Dec 142008


Every now and then there arrives a music video that toes the line a bit. Goes a little bit past the “societal norm” of sexuality. NIN’s “Closer” was one, and of course Madonna’s “Justify My Love”. These two I can understand, somewhat, the freak-out. The MTV censorship from tender impressionable young eyes….yeah, whatever. They’re gonna see worse.


Ahh, Trent. While there were many “disturbing” aspects of the video (the animals, the meat, the overall weirdness) it was images like these that got banned, I believe.


And Madonna. The queen of pushing the envelope. “Justify My Love” has genderbending, hints of group sex, bdsm, etc.


So in general people don’t push it too much these days. But Hilary Duff has a new video out (yeah yeah I know, Disney pop chick, you’re rolling your eyes at me) and she’s trying her best, I think, to let us know she’s all grown up. Ohhh yes….definitely. I only feel slightly pervy for lusting after her. I really like her new song/video, but many people don’t. She used the background track for Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus” which I always liked that track, very sexy. The song, the video, Hilary…all very sexified. Very grown up. The video combines moments of her appearing a bit submissive, and other moments like a Domme on the prowl. The lyrics are mainly, well, not submissive, lol.


On a mission, for position by the end of the night
It’s like the prey, playing games with the hunter
No where to run boy, time to just surrender


The comments on YouTube are disturbing. I shouldn’t expect better, really. But she is being called slutty, a whore, a freak, etc. for this video/song.

Meanwhile I, on the other hand, am adding it to my pre-date mixed CD ;) This is another one of those songs that just gets me going, in more ways than one.


No where to run boy, time to just surrender…..

  11 Responses to “Reach out and touch me….”

  1. Ok, even as a more disneylike pop princess, she was cute – but I have to agree, this is a totally different (and hot) Hilary. I love the song, love the video, and you’re not the only one feeling kinda pervy right now :)


  2. I was perving after her when she was in the Disney movies. So, why change now?? :)

  3. I just watched the video. Being that DM is my favorite group, I like it by default. I also thought it was pretty hot! Looks like she’s enjoying not being the Disney princess.

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  5. Hot video, but the song doesn’t really do anything for me, to be honest.

  6. Ok watched the video, wth are people complaining about, um the fact that she is not 12 years old any more? Seriously, it isn’t like she is showing any thing or doing any thing that hasn’t been put out there already. People really need to get their own life and stop complaining about how others are acting, unless it is directly affecting them, who gives a f’k!

    I liked it!!

  7. Sorry.. but HD is a fav of the moment.. and although this song isn’t one of her best, the video is HOT!
    Must say I like the idea of the pre-date mixed CD.. good one~

  8. Ehh, where to start!

    First of all, I see alot of people complaining that she ripped off Depeche Mode. Comments like “stolen from personal jesus – depeche mode… ridiculous.”

    That’s silly. Lots of artists do covers of other artists. As if Depeche Mode wasn’t aware of this or something? I mean, I’m not sure how it works in the music industry but I imagine she payed the rights, or asked permission, or some such thing.

    Then well there’s all the sex bashing stuff. I don’t understand what’s with these people, really. They don’t have sex or what? I mean, I can understand that they might not want to see others have sex or engage in activities that they do not find appealing… But quit playing the prude, dammit! Sex is natural and we humans are silly, silly, silly for turning it into a “bad” thing. Humph.

  9. I’m a slutty whor freak.
    Yo say it like its a bad thing!

  10. I remember how controversial Madonna’s video’s always were. I somehow find it hard to put Hillary Duff and controversial in the same sentence. Er, perhaps Hillary Duff and slutty in the same sentence.

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