Jan 042009

In my quest for a good away-from-home (read: work) vibe, I asked to review the Discretion Bullet from VibeReview. Unfortunately, I was disappointed by it. The premise is that when closed up, it resembles a makeup compact. Well……it -might-, if it weren’t for the logo and toy name on the front of it!! The description boasts that it has a mirror, like you could actually use it. Well, you can’t. It’s no better than a Barbie Dream House mirror. Sure it reflects but its marred and blurry. Oh well. Not the point.

Again, here is where BadBadGirl is going to call me a toy snob (I’m sorry, yes, I am a Fancy Whore). It is with this toy that I finally said “Self, no more toys from California Exotic Novelties. Ever.” They’re sub-par as a whole. The Miracle Wand isn’t bad, but when it’s meant as a rival for Hitachi, it falls short in the “Moar Powar!!” category. Everything about this toy is cheaply made. With any real use, I see that little “arm” there that winds the cord back into the case breaking off real quick. See the lil peanut-bullet there up top? Well that comes out, you pull on it and the cord extends, supposedly 36″ but I was lucky if I was able to yank out 24″.


There are 2 settings of power on the toy. It’s decent, but it never got me off.  Honestly I have to wonder about the other people who’ve submitted their short review on the site…..they all loved it! Really truly think it’s the shit! If you want discretion, get Lelo’s Mia. If you want a bullet vibe, get the Silver Bullet. If, like me, you intend to “travel” with it, then just get a small pouch or mini FYN locking case for your handbag!

  • I am a toy snob too. However! My favorite bullet is made by Cal Exotics. The Xtreme Pack G-spot bullet. I agree that most of their toys suck, but… at least try that one if you haven’t already. :)

  • It reminds me of a birth control pack. :)

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