Mar 052010
Ask Lilly: Choosing a Male Masturbator

When guys email me for sex toy buying advice for themselves, one of the two topics is choosing a masturbator sleeve. There’s many different types out there. The infamous Fleshlight; the colorful ones that aren’t meant to resemble any part of female (or male) anatomy; and the larger ones that are molded from a porn star and are a big heavy hunk of rubber that is basically the whole pelvic region, like the naughty bits section was sliced out of a mannequin. A Japanese company, Tenga, makes a whole bunch of supposed one-time-use varieties that many men say they’ve extended into multiple uses and then their larger versions: The Fliphole and the 3D “sculptures”. Time and again there’s only two I’ll recommend: The Fleshlight and the Tenga Fliphole. Yeah, they’re more expensive than a simple jelly rubber sleeve but you’re going to enjoy them a whole hell of a lot more. One concern I hear

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Mar 042010

This review originally appeared over at Edenfantasys The Fleshlight – perhaps one of the most revered names in male masturbators, it lends a hand (er, I mean, pussy/ass/mouth) when you want variety. And, it’s a much better way to achieve variety than “The Stranger” method of masturbating. In fact that aspect was the first thing that my husband really commented on – he had never masturbated like this before, so it was unique and good that he could only feel the sensations on his penis….not his hand. There are a variety of ways that Fleshlight and its users have come up with to aide in this “it’s not my hand” aspect of it, including the ever popular methods of putting the Fleshlight (in it’s case) in a shoe, or wedged between your mattress and box spring. I got him the clear/”ice” version of this because I planned to also use this item on him or

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Feb 272010
Review: Jollies Thrust Dildo

The Jollies brand Thrust dildo is another in their typical style of oddly-shaped body-friendly dildos. Unlike the Jollie, Jollet and Rider though, the Thrust isn’t thick. While the other Jollies products I’ve tried were very firm sturdy toys, the Thrust is …. floppy. I can hold it by the finger handle and waggle it around like you wouldn’t believe. The silicone itself isn’t squishy or anything, just at the crux of the shape it’s….floppy. And I don’t know why. I gotta be honest, I couldn’t get into this one. Trying to insert it (and I used lube for once) wasn’t exactly easy. It reminded me a lot of trying to insert a semi-hard penis. It’s the standard silicone that all Jollies toys are, which is a shiny sort of silicone that attracts even more dust/lint/fur than matte silicone. I requested this sex toy to review, from Edenfantasys, because of the largely positive reviews my peers

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Feb 142010
Limited Edition Devine Playchest

The bulk and details of my actual review are over at Edenfantasys, but since I can’t post photos there, I’m doing it here. This item is something that I did as a “buy-out” review, meaning I got a 30% discount so I paid for most of it. I’m super picky on what items I’ll actually buy simply because I know me….and I know I’m super picky. Nothing is worse than the feeling of “Oh wow, I just spent over $100 on something and I don’t like it” (hello, Eroscillator) but even us reviewers take risks. So you get two things here in this post that won’t be at my review on EF: lots of photos, and product comparison. First I have to say this: I do not know why (Devine won’t give us details on the EF forums) but this is a Limited Edition case. The black one that I have sold out quickly at

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Feb 132010
Boy Toy Reviews: Nexus Neo Prostate Massager

Aneros vs. Nexus Neo A number of years ago, my husband decided to explore prostate play and his main purchase for this matter was an Aneros brand prostate massager, the Aneros Maximus. These types of toys aren’t exactly butt plugs, but I suppose that some could be worn that way. They have an odd shape to them that is designed specifically to work the prostate or P-spot; these aren’t mean to be thrust like a dildo so in that regard it’s more like a butt plug. Prostate massagers work with your muscles to slightly move and massage the prostate. He quite liked the Aneros; for solo use it had a big learning curve to get the major P-spot orgasms that the Aneros Forums talked about and it wasn’t a quick orgasm. But when he used it during sex? Whole ‘nother ballgame. Half the time he was able to achieve the mind-blowing p-spot orgasm with the

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Jan 232010
Ultimate Massager Pocket Rocket Review

I’m pretty fond of my clit vibrators and I harbor a special fondness for my old red pocket rocket. It was the first clit vibe that I bought and shockingly it ended up being the best as far as power and vibration frequency. Since it’s only a cheapie pocket rocket though (I bought it for less than $10), I know it’ll die so I’ve been trying to find a replacement. While that need isn’t as dire anymore thanks to my beloved bullet vibes, I’m still interested in finding inexpensive sex toys. I keep my eye trained on this category of vibes at Edenfantasys and picked this one out recently. It’s a little bit pricier than I personally think a pocket rocket vibe should be but there are more expensive ones out there. At least this one has functions and is more justified in being over $20. I see plenty of single-setting pocket rockets that are

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