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So you’ve noticed that the blog has been pretty quiet, as I prepped for the trip and then was of course actually in the city. I’m not yet recovered from it… body isn’t happy with what I did to it, lol. Swollen feet and ankles (never had that happen before) and tired and achey everywhere else. Apparently fibromyalgia and lots of walking in short time periods don’t mix! Be sure to check out all the links, I’ve got some photos hidden in them!


I arrived at our hotel which was more upscale than I’m accustomed to. It was a much-needed suite (you can’t put 4 women in standard hotel room) complete with a mini-bar (yeah, never had one of those, either) filled with overpriced crap. I pretty much arrived, unpacked, got ready for a night out and then we left. Headed to Fontana’s for drinks and to eat dumplings purchased across the street. Yum! Then we headed over to HappyEndings, a converted brothel-to-bar for my first attendance at an In The Flesh reading. Mollena was my favorite of the night. The place was p-a-c-k-e-d way more tightly than I can tolerate but our crew got there early to set up and snagged the front corner tables and seats. So many people stood, it was ridiculous. Craziness ensued as we escorted a drunk cohort back to the hotel where we ordered delivery of the best cheesesteak sub I’ve ever had (ok so it was likely due to the fact that I was tired, starving and not sober).

At some point that evening in the hotel I tried on a pair of Princess Kali‘s heels. I’ve always known that my ankles (which have been weak since childhood) wouldn’t tolerate 6″ heels but holymotherofpearl it was ridiculous. I stood. I wobbled. I took a step and wobbled a lot more before my feet yelled “get ’em off!!!!” 2 minutes in. Femme Fail.


We stumbled to the free full-buffet breakfast in the hotel, all in our pj’s. After some inappropriate banana-sculpting (with her mouth) Tess and I went for a walk. We saw the shire and oooed and aahhed over it (it really is beautiful and amazing, read about it here), and continued down the waterfront along the Esplanade. I got some great pics and we made it to some little overlook thingie before I cried uncle and we headed back. I was sad that we didn’t quite make it to Battery Park, but my body couldn’t do anymore.

Lunch was a most awesome chicken burrito over at Blockheads; we ate with the corporates outside on the steps of 4 World Financial Building. As we waited for our food I stared down the eye candy… men in suits and button-down shirts; hot trendy-but-corporate young women in fabulous heels.

The evening was spent with Madison Young at a spectacular event hosted by my good friends of Tied Up Events. To get us and all our party stuff there we had to take a car service which just happened to be a stretch limo. My first time ever in a limo! At one point a bunch of tourists took pics of the limo and it was hysterical….moreso when Princess Kali started waving. Between her European looks and her tiara I bet they thought she was blue-blood royalty, lol. The wine-and-chocolate private party got raunchy when people had their photos taken with Madison Young……wherein they ate pieces of chocolate off her body and oh yeah….she wasn’t wearing panties. So fucking hot to watch it all. And yes, I stared like the perv I am. The public party was great too where I met a few new awesome NYC people and chatted up ones I’ve met before at previous events. Due to all the walking I did already in the day, I gave up on wearing “cute and proper” dress shoes in favor of my new Crocs which those who saw, loved. That made me feel better!


All intentions of another after-breakfast walk went out the window when we returned to our room and sat down. Then we weren’t gettin up. I had a little snafu with losing my goddamn paypal debit card….but in the end I got cash and deactivated the card and all was mostly well thanks to the First National Bank of Diva. Eventually, Princess Kali and I took a cab to Astor Place and walked and shopped a bit. Got some half-decent NY pizza (ricotta dollops ON PIZZA? hells yes). Headed back to the hotel to prep for the Kink Academy Open House event, yet another successful Tied Up Events deal. Enjoyed kinky demonstrations and fulfilled my perverted duty of staring at this one KA instructor’s ass under her criminally short skirt anytime she bent over. Further discussed cooking and NY restaurants with a handsome and wise bald-headed fellow. Had dinner at PJ Clarke’s, which afore-mentioned guy recommended, and then I crashed.


All hopes of squeezing in more sightseeing went out the window. My body went on strike and apparently so did everyone else’s. In fact I don’t recall good chunks of Sunday.

Final Thoughts

I need to make a weekend trip there and set up dates with people who live there, to have them show me around. I’m not entirely into the touristy crap but I do have my destinations I want to see, like Battery Park and Coney Island (and yes I know they’re far away from each other) and the Cloisters. Mostly though I just want to see the city, the buildings and architecture and have some good food.

  9 Responses to “Weekend in NYC”

  1. I miss Metropolis….I had many a good memory there….

  2. I am so glad you got away! :-)

    We definitely, definitely need to catch up soon.


  3. Funny, I’ve been to NYC a zillion times, but still have never had a proper tour of the place. Local friends can be the worst tour guides.

  4. Sounds like your trip was wonderful.. and you do need a long quiet weekend to do that list of things.. well let me say that having lived there for over 20 years, I still have places I’d love to see for the first time!

  5. I’m so jealous, I love NY and I wanna go back so badly!! Sounds like you had a great time :)


  6. Sounds like a fun weekend, sore feet notwithstanding!

    You ever get back there, let us know, it would be too easy for Veronica and I to leave the kids with grandparents on Long Island and spend a day in the big city.

    ~ that’d be great!! I’ll see how money & time are, perhaps September/October.

  7. Looks and sounds like a wonderful time.

  8. I hope you had a wonderful time! And man, I wish hot women wore skirts like that when I was around. :(

  9. I’ve never had a cheesesteak sub, ever. I want one.

    That’s some eye candy! Good looking men dressed in nice suites? KILLS ME. And good looking women dressed in a similar fashion? Ooh my.

    I’ve never been to NYC before but it’s on my list of places I really want to visit.

    So glad you had fun, minus your feet and body revolting against you.

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