Dec 132008
Review – Double Slapper

. Double Slapper I wanted something to deliver a smack, a slap, that was travel-size. Many paddles that I’ve seen so far on were bigger than my current toy storage bag could handle (hopefully this will be changing soon – the bag). I liked the idea of the two pieces of leather for an “extra audible sound” Related Posts:Tantus Silicone Paddles Tantus is pretty damn awesome, all around. Their products, their employees, their founder, their entire…Review: Tantus Black Widow Connoisseur Harness Not too long ago, Tantus launched a line of fancy-pants strap-on harnesses. Made of leather,…Pleasure Purse Review I’ll spill the beans early: The Pleasure Purse is the best sex toy storage option…The Newest Tantus Silicone Paddle is Here! The first four silicone paddles were innovative enough, just being made of silicone. But then,…Want cheap, high-quality silicone sex toys? Tantus Grab Bag… One moan I get a lot from people who just don’t get

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Dec 062008
Review: Suede Flogger

|  Black Suede Flogger | When I chose the flogger, I chose it because it is simple. Kinda small, easily could fit into my current toy storage bags. It’s not big and bad, and it’s a material of flogger that I’ve not tried before. When I first received it, I was a bit underwhelmed. It’s -really- simple. But then I used it. And I looked it over more, and felt it and fell in love with it. Seriously? This is a really great quality flogger. It is basically 5 strands of 1/2″ wide black suede, folded over a metal O-ring and then the handle is made by the top ummm 10″ I think (lost my ruler) being wrapped spiral-like and then there is a plastic/rubber/ I don’t know “sleeve” over that wrapped portion that is shrink-wrapped I guess, to protect the wrapped end and make for a nice handle. Since the strips are continuous up

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