Jan 022011

Starting up at the top for this series and the spot to talk about is the head and neck (but not the face, that’s a week all on it’s own). There’s a lot I can write about what I like done to me, and a lot I’ve written about already.

Choking / Breath play –  Roughness. Loss of control. Power play. All of these are the aspects of the appeal to me in the right setting with the right person. I guess “appeal” would be putting it mildly. I don’t consider myself very high up on the kinky scale anymore but this is one dominance move that still gets to me in the good way.

Hair Pulling – When it’s done right, it makes me submissive. Just how submissive depends on other factors, of course. Hair pulling done wrong can just hurt in the bad way, but hair pulling done right is almost an art.

Kissing/biting/sucking that sweet spot, that one right there on the side – No matter the context, it turns me to jelly. Well, I take it back – not always. Sometimes it can just tickle like crazy. I could have sworn that I wrote about this before but I can’t find it. Which is odd, in that I didn’t write about it. Anyways, usually I prefer enough force on the sucking/biting that it creates a very prominent hickey – girls who wear turtlenecks have no problems covering up such things but me? I don’t even own a crew-neck top.

Play along on your own blog or just comment here and weigh in. Next week’s topic: The face.

What do you like?

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Mar 122009

I discovered not too long ago that if I’m on my knees on the floor behind my desk, most people that walk by won’t even see me. Not unless they stand at my counter or come around behind my desk to get something. If they do notice me I can use the pretense of untangling the cords under my desk.

Being down there allows me to shove one or both hands down inside pants and panties to spread my cunt and gyrate the vibe against my clit in just that right way so that I go crashing over the edge of orgasm.

It also dirties up my knees and sometimes musses my hair.

Out of the sheer blue a switch somewhere is flicked and he orders me to the restroom to insert my toys.

I was so shocked that I spoke out of turn. “Do you have any idea how much work I have to do today??”

“I’m sorry…… did I ask how much work you have? And who the fuck said I was going to let you come you presumptuous whore? Now go do it.”

Off I went but with no warm-up I was not wet. Lube is not something I usually need and so it is not in my naughty pouch at work. And that large wooden dildo is just not going in in my current state. I sat there in the corner stall and thought for a minute. The dildo went into my mouth where I provided enough lubrication to ease it inside of me. Bullet in place next. When I got back to my desk I had to make a conscious effort to sit down carefully, gingerly, with that 1″ of hard wooden dildo sticking out of my cunt.

Five times this whore was on the floor for her Master.


Count ’em:


10:41 am marks the first orgasm. Preceded by nothing special, in fact we were both too busy for much of an exchange. Two minutes after he ordered me to turn the bullet on high I begged to come. On my knees, my hands shoved down my open jeans. Fingers prying apart my lips to expose my clit as much as possible. My forehead resting against the edge of my desk I feel the rush of tingles and the calm before the storm and then my cunt pulses and my body jerks a little.


11:10 am marks the second orgasm. Preceded by a whole bunch of filthy words and degrading virtual submission before he orders me to come. Name calling and, were he in front of me, there would be a dark deviant glint in his eyes. I try to do it in my chair but I need the cover of privacy a bit. Down I slid with one hand shoving the hard dildo more firmly to my g-spot and the other gripping the bullet to the sweet spot. My chin resting on the edge of my desk this time as I allowed my eyes to flutter closed for 2 seconds as the rush washed over me.


11:58 am marks the third orgasm. Again preceded by nothing special. Just a build-up of sensation overload and the desire to kick things over the edge. Sometimes a gal can only handle that climb for so long. I begged for this one again, to come before lunch rather than shutting the vibrator off entirely. While we parted ways during lunch hour I scurried off to the restroom to snap a requested photo for him. The moment he comes back he decides that I have it in me to give him four orgasms today. Vibrator back on.


1:44 pm marks the fourth orgasm. Preceded by the hottest most erotic scenario anyone has ever painted for me before. While I crave a firm hand around my throat in the D/s dynamic, I’d never considered breath-play before. It is now in the list of “must do” with him. His words and commands pushed me over the edge this time but I still felt the need to continue tradition and be on my knees for him. Where I belonged.


2:50 pm marks the fifth and final orgasm. Preceded by another breathplay fantasy which was preceded by a trip to the restroom to fuck myself hard with the dildo. I knew I needed his hands on my throat when I see him in reality, but this pushes that for me. This last fantasy and orgasm had my heart racing and I swear I nearly saw stars from the extremity of it all. Soon after he sent me off to the restroom to remove everything, but first I was to fuck myself with that dildo again. You’ll read about that side of it soon.



Mar 092009

As he leaves the room to clean up, he hands me a dildo and a vibrator with instructions to not stop but yet not to come without permission. I see him in my periphery here and there, he keeps a casual eye on me but won’t say anything. I am already halfway there and it doesn’t take me long to get to the point where I have to start backing off with the vibrator, or I will come.

I know he wants me to come and I know he’ll make me beg for it. But this time he is not egging me on with filthy words. As I move the vibrator a fraction of an inch away from my clit I call out softly to him for I cannot see him.

Please, Sir…..I’m getting close

No reply. I don’t know where he is.


I am whimpering pathetically, and suddenly I see him. He is watching me with purpose, still he says nothing. As a moan and short sob escapes my lips he comes closer, his eyes focused intently on mine.

My eyes glaze over; my eyelids flutter in attempt to stay open.

I can’t…..please…please, Sir

He brings his hand to me, to my face. Slowly, methodically, sensually he traces my lips with the faintest touch of his fingertips. Still staring me down without a word. It is killing me. His gaze travels from my face to my body to my cunt and I feel the heat and shame of being under perceived scrutiny.

I am flushed and shaking now and I am on the verge of disobeying. He is at my side so close that I feel the heat from his body. His hand goes behind my head to the other side and his fingers graze my neck; right on my sensitive spot. Our foreheads touching now, his nose to my temple, he finally sets me free:


And I’m gone. My breathing is quick and heavy and I moan and I’m cresting the hill with the tingles; the second I go silent and he sees my eyelids spasm and flutter –

His hand clamps over my mouth.


It is done in such a way that I cannot breath and I squeal in fear but the lack of oxygen is intensifying my orgasm as it crashes and my cunt contracts and my lungs burn and I arch and twist and ride it out. As soon as I begin to truly panic he removes his hand and the air rushes back to me. With a “good girl” he is gone from my line of sight and I am left to recover on my own, gasping as my brain cries for more oxygen.

The erotic intensity is shocking to me.