it doesn’t affect us.

I show up dressed for work, in a low-cut v-neck top and a full soft knee-length skirt (no panties, of course). Within minutes we are locked in a heated kiss, him pressing into me with my back against his car. We are quickly lost in the kiss and each others’ touches as his hands slide over me in all the right ways. His hands in my hair, pulling firmly, with his lips trailing kisses down my neck and finally cleavage. It wasn’t enough. He unhooked my bra and pushed up both bra and shirt so that both breasts were on display for him to touch, kiss, suck. His teasing fingers trailed along my inner thighs before finally plunging into wet cunt.

While my hand was busy on his thick cock, he bent down to suck and kiss my nipple. There I am, pressed up against his car – my breasts exposed and his mouth on one; my head thrown back in pleasure, eyes closed, I’m sure I was moaning; his hand had my skirt pushed up and his fingers buried in me; my hand was stroking his cock. I slowly open my eyes during this and over his head I see someone jogging. Just a guy out for his morning jog. Lucky guy got quite an eyeful – he could see everything. I waved a little and he just grinned at me. I told X “There’s someone here, a jogger”. Wow that boy shot straight up! He didn’t look around, but he stopped what he was doing. Poor thing was so embarassed. I don’t know why, it wasn’t his parts on display!

It took a minute for the jogger to go past us entirely. The moment he was (past us but not out of sight) I snapped X out of it by crouching down to take his cock in my mouth.

We didn’t have much time that morning for complete fun, but we both came from each others hand.

It is still my natural gut reaction when caught doing something I shouldn’t be doing, to immediately stop and cover it up. It’s not like the guy was a cop there to give us a warning or fine for indecent exposure ;) I need to learn to quell my natural reaction – I think I would have gotten off more, and I know the jogger would have enjoyed it, if I simply hadn’t said anything to X. As the day wore on I found myself wondering how often that jogger is there at that time of day. If he’s the only one we might see. And, if Jogger might be looking for us the next time he crests that hill, hoping to steal a few moments of spying before he lets himself be seen. Perhaps that is all wishful thinking on my part.

Or perhaps the next time he catches us, we won’t notice until it’s obviously too late to care, with my bare ass exposed and X fucking me doggy style out in the open. As I write this, and imagine possibilities while recalling the realities that occurred, my cunt is throbbing and wet….