Apr 292011
The Last Day of Our Acquaintance

I write this post on my last day of the job I was working when I started this blog. It wouldn’t feel right to not blog today while at work. Well. Kind of. 2 years ago we were “restructured” and so while I still worked for the same branch and in the same block of buildings, my job duties and the building I worked in changed. And with that change back then also coincided the beginning of changes in what I’d be able to get away with at work. There was a time with a certain man when it was commonplace for me to be masturbating at my desk while chatting away with him or someone else, taking photos to be shared with him, someone else, and/or the blog. Usually all three. So while I will walk away today from this building and these particular coworkers knowing that it’s not the place I sat the

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Jun 172010

Two years. 500 posts. 5700 comments. 386,000 visitors to my site. ~1,000 subscribers to my feed. 80 sex toy / sexy fun items reviewed. 4 trips to NYC, 1 trip to Seattle, and 1 upcoming calendar. 3 projects – e[lust], the sex blogger co-op and toyswap network. Countless awesome peers, acquaintances, friendlies and supportive friends that I wouldn’t have without this blog? Priceless. I’m in a different place than I was a year ago. Some things for better, some things….not. But I’m still grateful. I’m finally able to do things like my side projects to give a little back to the community that’s given me so much. I’m still learning, I’m still growing. I’ve hit some very recent number milestones and I’ve got this mild obsession with numbers and statistics. The 500 posts and just last week hitting 1000 readers tickles me. Thank you for having me. On a side note, if you’ve happened to

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Feb 222010
Contingency Plan: Part 2

So yesterday I told you about these evil crawler bots and how they’re able to silently corrupting blog files into oblivion if you don’t catch it soon enough. Even if you do figure it out quickly, 98% of the time your files are already affected. Even if you remove the “bug” there’s still going to be some issues. Thing is though, unless you’re a programming geek, you’re not going to be able to manually pick out all the little bug poop bits from your files. What you need is a clean version of your blog. Except….you don’t have it, do you. No, you likely do not. Some people that I’ve talked to use a WP plugin that creates an automatic backup of their database and it gets emailed to them. Ok, great. But guess what? It’s not enough.Some of you are gonna be all “WHAT database??? There’s a database??” cause I know I was. Last

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Feb 212010

Wondering where I’ve been? This post should give you a good idea. However, this post has nothing to do with sex. It’s pure blogging geek. Feel free to skip this is you’re not a  blogger. If you ARE a blogger? I suggest you read this, and if you’ve got your own contingency plans, share them in the comments. One day you can be skipping along, tra la la, and all is right in your little bloggy corner of the intarwebz. The next it could all go kablooey and you’re surrounded by rubble goin “WTF just happened and where the hell is my blog?!?!” It can be your own doing, or it could be thanks to a nasty strain of crawler bots that I’ve seen making the rounds lately. I’m going to talk about both situations that I’ve been through this week because it might help someone else. Part 1: The Sneak Attack Crawler Bots In

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Feb 092010
When Worlds Collide: Lilly vs. L

(This post originally appeared over at Edencafe. It appears here now in hopes it will bring more discussion.) There are two sides to me. The Lilly you see online and the L that most others see in reality (and how I feel in reality). Sometimes there is a bleeding of the edges betwixt the two worlds and I am gaining comfort in that happening more. This isn’t to say that Lilly is a contrived persona. In fact, not at all. Lilly is what L truly is under the surface. Lilly is the no-holds-barred version of L. There are most definitely pixels shared between the two. A Venn diagram, if you will. The better I know someone and the more comfortable I am with them, the more Lilly and L meld together as almost one. I don’t mind people staring at Lilly because it’s all virtual and I can control it. But in the stark lights

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Jan 092010

So a month or so ago I told you guys about Twisted Monk doing another Rope Bondage class, this time in Vegas. Well, the reason it was Vegas is because Tess and Diva were going out there on behalf of Carnal Nation to do special blogger-girl coverage of the Adult Entertainment Expo. Since Carnal Nation knew that sending Tess and Diva out there alone could result in trouble, they asked Monk to go babysit them, sort of. Keep them out of trouble, out of jail. Turns out, Monk’s attention span drifted enough that the ladies nearly got themselves in the OIL WRESTLING pit. Oil wrestling. Really, girls? Carnal Nation is posting video clips of the trip, and that moment can be seen here. You can also see Monk being a brat and slapping an “I Njoy Anal” sticker on Diva’s back, or Monk interviewing my favorite Princess/Headmistress: Kali of Kink Academy. One of the things

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