Jun 052011

We’ve officially been in our new house for a month, today. There’s still a good number of boxes that need to be opened, much less things put away. I’m having a hard time with the cleaning and the putting things away – even in our apartment it was hard to keep tidy because, even though most things had a place, there was not enough place for the things. Here….there’s places for things, if I could just figure out where to put things. For example, one doesn’t really understand the importance of a “hall closet” until one doesn’t have a hall closet. When I was growing up, all houses I spent time in had the ubiquitous hall closet. Part linen closet, part miniature first aid triage tent. A small medicine cabinet above the sink just doesn’t cut it.

We’re still in a bit of a limbo, I think, as we wait on a check from my previous employer that will buy us replacement living room furniture. The current stuff is something I was embarrassed to have the in-laws sit on, much less other guests and it’s even grown too uncomfortable for us to tolerate. The furniture has given all it could and now needs to put to rest.

Despite the fact that this house feels like home a hell of a lot quicker than our first apartment did (6-8 months vs 3 weeks), I’m having trouble getting settled. I guess it’s because the ADD-brain of mine can’t relax in this mess but it can’t solve the puzzle, either. I have a number of sex toy reviews to write up but I haven’t even found a home for my toys – most of them are still shuttered away in the upstairs spare room, in bags (as seen below). I have a big series of reviews coming up on the newer range of massager-style vibrators – All in all I have 6 of them that need to be dissected, compared and contrasted to the original line-up of both plug-in style vibrators and rechargeable massagers. It’s a big task full of photos, video clips and spreadsheets. I r srs reviewer. Srsly.

Yes, all these bags are stuffed with sex toys/accessories. Even the box!

So, yeah. I really though I’d be able to blog a lot more with this total about-face way of living but I’ve been finding it even more difficult. When I came to the end of my working days, the end of the last dregs of my life and style of living that had prompted the blog to begin with, I didn’t realize how far removed I would soon become from the person I was nearly 3 years. I do have a blog anniversary coming up this month but for once I’m tempted to let it pass by in silence. I think I need to re-evaluate blogging.

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