Mar 292009

aka “No more masturbating at work”


In a few weeks, my job will change and I’ll move to a new location, new building. It’s not a new job, per se…..but the department I was in is being consolidated with all other similar departments and they’re taking us all from being scattered about the city complex to being all on the same floor of the same building. My duties will differ, there will be people I don’t know in my new unit. And… “privacy” and ability to jerk off at my desk might just be gone entirely.

I’ve been told by my supervisor’s supervisor that we’ll all have internet access – I just don’t know if it’ll be a different branch of IT or if the blocked sites list will be more strict – i.e. I may not be able to remote in to my home computer anymore. If I can’t, then I can’t write during the day, I can’t read blogs during the day, and most importantly….I can’t chat. There will be email that’s non-work, I should still be able to access Gmail, but not the chat function.

Losing the ability to play during work hours and perhaps lose the chat functionality is, I admit, a worry for me where Q is concerned. Might very well lose that side of us entirely. In all aspects. I suppose I’ll find out soon enough….

My current location, as you all should know, did not afford me any privacy……I was the “receptionist” for the floor, my desk front was visible to everyone who should walk by me and they did – constantly. But I had no worry of anybody coming up behind me and seeing my screen because it was simply impossible. And my “cube”, while sharing a wall with true cubes to my back, was large enough that I didn’t worry about being overheard. Not with the slight vibration sound, nor my choked moans, or heavy breathing.

Now, my cube is 8×8. U-shaped. The open end of the u-shape faces out to the aisle-way of a row of cubes, and the opposite cube is…….my supervisor. The way the computers are arranged, our backs will be to each other but that means that anytime she would turn around, she could see my screen. Or anyone could that walks by my cube. I’m surrounded in close quarters, really. The walls aren’t very tall – the shortest wall being 4″2 or some shit. I’m not sure which of the 3 cube walls is that height.

I intend to get a white-noise machine so that I hear less from the surrounding people, but I don’t know if it’ll mean they hear less from me – could it mask a bullet vibe tucked against my clit? Could it muffle the vast amount of typing?

I also don’t know what I’ll be doing, exactly. It’s a lot of speculation at this point. It’s been hinted that a lot of my work will be done away from my desk… then not only might I be losing the chat functionality….I’ll be losing a lot of email time, as well. Should THAT be the case….I worry about entire relationships dissolving.

Time will tell, a few short weeks. I can tell you I’m not looking forward to it. My new floor is supposedly 2 acres. There’s 350 people on it. I have to find different parking. Learn new people. I could just go elsewhere but there’s a hiring freeze. And of course civilian jobs, as we all know, are on the decline as well.

I’m back to blogging, slowly. Not back to HNT just yet though. But perhaps….since you all know my “freedom” at work is about to go, perhaps I’ll get some good requests I can fill for “at work exhibitionism” photos!

Review: Just in Case II (black)

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Mar 292009


Well, there’s really not a whole lot to say about this product! It either works, or it doesn’t.

I’m pleased to report that it does! There’s no worry of accidentally opening up the lower condom section when you press the button to open up the upper compact/mirror portion. In fact, releasing the catch for the condom section is a slight bit tricky till you do it a few times.

The compact is pretty, simple shiny black plastic with a non-descript logo design on the top. Easily mistaken for a make-up compact in your bag. It comes with 2 condoms and that’s about all it’ll hold. It would hold more if you get ones that have slimmer packaging, I guess.

Why should you have something like this? It’s simple – the foil packaging for condoms is nowhere near indestructible. Especially in the average woman’s handbag there’s going to be a sharp object which could puncture a rogue condom. carries a bunch of different types of condom cases if this isn’t your style. There’s little zippered pouches from FYN, French Leather Envelope styles for the men or the women who don’t carry handbags, plain hard plastic cases that are unisex, and even pretty “condom cubes” that can sit slyly on your bedside table without alerting most people to their contents.

cnvfyn-htbsl cnvdt-s136d-02 cnvce-ccu1 cnvdt-s119r-05



Mar 272009

Since this review is pretty old, I should direct you to the updated review of the Lelo Luna Beads; a word about boil cleaning the Luna Beads; and a comparison of the new Luna Mini beads vs Original Luna Beads.


I once tried a cheapo pair of Benwa balls – and promptly gave up on them. They were too small and I just couldn’t keep them in. The Luna Beads are better and different. They’re a little larger, but small enough to serve their purpose. You can vary the weights by using just one bead, or two or by combining one of each color.

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Mar 252009

Our girl is gone.

After a long hard trip to the vet, our girl Inky was let go last night. Our brave girl hung on too hard, she wouldn’t let go on her own and so we went. Her fear is a knife to my heart right now, she was so scared at the vet’s office. So weak. We miss her deeply already. We are still grieving and teary, trying to soak up memories of the good times to replace the last week of hell and worry and sick.It is hard….I knew it would be, our hearts are a bit broken right now.

