Apr 302013
Reverted back to old school style to pick the winners...printed out and put into piles of Yes, No and Maybe!

Reverted back to old school style to pick the winners…printed out and put into piles of Yes, No and Maybe!

I had 50 entries and had to narrow that WAY WAY down. I’m also the sort of person for who complicated brain situations require something more visual and tangible than “on screen”. So I printed out the entries and started the sorting hat up. Some were quick to go in the YES pile, a few were quick to go in the NO pile, and that MAYBE pile saw a lot of dithering.

I have to admit, I’ve never had the opportunity to have multiple winners like this and likely never will again…..and yet I’m still feeling greedy, because if I had my way there are others I would have chosen. Picking these winners was agonizing and just so damn difficult. But I have to say, I liked this method better. I like choosing the winners. I like that there was no “necessary evil” of contest spam on the social media outlets. I like that people who are unable to gain the entry edge by utilizing all of the social media options were able to have a fair shot. And I really liked that everybody here had a fair shot – one shot – to win.

While this giveaway isn’t your only chance to own a vibrator with such awesome rumbles (despite the fact that I like the colors less, the Tango is identical and will work nearly as well for replacing bullet vibes in silicone toys so keep your eye on sales for this one), this giveaway represents most of the opportunities. You’ll have another chance in June to win one (along with 4 other weeks of 4 other equally fabulous prizes) so if you didn’t win, please come back!

Here are my winners:

Alison, a college student who has never owned a vibrator. If I had had a vibrator like the Salsa in college, well, there would have been a LOT fewer frustrating nights then and in the time between college and when I actually did finally own a vibrator.

Minivenus, who would like to actually orgasm when pegging her boyfriend. I think that the Salsa is her best bet at getting some decent vibe action going on in the strap-on dildos!

Pantophile Panic, who gave up the majority of her sex toys after finding out that they are likely toxic or unsafe, and has PGAD. I think that the Salsa can bring her to multiple orgasms on a lower setting, thereby bringing her less pain.

Somebody, who had a few life-saving medical procedures done that sadly left orgasms just outside of her reach for now. I hope that the Salsa can be the thing that helps her get back in touch with her sexuality, improve her mental health and just in general make life a little better.

Abbi (the) Gale, whose very long tale about living in an sex-toy-oppressing country, with a girlfriend in another country who has difficulty with orgasm AND is taking care of a parent, with the ladies having to make a choice between a plane ticket and a sex toy? Choice obliterated, sex toy granted!

InsatiablyTaken, who gets major props for the things she is teaching her students. That just HAD to be rewarded!!

Caite, who, like me, struggles to reach orgasm and has body issues that make manual stimulation uncomfortable at best.

Rachael J, whose well-meaning boyfriend bought her the very-stinky and too-big (and therefore useless) James Deen dildo. Dear Rachael’s boyfriend: consult her before your next purchase, pick it out together! And no more PVC dildos!

The winners have been notified via email. They have 1 week to respond and (if applicable) get the shipping thing worked out…..if any fall through, I will pick replacement winners.

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  3 Responses to “We-Vibe Salsa Giveaway Winners Announced!”

  1. Congratulations to the winners! I sense hours of bliss in their future!

  2. Congrats to the winners.

  3. After reading the reasons for why they won/their circumstances, I totally think you chose the best candidates! I hope they get back to you soon so they can enjoy their awesome new Salsas :)

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