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Kama Sutra Vanilla Oil of Love


Yet again, dear readers, I chose something by the looks of it. I didn’t really know much of anything about the Kama Sutra line of items. In the past they didn’t appeal to me or seem to offer up something missing from my sex life.

You gotta admit though, it’s pretty pretty! Another one to set on your nightstand. The one I tried is the Vanilla Cream as I am not a fan of imitation fruit scents. The scent on this is not overpowering but it’s decidedly “there”. Unlike the Chocolate Aphrodisiac oil which had little to no chocolate scent, this delivers with a relaxing erotic fragrance.

However, it’s the same sort of concoction. They call it an “oil”, but it contains no oil. Instead it’s sweetened up with chemicals and

This supposedly has another tingly/warming property like the other stuff I reviewed, but it failed to perform for me. Another note is that they say that although it appears tinted in the bottle it is clear on the skin – not exactly. When it’s spread out and rubbed in, sure it’s clear. But when you first pour it on (especially on skin as pale as mine) it is colored a bit like Mt. Dew :)

While this won’t leave you greasy, if you use enough you’ll feel slightly tacky when you’re through with the massage – I recommend keeping a babywipe or similar on hand for easy cleanup. Or heck just move the party to the shower! The water-based oil is hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, and condom safe.



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I’ve never tried anything like these massage oils before – to be honest we used the KY warming or something (and I’m mostly referring to back massages). Since there are a lot of different scented/flavored massage oils at Sextoy.com (you’ll find more in the Bath & Body category), I had to have -some- method for choosing. So I went by looks. Isn’t this pretty??


Shunga Chocolate Aphrodisiac Oil

I’m not one for fake-fruity flavored/scented things, so I went for chocolate. I’ve got a chocolate-hazelnut candle that’s delish, and a chocolate-vanilla bodypowder that’s wonderful, so I thought I was on the right track.

The Good:

  • There is actually no oil in this. Which means it’s not going to feel oily/greasy during of after.  {Ingredients: (may contain) U.S.P. Glycerin, U.S.P. Propylene Glycol, Flavor, Sodium Saccarine, FDandC Blue #1, FDandC Yellow # 5, FDandC Yellow # 6, FDandC Red # 40}
  • Since there’s no oil, if any drips onto clothing or sheets, clean-up will be easier
  • It never gets sticky
  • It’s a really pretty bottle, enough to sit out in “public” view

The Bad:

  • It claims to have a “warming” property…..if you blow on it?? That seems odd to me. And it also didn’t work
  • There is a vague scent but I wouldn’t say it’s chocolate.
  • Flavor….oh dear. It is sorta chocolate, but that wasn’t the issue. Suddenly the “warming” effect came out loud and clear….and resulted in a “ewwwww getitoff!!!!”. It wasn’t pleasant. Don’t lick it.

The Ugly:

  • It looks like dirty motor oil when you first pour it, lol.

Case in point:


It’s not a bad product – it doesn’t live up to its advertised properties, but I’ll still be using it.


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