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Since this review is pretty old, I should direct you to the updated review of the Lelo Luna Beads; a word about boil cleaning the Luna Beads; and a comparison of the new Luna Mini beads vs Original Luna Beads.


I once tried a cheapo pair of Benwa balls – and promptly gave up on them. They were too small and I just couldn’t keep them in. The Luna Beads are better and different. They’re a little larger, but small enough to serve their purpose. You can vary the weights by using just one bead, or two or by combining one of each color.

They give you two sets of beads, one weighs a bit more than the other. Inside these plastic hollow balls is a weight that rolls and rattles around as you move. Every move I make, I feel that weight roll, even if it’s just bending forward while seated. According to the manual, the “exercise” part isn’t done on purpose…..the balls and the weight being rolled around your pelvic floor muscles is exercise enough. I certainly don’t have to walk around clenching up my PC muscles to keep them in! In fact, pulling them out requires a good, firm tug.

Apparently my vagina is tighter than I thought, but my PC muscles need “work”. I never had any issue with the beads wanting to slide out of me. However, I needed to build up the weights. At first I just tried the lighter set, the pink beads. Fine, but it didn’t feel like it was “doing anything”. So I traded one of the pink balls for a heavier blue ball. That turned out to be too much. I experienced mild cramping. With my life upheaval recently I haven’t faithfully been using them so I can’t say I see a whole lot of difference, but I know I’m getting more used to them and “stronger” because I can now go back to using one pink and one blue with no cramping.

I have seen some reviews that they couldn’t really feel the weights moving. As we all know, my vagina does not know Braille, and most insertable vibes really don’t aid in a g-spot orgasm (it’s about pressure for me not vibration) so I was surprised that I felt them. A lot. Every little move. It took me a couple of days before I wasn’t squicked out by the sensations…..because to be honest, it was like being at the gyno. If I didn’t get the beads positioned right, and I didn’t the first few days, the feeling of them being there was akin to the feeling of an overly-full tampon. I would keep checking their position and they were not in any danger of falling out. Just felt that way. Perhaps also aiding in that tampon feeling is the very tampon-like “retrieval cord” that sticks out of you. It -looks- like string, but it’s a coated string-like material, very sturdy. I don’t worry about that part falling apart.

They come with the traditional Lelo satin pouch, however, this pouch will only hold one set of beads. Just FYI, the photo on VibeReview can be a little misleading – there is only one “girdle” (white silicone bit that makes the two balls into one object) for the entire set. When you want to move up in weight, you simply remove the balls from the girdle. The VibeReview photo might lead one to believe that you get two white girdles.

lunabeads1 overall size

lunabeads2 flexible silicone girdle

Overall, I’m really pleased and I’ll continue to use them. They’re very versatile with the different combinations and weights, and easy to clean. It is Lelo, after all!

Get them here (Note: VibeReview has proven to be a dead-in-the-water retailer in the last year, so all of my links now point to EdenFantasys)


OH! I forgot to add this: DO NOT wear these if you’re sick and coughing/sneezing. Just….take my word for it. Don’t, lol.

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  1. Thank you for the review. i am woefully ignorant about such things.

  2. Well I’m a guy and I guess I’m not wimpy, because I find this fascinating :)

    So if I gotta have my guy card pulled for my lack of squick… so be it :)

    ~ LOL Hell no. In the eyes of any woman here, you’re a better man for it.

  3. Oh yeah! So glad that you did get used to em and you like em.. hmmm that reminds me.. I need to start using mine again.

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  18. I was wondering if these are good for any woman or mostly for mothers. I am a 25-year-old and thought they might be fun, but have not had children and do not know if these will help. Thanks!

    ~ As I replied in email, but will do so here so that others see my answer in case they were wondering: You don’t have to have given birth to benefit from Kegel exercises. Unless you’ve been doing Kegel exercises all along, I can safely say that these will improve the strength of your PC muscles.

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