Dec 182010

The Devine Playchest, when it first came out, was in combo’s of only pink and black. Mostly pink with black accents, or vice versa. I purchased the Black with Pink Accents and reviewed it here. While I DO like black and pink together, I have to admit I would have really preferred an all-black version.


And now they have it.

I wish I could trade mine in.

Another toy that’s been redesigned is the Acuvibe – it’s now in all black too. I wanna trade my old style in.

  2 Responses to “Back in Black”

  1. I wonder if the Acuvibe is better. I had the Acuvibe Mini and loved it until several months in it stopped holding a charge and became useless. :-(

    ~ IMO the Acuvibe was better because it had 2 speeds. Heavier, though, of course. I can’t say about better holding a charge bc I got mine already pre-owned.

  2. I hate when new awesome colors come out of things that I already own, like that turquoise Gigi even though I don’t even use my Gigi.

    I had the same exact thing happen as Nadia… my Acuvibe Mini stopped holding a charge REALLY quickly, and without much use, either. Obnox.

    ~ Yeah like, for example, while I don’t really use my Layaspot anymore I’d trade it in a heartbeat for a different color combo that I like better.

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