Dec 132008
Review – Double Slapper

. Double Slapper I wanted something to deliver a smack, a slap, that was travel-size. Many paddles that I’ve seen so far on were bigger than my current toy storage bag could handle (hopefully this will be changing soon – the bag). I liked the idea of the two pieces of leather for an “extra audible sound” Share on TumblrRelated Posts:Tantus Silicone Paddles Tantus is pretty damn awesome, all around. Their products, their employees, their founder, their entire…Review: Tantus Black Widow Connoisseur Harness Not too long ago, Tantus launched a line of fancy-pants strap-on harnesses. Made of leather,…The Newest Tantus Silicone Paddle is Here! The first four silicone paddles were innovative enough, just being made of silicone. But then,…Review: “Divine Diva” Plus Size Strap-on Harness When it comes to choosing a strap-on harness for yourself, especially when purchasing adult toys…Want cheap, high-quality silicone sex toys? Tantus Grab Bag… One moan I get a lot

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Dec 062008
Review: Suede Flogger

|  Black Suede Flogger | When I chose the flogger, I chose it because it is simple. Kinda small, easily could fit into my current toy storage bags. It’s not big and bad, and it’s a material of flogger that I’ve not tried before. When I first received it, I was a bit underwhelmed. It’s -really- simple. But then I used it. And I looked it over more, and felt it and fell in love with it. Seriously? This is a really great quality flogger. It is basically 5 strands of 1/2″ wide black suede, folded over a metal O-ring and then the handle is made by the top ummm 10″ I think (lost my ruler) being wrapped spiral-like and then there is a plastic/rubber/ I don’t know “sleeve” over that wrapped portion that is shrink-wrapped I guess, to protect the wrapped end and make for a nice handle. Since the strips are continuous up

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