Review: The Fleshlight Ice (clear model)

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Mar 042010

This review originally appeared over at Edenfantasys

The Fleshlight – perhaps one of the most revered names in male masturbators, it lends a hand (er, I mean, pussy/ass/mouth) when you want variety. And, it’s a much better way to achieve variety than “The Stranger” method of masturbating. In fact that aspect was the first thing that my husband really commented on – he had never masturbated like this before, so it was unique and good that he could only feel the sensations on his penis….not his hand. There are a variety of ways that Fleshlight and its users have come up with to aide in this “it’s not my hand” aspect of it, including the ever popular methods of putting the Fleshlight (in it’s case) in a shoe, or wedged between your mattress and box spring.

I got him the clear/”ice” version of this because I planned to also use this item on him or just together, in addition to him using it on his own. I really liked the visual aspect of it.

This is the first that either of us have seen a masturbator in person. When it arrived it had been in a cold UPS truck all day so the Fleshlight was cold too. We opened it up, he took out the sleeve from the bag and we inspected it. He handed it to me and I squealed. It was THE most bizarre thing I’ve ever felt! Almost creepy. I can’t even describe it, really. Soft and fleshy but not quite like a real vagina because it was too soft and squishy for that.

It arrived doused with a healthy coating of cornstarch because the material is sticky/tacky if there’s no cornstarch. The cornstarch clouds the material, though, so if you want it to be as see-thru as possible, you should rinse off your cornstarch coating (but I recommend coating it for storage, since it is so sticky and will attract fur/lint/dust). When he soaked the Fleshlight in warm water the cornstarch came off and we found out just how sticky/tacky the material is. You expect your own skin to be sticky, as well, but there’s no transference of that. I had questioned him on if that was distracting or bothersome during use because it made the skin on his balls and his pubic hair stick to it every time he took the Fleshlight to the base of his cock, he said (through gasps) that no, no, it was no problem!

The non-descript style is the largest canal that Fleshlight offers, and on their intensity scale of 1 to 5, it’s a 1. My husband is a little larger than average, about 8″ x 1.75″ across (diameter?) so while this wasn’t as tight & full of sensation as he can get with his own hand, it was still really fun for him. I wouldn’t recommend this type of canal to guys who are less than 1.25″ diameter.

I *would* recommend this canal to guys who are both over 1.5″ diameter and prefer a smooth feeling, who feel their cocks are a little more sensitive.

The case that comes with the clear sleeve is also, of course, clear. I wouldn’t call this version then completely discreet but yet it still doesn’t scream “masturbator” to me.

If you have small hands, holding this thing with one hand might be a bit cumbersome.

The Fleshlight feels much better when it’s been warmed under running water, however, since there is then no cornstarch to cut down on the tackiness of the sleeve, it makes it just a bit tricky to get it situated in the case. I was surprised though to find out that when the sleeve is thoroughly wet from water it is not at all sticky. I tried to see if I could achieve the soaking method with the sleeve still in the case. I left the top cap on so that the opening could also sit in the warm tap water, and filled it up from the bottom. This did indeed work, but do it in the sink because water will drip out from the top cap’s threads. Since you need to clean it up after use, it doesn’t matter if there’s some moisture inside the case.

The Fleshlight functions best with the “more lube is good lube” mindset. In the first run with the toy, he found that he had to re-apply twice because the lube absorbed into his skin. He was using plain ID Glide lube so perhaps there is a more superior, compatible lube.

As Fleshlight will tell you, no silicone lubes please! It will ruin the material. There are tons of water-based lubes out there for you to choose from.

The canal of the non-descript, “Original”, is pretty open – I could put a finger in the hole from the bottom and still have a tiny bit of wiggle room – so running water through it should be very easy. You can’t clean it with anything other than water and isopropyl alcohol if really needed. If you find that rinsing off the plastic case isn’t as simple, you can indeed use soapy water but just rinse it really well before you put the sleeve in.

The sleeve needs to dry out thoroughly before being stored in any air-tight containers, so my husband put a micro-fiber towel down through the opening and wrapped a second one around the sleeve. After the outside was dry he put it in the case, leaving off both lids and setting the whole thing on the micro-fiber towel.

