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I’m a sucker for funky design and so when I saw the Climax Twist rechargeable massager in “New Arrivals” list, I knew I wanted to review it. The 90 degree angle is really what got me moreso than the rechargeable factor. In fact, the rechargeable factor was nearly a deterrent simply because I don’t often get a rechargeable sex toy that packs the power or type of vibration that I like.

I’ve read a few other reviews of this vibrator that seemed a bit over-the-top when describing the power and noise level and the girth of the G-spot end. Such dramatic description is only meant for the Hitachi, in my opinion. The Climax Twist vibrator is actually considerably more quiet than the Hitachi on low and *nearly* as powerful but not as deep of a vibration as the Hitachi on low. The Climax Twist is not equivalent to the Hitachi in power. But how does it compare to the Acuvibe? The Acuvibe on high is more powerful, deep and noisy than the Climax Twist, but the Climax beats out the Acuvibe on low. There’s one caveat to the Acuvibe, at least the one I own, that when you apply a decent amount of pressure to it it visibly slows down in power. The Climax Twist doesn’t do that.

climax twist vs hitachi 2 climax twist vs hitachi 1

One thing that I like about this rechargeable vibrator is that it is more of a low-pitch deep-resonating vibration than many others I have tried. So many rechargeable vibrators, to me, are more of a high-pitch buzzy (which doesn’t get me off).

CLARIFICATION: The above power/noise/etc comparisons are being made against the “massager” portion of this vibrator. I’m not yet talking about the G-spot end, because that’s another story altogether.

Another thing that I really liked about the Climax, as I mentioned before, is the ability for it to be either straight or at a 90 degree angle. This twist makes it much easier to transport and store unlike the Ideal massager, who’s quirky handle takes up more space. If your partner uses the G-spot tip on you, then you can keep this vibrator straight. If you are using the massager on yourself, the 90 degree angle is ideal. For using the G-spot end on yourself though, I’m not loving the 90 angle as much as I thought I would but that’s partially due to the placement of the controls. They’re not in a good spot if you want to change up the vibration pattern. Close-up photos farther down there show the buttons and the odd (and useless) light purple ribbing. One reason that I don’t like using the G-spot tip as it’s intended is because of that ribbing – there’s no way you’ll use it internally without those ribbings getting filled with lube/bodily fluids/etc. That seems like it would be REALLY hard to clean properly.

climax twist 2

Now, on to the G-spot portion of this toy. The girth is good. If you prefer slim insertables, then this isn’t the toy for you. However, I did not find this to be as filling as my big blue toy. The specs claim that it is only 1 5/8 inch wide on the EF site, but Topco’s site claims it is 2.25″ at it’s widest. I’m not sure I believe either number, to be honest. But I don’t have a ruler handy. You can see it below in comparison to my big blue dildo, which is supposed to be 2″ wide. Because of the angle of penetration, the manner and angle in which G-spot tips are meant to be used, I doubt that you would find this toy as intense as my 2″ wide dildo. But that’s my opinion.

climax twist vs big blue dildo

As for the vibrations of the G-spot end – meh. I can’t pinpoint where the motor actually is, but the vibration is a pitch higher than the massager end and more diffuse. It’s a little louder, too. I wasn’t thrilled with the vibrations for that end, to be honest. I would say that if your clit is still in the stages of arousal where you’re more sensitive, start off with the G-spot end.

climax twist 1 climax twist 3

The box claims you can turn both motors on at once for more power or something, but that happened was akin to your washing machine getting off balance – the motor in the G-spot end seemed to go a bit wonky they didn’t resonate at the exact same rate nor did either motor make either end more powerful. And it’s certainly not like this toy is large enough or designed to be used by two vaginas simultaneously.

A few more points to tick off that don’t need further explanation:

  • There is no battery light, you don’t know for sure it’s charging other than the fact that it won’t turn on.
  • The charge seems to last longer at full power than Acuvibe, before it starts waning
  • The massager head is very small, so you cannot use any Hitachi or similar attachments
  • Topco says that the materials are pthalates-free, but yet it’s rubber. On EF’s safety scale, it’s only a 3. Not for sharing unless it’s be-condomed.
  • Despite it being rubber, there was very little offensive odor to it, what was there faded very quickly
  • There is only one speed to this vibrator, but 7 “functions” (which includes straight vibration). Typical “multi-function” variety of patterns/pulses/etc. I don’t need to explain them.
  • It’s not waterproof, likely because they can’t seal off the twist joint. But then again, the other massager-style vibes aren’t either.

At the end of the day, would I recommend this toy? If you can get it on sale, then yes, most definitely yes. Currently it’s priced higher than the Acuvibe and of course higher than the Hitachi BUT it does have those unique features and options. However I still think it’s just a wee bit too high given the manufacturer and the material. If it were silicone, that might justify it. It’s priced like a luxury toy, but it’s not.

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  1. Good review. I’ve never actually seen this toy before. Looks like a fun one to use, though.

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