I am shamelessly stealing this quote from a recent post by Sinclair:

Kapalabhati (breath of fire) mimics the breath pattern of sobbing, or mourning, and sends messages to the brain and body that you are experiencing these things. The amount we mourn and let go = the amount of new space we have created. If you’ve loved deeply, you must mourn deeply, and vice versa.

If you do not activate something new while mourning, you’ll have nothing to let go of the past for. Inhales are essential to exhales….if we have something new to breathe in, we will be more able to fully breathe out and let go. If there’s nothing to let go for, of course we’ll go back to the past and will not move forward. Full inhales and exhales after kapalabhati = new breath, new life.

– thoughts from yoga, sarah herrington

So we mourn.  To help me through it, I wrote a post on my side blog. Inky’s story. It is long, there are photos and a video montage at the end. You don’t have to read it, but I had to do it.

New breath, new life…..her ghost is still here with us. her spirit abounds. We need to help another cat, maybe even two. We looked at Petfinder this morning and found a few girls who badly need a home. And we badly need them.

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Mar 212009

I’ve never really taken any time away from this blog, I’ve been sparse in posting but that was the extent.

I’m not going to worry about this blog for a week or so. I might post a product review, that’s about it, if I can manage it.

My baby girl kitty is perhaps on her last days. We’re not sure. Last Friday she was fine, then that Saturday….not so fine. Subsequent vet visits (costly visits) and testing (oye, srsly? that much?) and meds (4) have not yet shown improvement but I’ve been told to give it a week. She has heart disease and kidney disease and hyperthyroidism. And she’s 16.

We’re not giving up on her just yet because even though she’s weak from not eating (I’m syringe-feeding her with high-cal wet food) she still purrs like crazy when we lay with her, meows and talks to us and has her moments of greatness. Earlier this week after her syringe feeding, she wanted outside! To her that means a 5-10 minute trip to the sidewalk in front of our door where her radius tends to be 4 feet (her choice) of smelling and rolling and nibbling on grass. That night though (she feels safer in the dark, more bold) she ambled on down the sidewalk. She went about 40 feet down, past other doors, just lookin for a blade of grass. Or perhaps she was running away from home, lol.

Rest assured we are vigilant to her condition and will never let her suffer. If her quality of life does not improve in a week, we’ll say goodbye, as heart-breaking as that will be to us. She’s our only furkid right now, is always near us or on us, or talking to us.

So if you don’t see my presence on your blogs as much, or talking much in IM/email/Twitter, this is why.

1159175 img_0341

Mar 192009

I never did care to go to Japan or really any Asian country. My cultural/food/architectural tastes run decidedly old-world European. But the more I read about the “Love Hotels” in Japan….I wanna go just for this shit!!!! No matter what your kink is, there’s a room somewhere for it. They can go all out in some! Alien-abductions. Doctor’s office and waiting room. Arctic. Holocaust-style torture chamber. Outer Space. Claymation-style and cartoon character decorated. After all, haven’t you always wanted to have kinky sex in a Disney-themed room??? Spiderman-style room complete with wall chains so you can “swing” from the walls. A recreation of a subway car complete with rocking and sounds!

Most of the modern love hotels are clinical in the lobbies and there are no clerks. Those japanese sure do love their vending machines (which sell anything and everything, even sex toys, panties and…..I won’t go on) and this is no different. A wall of lit up pictures of the rooms, if its dark its occupied, the prices are there. Some you pay in advance and you get the key, some you pay before you leave your room. Rates are either for 1 or 3 hours, or overnight. There’s group rooms, some even with a huge swimming pool! Awesome…. I knew these sorts of things existed, but not to this degree!

love-hotel-rooms japaneselovehotels2

Lemme show you the wackiness:


photo courtesy of

Osaka’s Gang Snowman is one of the more wild and detailed hotels. This room has a prison cage with a restraint cross, bondage coffee table with neck restraints, sauana/hot tub/massage table (cuz after being imprisoned you need to relax I guess).


photo courtesy of

Also at the Gang Snowman is the rooftop play area, which paying customers can use for free for 40 minutes. Garage themed (motor oil scene, anyone?) – yes that’s a real Caddy, with a hot tub. The Caddy has arm/leg restraints and when the car starts rockin…..the headlights flash. I shit you not.

Elsewhere in Japan….


Photo: Misty Keasler for

A little Hello Kitty with your restraints? Why the fuck not!



Self explanatory, no?



Photo: Misty Keasler for

This one is really fucking disturbing. Carousel. Large back-lit photos of happy toddlers on the walls. Wow….


Let’s continue with the bizarre/disturbing theme, shall we?

The Japanese Penis Festival. Celebrating fertility and large cocks. This isn’t an adult-themed festival. Nope.

Here honey… the penis! Careful now!

wooden-penis 486058493_a8055df81f_m

hounen-penis-fertility-festival-1-705486 kanamaratransvestites penisfest8


In other news…..

Want a dismembered boob? What are these, DD?


VaginaDrum found this one and twitpic’d it:



If the crazy-ass game shows didn’t clue you in…..I’m convinced. They’re light-years ahead of us. In a parallel universe.