I recommend dusting it with cornstarch when it’s dry, because the sticky nature of the material will attract all sorts of gross crap.

“Better than a shampoo bottle!”

…….that was his witty “any last thoughts?” statement. I shook my head and said “I’m not saying that” and then I thought “meh, fuck it. half the men will get it.” and if not, then my husband’s masturbation tactics as a stupid teenager are bizarre and we should laugh at him for it. Either way, there ya go. Does the Fleshlight rival me? Will he use it every single time? No. But it’s definitely an “every other time” excursion, until he finds an even better Fleshlight sleeve.

I also see this being pulled out during foreplay sessions once my jaw gets tired.

Feb 272010

The Jollies brand Thrust dildo is another in their typical style of oddly-shaped body-friendly dildos. Unlike the Jollie, Jollet and Rider though, the Thrust isn’t thick. While the other Jollies products I’ve tried were very firm sturdy toys, the Thrust is …. floppy. I can hold it by the finger handle and waggle it around like you wouldn’t believe. The silicone itself isn’t squishy or anything, just at the crux of the shape it’s….floppy. And I don’t know why.

I gotta be honest, I couldn’t get into this one. Trying to insert it (and I used lube for once) wasn’t exactly easy. It reminded me a lot of trying to insert a semi-hard penis. It’s the standard silicone that all Jollies toys are, which is a shiny sort of silicone that attracts even more dust/lint/fur than matte silicone. I requested this sex toy to review, from Edenfantasys, because of the largely positive reviews my peers have given it. Kristi and Carrie Ann both liked it. Everybody’s different, and my g-spot responds best to very firm pressure up into it. I couldn’t do that with the Thrust. Since it’s so floppy if I tried to pull up on the handle to give my g-spot more pressure, it just didn’t……well, it didn’t do much.

This Jollies dildo also has a handle with a hole for your finger. Just about the only part of the design on this that I can appreciate is that handle and how it’s curved to come back towards your clit. Dildos that stick straight out of me just don’t work. You could put a bullet in that finger hole instead and turn this into a dual stimulation toy. The upside I guess to the floppiness is that by pressing the handle part to your clit, the dildo part won’t go at a funny angle. If you’re using this with a partner and they want access to your clit, the floppiness means they can move that handle part easily without disturbing the dildo (like would happen with the Jollie)

If you think you’d like to try out this dildo, I suggest you get moving on it, pronto. I am very sad to say that Jollies, the company, is out of business. Jollies produced some really fucking innovative sex toy designs and it’s a shame to see them go. ETA: The company is reprieving itself and sticking around a little while longer! Yay!!

EdenFantasys still has the Thrust in stock as of this writing, in most colors. Many other Jollies brand toys are out of stock on the site, but my beloved Jollie is still there. On EF they listed them in two levels of density of the silicone, Firm and Soft. The one EF still has in stock is listed as the Soft but I don’t think it matters, the company technically did away with the varying densities long ago. It’s just your average silicone dildo, hefty but with a little bit of give.

Feb 142010

The bulk and details of my actual review are over at Edenfantasys, but since I can’t post photos there, I’m doing it here. This item is something that I did as a “buy-out” review, meaning I got a 30% discount so I paid for most of it. I’m super picky on what items I’ll actually buy simply because I know me….and I know I’m super picky. Nothing is worse than the feeling of “Oh wow, I just spent over $100 on something and I don’t like it” (hello, Eroscillator) but even us reviewers take risks. So you get two things here in this post that won’t be at my review on EF: lots of photos, and product comparison.

First I have to say this: I do not know why (Devine won’t give us details on the EF forums) but this is a Limited Edition case. The black one that I have sold out quickly at first and I feared it was sold out for good. I put an alert on the item and thankfully it was back in stock in less than a week. The black is now sold out again, and we’re not being told if that’s permanent. If you like this, and like it in black, put an alert on the item and jump on it.

