Oct 092009

The market for suction-cup dildos isn’t really very big. Remove from the list anything made of jelly, rubber or cyberskin and it ends up being a mighty small list, indeed. So I was thrilled when I found the SinFive line of sex toys, even more so when I saw that they make two suction-cup dildos. While they’re not silicone, they’re still a very safe material. EdenFantasys lists it as “WTP” which is “completely non-porous, odorless, phthalate and latex free. WTP is tested under strictest European safety standards to be totally safe for the skin and inside the body.” Well that’s pretty damn good! In my eyes the design is a bonus – it’s phallic but not a replica of a penis.


I chose the Pikilo over the Burgono because of size. The SinFive Pikilo is 1 3/4″ in diameter while the Burgono is 1 1/2″ in diameter but thinner in the middle. 9 times out of 10 if a toy has bumps/nubs/swirls/grooves it will not matter to my cunt, it wouldn’t know they’re there if my brain didn’t see it. Except for this dildo. And….that’s not a good thing. It *hurts*. Maybe I’m being a wuss. It’s not painful so much as unpleasantly uncomfortable and I don’t wish to repeat the experience, thanks. Another reviewer said it was akin to rough sex. Eh, maybe *dry* sex. Or rough sex with one of those stupid ribbed condoms. The nubs are just too much. I even used a ton of lube, and I never need lube.

To look at the other important aspect of this toy isn’t going to lead us down a great road, either. I read that it won’t stick to painted surfaces. I think that’s true of all suction-cup dildos. After looking around my heavily-painted apartment, I realized the only spot was the shower. The suction cup worked well if I used it on the edge of the tub, but the position I really wanted to use a suction-cup dildo in was to mount it to a wall, bend over and do a sort of doggy-style-standing-up maneuver. Well, it didn’t stay on the wall, it slid right down and then fell off. Loudly.

I’d recommend the Burgono over the Pikilo unless you’re a size queen. SinFive is a company I’d recommend in general. The packaging was sexy and cute. The designs are pretty cool looking. This dildo and the Burgono both come with a nice drawstring pouch and a cute little set of tiny glass vials of ……. massage oil? lube? I’m not entirely certain. I’m thinking massage “stuff” because according to SinFive its “Oil-free, non-greasy, water-free, preservative-free.”. One is fragrance-free, the others are scented. They’re not offensive, but pretty light over all.

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  1. I reviewed this awhile back and had a similar experience. My vagina was angry for a week!

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