Mar 202013
So, Catalyst happened...

This is a viewpoint of Catalyst from a person with serious social anxiety issues which sometimes manifest into mild agoraphobia. Add on top of my social awkwardness a “neutral face” that makes me look forever pissed off + food allergy issues turning me into a manic panicked individual minus the cool hair color….and yeah. I got through this as best as I could, albeit I wasn’t at my best this year. It bothers me, it has made me feel like shit about myself, and compounded my self-doubts. I tried. I failed a lot. I fucked up. Hopefully next time is better? I’ve been trying all week to put my finger on what went wrong for me at CatalystCon this weekend. I’m not saying it was bad. It just wasn’t exceedingly awesome for me, as awesome as Momentum had been the two years prior. I think it was me. I mean sure, there were issues, we

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Mar 252012

In less than a week I’ll be at Momentum, back in my beloved bubble of My People. Of course, in exactly a week’s time from right now, the moment I’m writing this, the bubble will be slowly bursting and all of my lovely friends will be departing for home and quite likely I’ll be alone in my hotel room for awhile. Hopefully I’ll be able to do things different this time and be able to write better about sessions I attend. Last year I tried to take notes and live tweet but all of that left me missing out on key statements – let’s face it, I have the focus and attention span of a gnat. This year I’ll be getting over my high school / college era anxiety and will be parking my ass in the front rows for many sessions so that I can just take personal use audio recordings for later perusal.

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Jan 272012

I have 6 drafts that are half-finished. I’ve been in some state or another of “sick” this week and feeling like crap, exhausted and lacking patience. I’m away this weekend so all these posts will have to wait, and I hope I can conjure up their thought trains again. My main point to this post is to say “ILU” to the people who purchase sex toys through my affiliate link. The sales aren’t racking up this month like they were in December, but December was still a banner month, more than I’d ever made before. These sales make me feel like I’m not sitting here wasting away, like I’m contributing to the household or at least not draining it. Thank you, it means more than you know. Also, I’m DYING of curiousity whenever I see a sale and I wonder what you bought, so if you ever feel like telling me – TELL ME! EF

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Jan 162012

Now I turn the tables on other reviews, after answering these questions myself in Part 1! Elizabeth Red has been reviewing sex toys for quite a few years now at her blog, The Red Sneaker Diaries. I would say that she’s a good combination of a little bit forgiving and objective mixed with honest1 and intellectual in her reviews. You can view most of her reviews on her blog here at her toy box page. I also love her Lube Lab pages where she breaks down the different types of lube in all their scientific hotness. Elizabeth is the first in a short series of long-time reviewers that I’ve asked to answer 4 easy (or are they?) questions about sex toys and reviewing. 1. How many toys, roughly, have you reviewed or acquired in other ways since you started reviewing? Answer: 300 review products + at least 100 items via swaps and purchasing 2. How

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What Makes Me Happy: Sharing Sex Ed Info

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Sep 252011

Long ago and far away when I actually did HNT and then WW on a regular basis AND tried hard to get nice photos, it was quite a compliment when the occasional pic would get reblogged via someone’s Tumblr1. But this is better. WAY BETTER. I was getting hits from Tumblr again and so I clicked through to find out what had been reblogged and was DELIGHTED to find out that someone was sharing my Sex Toy Care and Cleaning Guide page. (Which now makes me want to go update it and see if I can make it even better) Considering how passionate I am about people learning about the safe materials and the bad things to stay away from, this makes me hugely happy. I think it was this chick who originally posted about it, adding in this: I guess the reason why I’m posting there seems to be little info on this kinda

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Aug 022010

One of the reasons I loved Sugasm and I love doing e[lust] is finding new blogs to read that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. Rori at Between My Sheets posted the list of 30 (!!! Amazing guys!) volunteer judges for this year’s Top Sex Bloggers list. Looks like I’ve got some new blogs to go check out, as I’ve not heard of a number of these. Without further ado, here are your 2010 judges: Bunny from Sex Kitten Chronicles Lilly from Dangerous Lilly Bilinda from Fantasies of an UnOfficial Concubine Stan, a BMS reader Brandis, a BMS reader Amanda from Bad All By Myself Nanny from Naughty Mommy Reviews and Junk Red from The Red Sneaker Diaries Dallas from Naughty Americans Becky from Empire Labs Arabella from Bombsells & Rockstars Emme from Maui Kink Sir Zoomer from Vanilla-Xtract Vixen from Secrets of a Blue-Eyed Vixen and Tits for Troops Nadia from Diary of a

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