This is my second Devine toy case to review, and my first one (the satchel) didn’t rate very high with me. It was essentially a bag with no pockets and a flimsy divider down the middle; I also took issue with their very cheap and easy-to-break padlock. Given the grand design of this case, I had really high hopes for improvement and in all but one area, there has been improvement. So let me get the bad out of the way before I show you the rest. The lock. It’s a very old-school luggage lock. The key is nothing but a prong shaped thing of cheap metal, and as you can see in the photo below it has bent already. Given the design of the lock though, that doesn’t matter, which tells me that the “key” is worthless. Anybody with something resembling this key can get into the case. Bobbypins, anyone? So it’s not a secure lock in the presence of adults. The lock just pushes in on a spring. Should that spring break it will never lock again but will hopefully still keep closed.

This case is a lot bigger than I anticipated. Which is both good and bad. The Hitachi easily lays down inside of it. You can over-fill the center portion because of the design of the lid. The divider is snug against the base of the case, because both are firm. The divider failed on the satchel because the base of the satchel was not solid. The divider can be removed, it’s velcroed in there. They give you a little mesh pouch there and an elastic band. There’s two mesh pouches inside the lid. Mine holds my flogger in one and the attachments for my Wahl and Eroscillator in the other.

This thing really can hold a lot of toys – I don’t have a high number of toys in here in these photos but that’s because I chose all big ones. There is, of course, a downside and that is once I had all this stuff in there? Holy fuck I could barely lift the case! Granted, I’m a weakling.

In the one photo I laid in there the entirety of the Black Label accessories kit for my Liberator Ramp & Wedge combo. In another here I’ve got an Impressions paddle and a 15ft hank of hemp rope. If you’d like to use this case to transport your play session bondage items, you could fit a LOT of rope and leather in here.

As for the other toys in there? Hitachi, Wahl, Eroscillator and Pure Wand on one side. A custom made dildo from Hans, the Nobessence Seduction dildo, the Jollie and a book.

So you can’t exactly talk about one sex toy case without comparing it to another. But yet, how can you when they’re so vastly different? For You Nymphomation cases are truly secure and locking, because they all use better quality padlocks. The bigger cases like the XL Toy Box that I own have removable pouches and little velcro-shut tabs. Your stuff doesn’t just lay in there in a heap. Of course the smaller cases by FYN they do just lay in there. The Devine cases are almost all decidedly very femme. FYN cases can be more gender-neutral. The FYN XL Toybox and ToyChest are not thick/tall, but this means they can fit under the bed. The Devine Playchest? It’s not going to be as easy to stow away, and it’s so pretty that it begs people to ask about it.

All in all, I’m happy I bought the Devine Playchest and I won’t always be using it for sex toys. I can see this coming with me on the train to NYC (but never would I take it on a plane and deal with TSA). If you think you’d like one, hurry!

Feb 132010

nexus neo review7

Aneros vs. Nexus Neo

A number of years ago, my husband decided to explore prostate play and his main purchase for this matter was an Aneros brand prostate massager, the Aneros Maximus. These types of toys aren’t exactly butt plugs, but I suppose that some could be worn that way. They have an odd shape to them that is designed specifically to work the prostate or P-spot; these aren’t mean to be thrust like a dildo so in that regard it’s more like a butt plug. Prostate massagers work with your muscles to slightly move and massage the prostate. He quite liked the Aneros; for solo use it had a big learning curve to get the major P-spot orgasms that the Aneros Forums talked about and it wasn’t a quick orgasm. But when he used it during sex? Whole ‘nother ballgame. Half the time he was able to achieve the mind-blowing p-spot orgasm with the traditional ejaculation orgasm and other times it simply made the traditional orgasm amazing. We used it during sex and blowjobs. And while he liked the Aneros, it wasn’t perfect in design. See that tab between my fingers there below? (The Aneros is white) That tab is meant to press against the perineum, to add prostate stimulation from another angle as well. But that tab isn’t very comfortable; when you’re talking about something pressing into you like that, a little more surface area is better and doesn’t hurt. The Nexus Neo make that portion wider and added in a metal rollerball. So yes, that metal bit rolls in the plastic housing – not that you’re moving the toy enough to really notice. It just means it glides along skin better.

nexus neo review1 nexus neo review2

Use of Nexus Neo

Prostate massagers aren’t for guys who enjoy the “fullness” sensation because they’re usually not very wide or long. They’re not meant to be. I can tell you from second-hand knowledge though that once you learn the ropes, these toys can give AMAZING orgasms and highly pleasurable sensations. Some guys try these prostate massagers and feel a bit underwhelmed the first time. Guess what? So did most women the first few times they tried g-spot massage. Just don’t be silly and give up after a try or two.

