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I never did care to go to Japan or really any Asian country. My cultural/food/architectural tastes run decidedly old-world European. But the more I read about the “Love Hotels” in Japan….I wanna go just for this shit!!!! No matter what your kink is, there’s a room somewhere for it. They can go all out in some! Alien-abductions. Doctor’s office and waiting room. Arctic. Holocaust-style torture chamber. Outer Space. Claymation-style and cartoon character decorated. After all, haven’t you always wanted to have kinky sex in a Disney-themed room??? Spiderman-style room complete with wall chains so you can “swing” from the walls. A recreation of a subway car complete with rocking and sounds!

Most of the modern love hotels are clinical in the lobbies and there are no clerks. Those japanese sure do love their vending machines (which sell anything and everything, even sex toys, panties and…..I won’t go on) and this is no different. A wall of lit up pictures of the rooms, if its dark its occupied, the prices are there. Some you pay in advance and you get the key, some you pay before you leave your room. Rates are either for 1 or 3 hours, or overnight. There’s group rooms, some even with a huge swimming pool! Awesome…. I knew these sorts of things existed, but not to this degree!

love-hotel-rooms japaneselovehotels2

Lemme show you the wackiness:


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Osaka’s Gang Snowman is one of the more wild and detailed hotels. This room has a prison cage with a restraint cross, bondage coffee table with neck restraints, sauana/hot tub/massage table (cuz after being imprisoned you need to relax I guess).


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Also at the Gang Snowman is the rooftop play area, which paying customers can use for free for 40 minutes. Garage themed (motor oil scene, anyone?) – yes that’s a real Caddy, with a hot tub. The Caddy has arm/leg restraints and when the car starts rockin…..the headlights flash. I shit you not.

Elsewhere in Japan….


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A little Hello Kitty with your restraints? Why the fuck not!



Self explanatory, no?



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This one is really fucking disturbing. Carousel. Large back-lit photos of happy toddlers on the walls. Wow….


Let’s continue with the bizarre/disturbing theme, shall we?

The Japanese Penis Festival. Celebrating fertility and large cocks. This isn’t an adult-themed festival. Nope.

Here honey… the penis! Careful now!

wooden-penis 486058493_a8055df81f_m

hounen-penis-fertility-festival-1-705486 kanamaratransvestites penisfest8


In other news…..

Want a dismembered boob? What are these, DD?


VaginaDrum found this one and twitpic’d it:



If the crazy-ass game shows didn’t clue you in…..I’m convinced. They’re light-years ahead of us. In a parallel universe.

  9 Responses to “The Japanese Are Crazy…Or Are They?”

  1. I always knew there was something about Japan that I liked! ;)

    ~ I’m going to assume you’re referring to the hotels, and not the other stuff, lol

  2. Jesus that is some seriously out there stuff, but hey some of the rooms actually look like fun *grins* … the doll however that is just plain freaky O_o

    ~ I agree, they DO look like fun! Albeit a little extreme…..but could be fucking GREAT for an orgy :D

  3. Emma Kelly used to write about those hotels in Tokyo in her blog Mrs. Kelly’s Playground. She and her husband sometimes used to escape there when they wanted to get deeper in their bdsm and not worry about their child waking up or coming in…a great concept if you ask me.

    ~ yeah, great, if you don’t mind the day-long flight and cost to get there and stay there!

  4. OMG I’m not quite sure what to say here… lol

  5. Kids at a “penis festival”? Really? WTF. lol

    ~ I know, but to the Japanese it’s not about porn. It’s about celebrating fertility. It’s the other cultures that come to it that are making it pornographic. However….the photos of the children ON the big penii? Too much.

  6. These sound like my kind of rooms, but being a germ freak….I must wonder how clean do they get these rooms after each use?

    ~ huh. you know….I’m not real sure, nor am I sure where the cleaning crews hang out…I mean, when a used room is freed, does a buzzer and lights go off in the secret janitor room to instruct them to hurry up and get to the cum-covered room?

  7. Have you heard about the vending machines that sell used panties? Or Host Clubs? Or the themed cafes you can go to with tons of cute girls dressed up in maid uniforms?

    Yeah… :)

    ~ I did indeed read about those vending machines, but they’ve since been…..taken away, lol. Other stuff, not so much, now I need to go read up, lol

  8. I agree. It is as if the Japanese live in a parallel universe. I want to visit, BAD!

  9. Ever since I heard of these I’ve had it on my Things To Do Before I Die list.

    Seriously. Sign me up and give me the money to spend at least an hour in each and every room. Holy hell can you IMAGINE the fun and games?

    We need that shit over here.

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