Jan 022011

Starting up at the top for this series and the spot to talk about is the head and neck (but not the face, that’s a week all on it’s own). There’s a lot I can write about what I like done to me, and a lot I’ve written about already.

Choking / Breath play –  Roughness. Loss of control. Power play. All of these are the aspects of the appeal to me in the right setting with the right person. I guess “appeal” would be putting it mildly. I don’t consider myself very high up on the kinky scale anymore but this is one dominance move that still gets to me in the good way.

Hair Pulling – When it’s done right, it makes me submissive. Just how submissive depends on other factors, of course. Hair pulling done wrong can just hurt in the bad way, but hair pulling done right is almost an art.

Kissing/biting/sucking that sweet spot, that one right there on the side – No matter the context, it turns me to jelly. Well, I take it back – not always. Sometimes it can just tickle like crazy. I could have sworn that I wrote about this before but I can’t find it. Which is odd, in that I didn’t write about it. Anyways, usually I prefer enough force on the sucking/biting that it creates a very prominent hickey – girls who wear turtlenecks have no problems covering up such things but me? I don’t even own a crew-neck top.

Play along on your own blog or just comment here and weigh in. Next week’s topic: The face.

What do you like?

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Jan 112009


There is a way to catapult me over the line of neutrality straight into submission. If done right, the shift is immediate.

Two years ago there was a young man I was briefly involved with who was a switch. I knew he was capable of being very submissive and downright dirty, but his attitude was full-on toppy brat. I loved it. I was working my way to getting into my dominant side, but he pulled a move that had never been done before to me and the effect was astounding. He kissed me – great kisser, that boy – a hard, deep kiss and his hand went to the back of my head. His fingers pushed against my scalp, through my hair, at the nape of my neck. His fingers full of as much hair as he could get, he closed his hand into a fist and firmly pulled. It was the hottest thing ever and boom – I felt submissive. I never was able to get back into the dominant frame of mind with him, and that’s what he wanted from me – my dominance. We had fun hanging out, making out, but it never went very far because of the D/s stalemate.

I’ve been with a handful of guys since then and I find it funny that very few could do the hair pulling trick as well as the original. There is a specific way so that it is arousing and firm but not sharp and “ow you’re pulling my hair out by the root”. In the middle, at the bottom, with fingers spread so that a large area is being pulled when your close your hand to a fist, you should grab it as close to the root as possible. All of that is needed for it to be a successful move.

When it is done correctly as I am being kissed, and therefore not aware of it until it happens, the effect is obvious and immediate. A moan and a whimper, my knees might buckle a bit, and the jolt of arousal is so swift and sharp that the breath is nearly knocked out of me. I am like a puppet, and that spot directly controls my cunt. I feel it there as much as at the juncture of fingers and hair.

But this is not the only moment to use this move on me………

As I am being fucked from behind it serves as the reins to pull me back closer to your mouth, so that you may growl filthy words in my ear.

As I am sucking your cock, so that you may guide my speed and rhythm.

As I am kneeling before you, so that you may force me to look up at you.

As your lips are travelling over my body, so that you may have better access to another spot that sets me on fire……..which I’ll tell you about another time.