I know that when I use g-spot toys, I don’t always aim for a g-spot orgasm – many times the g-spot pleasure sensations are enough to set off an amazing clitoral orgasm; it’s like the two are directly tied together in that regard for me. They can be separate – but together? I see fireworks. And that’s how it is for him. Just like us trying to achieve g-spot orgasms, the p-spot orgasm is similar in its’ elusiveness. It requires some focus and a few tries and more than 10 minutes but it’s worth the effort. Since he found the Aneros I have been recommending this type of toy to friends and bed partners and the ones who’ve tried it? Love. It. Now that we’ve found the Nexus line (which we see as an upgrade), these are the ones I’ll recommend over Aneros. I can’t recommend the Nexus Neo enough, for solo play or couple time. They even have a couple of vibrating models that we have yet to try out, one of which is the Nexus Vibro.

nexus neo review3 nexus neo review4

Care and Cleaning of the Nexus Neo

These toys are made of hard plastic which is non-porous, easy to clean and phthalate-free. They’re super easy to clean with just soap and water (or toy cleaner liquids or wipes) and you can use any kind of lube you want. In the package is also this little plastic piece that’s a bit confusing if you don’t read the website or the manual (just remove the insert from the packaging). I finally found out that it’s so you can pop out that metal rollerball for proper cleaning. Since the ball rolls around in the socket, there’s a micro amount of spacing around it where fluids can gather (just like how a rollerball pen works).

nexus neo review5 nexus neo review6


Ultimate Massager Pocket Rocket Review

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Jan 232010

I’m pretty fond of my clit vibrators and I harbor a special fondness for my old red pocket rocket. It was the first clit vibe that I bought and shockingly it ended up being the best as far as power and vibration frequency. Since it’s only a cheapie pocket rocket though (I bought it for less than $10), I know it’ll die so I’ve been trying to find a replacement. While that need isn’t as dire anymore thanks to my beloved bullet vibes, I’m still interested in finding inexpensive sex toys. I keep my eye trained on this category of vibes at Edenfantasys and picked this one out recently. It’s a little bit pricier than I personally think a pocket rocket vibe should be but there are more expensive ones out there. At least this one has functions and is more justified in being over $20. I see plenty of single-setting pocket rockets that are over $25 and for as simple as these things usually are….that’s unwarranted. If I was able to find a kick-ass simple one for under $10 and a damn respectable one with bells and whistles for under $25….those other manufacturers need to take a closer look at things.

One thing I always hated about my old red one was that if it was “off”, it was in two pieces. There was no happy medium there. Most of the newer pocket rockets I’ve reviewed, even the simplest ones, beat that out but they never had the same oomph as my good old standby. I chose to review the Ultimate Massager by Nasstoys because they’re the maker of my old red one.


This one is a little more than just a pocket. Although it does still look like one and frankly there’s nothing in the mainstream market resembling these so it’s not exactly discreet. It’s small (5″ long and about 1″ around), so I can’t say that it would ever pass as a massager of ones neck or shoulders. Unlike most pocket rocket vibes, this one has 3 different power settings and 7 other functions. These vibrator manufacturers sure like their pulsing functions, don’t they? I’ve personally never really bothered with them. Give me straight vibration any day. But since this one does offer up variety, it will appeal to a wider range of people. When this is in the “off” position, the two halves are still firmly together. The vibration intensity is really decent, and the frequency is nice and low. It’s not *quite* as powerful as old red, but it’s close. Yes, for my clit, that fraction extra of power makes a difference. I would rate this higher than a few other PR’s that I’ve owned (the one from Babeland, their branded one, sucked ass and the plain white Doc Johnson one was nearly as worthless) and recommend it.

There is one seeming constant in the world of pocket rocket vibrators. Those stupid little plastic caps that they include. At least this one included a domed, smooth one which I actually kinda liked (surprisingly). But they all like to include ones with nubs. Spikes, even. Listen – hard plastic tiny spikes that vibrate do NOT belong near my clit. There is only one use for that, in my opinion, and that is in S/M play because it ranges from itchy/irritating to OW. Since there is no pouch included with this (or most any) pocket rocket, you’re likely going to lose those silly caps. One of my 4 has already become a cat toy. I think the spikes massage her gums when she noms on it.


I’d recommend this, unless you’re looking for a very inexpensive one or unless you have a clit o’ steel like mine. While I am not disappointed in it, it’s not yet going to replace my bullet vibe or my old red one. Keep in mind though, as usual, that this will indeed work for most women. And I do mean most, especially since it has three power levels.

Jan 212010

So on my facebook page I allowed a friend request from someone that I apparently went to high school with (even though I don’t recall her) because she seemed cool. Like someone I might want to be friends with. Why? Because unlike many of the people I know in my area/state, she openly is sex-positive. Or so I thought. I thought this because she had a side business of at-home sex toy parties of the FYP For Your Pleasure Inc brand.

FYP sex toy parties

Basic premise of this and similar others is that you gather up all your little girlfriends and their friends and you giggle over the sex toys. It’s like a Pampered Chef party or a Tupperware party – except it’s sex toys. And if any of you girls (or your wives) have been to anything like this, be it jewelry, kitchen gadgets or food baskets, you know that once you’re there you are subtly pressured in a Stepford Wife way to buy something. The hostess only does well for herself if you all buy stuff. And for the moolah she sinks into these you’d better believe your sweet tookas that you’re gonna get pressured.

for your pleasure wallet rape

Out of curiosity I clicked over from one thing to another to actually happen upon the For Your Pleasure site. After much clicking I ended up at the online store.

I know that many retailers have various pricing and that I happen to be affiliated with ones that are very reasonably priced, but I about fell off my goddamn chair.

At FYP, the Njoy Small Plug is $85.00. At, that plug is $59.99. At FYP the Njoy Fun Wand (fuckers don’t even CARRY the Pure Wand) is $115.00 vs EF which is $87.99. Tantus Goliath? $82.00 at For Your WalletRape er I mean For Your Pleasure, and $59 at EdenFantasys. For Your Pleasure also charges tax no matter where you are located – other retail sites only charge tax if you are in the state they are in. FYP has no offers of free or reasonable shipping charges. I placed a dummy order of $75 and the shipping was $9. EF gives free UPS ground on orders over $59 or free overnight on orders over $100.

I know that at these FYP sex toy parties, the hostess doesn’t have products to let people take home right then and there so they DO have to pay the tax and shipping. They’re bullied and pressured into buying something before they can have time to go look for a better deal elsewhere or a more pleasing color. I’d be willing to bet my left tit that the hostesses of these parties NEVER talk about phthalates and using condoms on toys.

I know that when I was in New York in November I also had a hard time keeping my mouth shut about the prices in the one sex toy shop we went into. Granted it was a MUCH better place than the ratty gross skeeve-dives here in my area but they were no Babeland brick-n-mortar – that shop was at least run by women and felt non threatening – probably because of the lack of Live Nood Gurls. Anyways, while it was cool to see all these toys I’ve only ever seen online live and in person, I also knew that they were overpriced. I am no savant with numbers but I could vaguely recall prices of Lelo toys and knew they were upselling by $20.

I’ve been invited to a sex toy party here once run by a coworker’s friend and I politely declined with a prior commitment excuse – because I knew I wouldn’t buy anything and I wouldn’t be able to keep my mouth shut about the jelly rubber and the CalExotics garbage and the exorbitant pricing. To say how I knew these things I’d have to admit to a couple of things that I don’t feel like letting those people in on. So I figured it was better that I don’t go.

I don’t know how to spread the word better about these goddamn parties, but maybe if enough of us reviewers write up a post on it, the search engines will eventually point a few untrained housewives and corporate powerhouses to our post before they get suckered into these gigglefest “buy a cute little bunny to put in your kitty!” travesties. I could probably be a lot more eloquent about this and give even more information and examples but I’m honestly just too ticked off right now.

So if you are an internet searcher who came here via this post? PLEASE don’t be shy about emailing me or IM’ing me to ask about toys. I will be more than happy to educate you and help you.