Nov 162008

So much to talk about, it’ll have to be broken down into more than one post. And I hope you’ll all forgive me, I hope words are enough because I don’t really have any photos of debauchery. It was all so intense and in-the-moment that many of us forgot about photos.

So I met BBG at Penn Station first, as I lugged my (too many and too heavy) bags up to the main floor. We did the phone “where are you? I’m right here!” thing and found each other quickly. We waited for ThatToyChick, but that proved to be difficult. We had joked about red helium balloons tied to our wrists, or a three-way phone call version of Marco! Polo! After 20 minutes of ridiculousness (Tip: When you say “I’m in front of XX, meet me here”, make sure there’s not -4- of such in the place!!), we all found each other and proceeded to bumble through the subway to the hotel. (3 out-of-towners who don’t know their way around, meeting up inside Penn Station, is fucking hysterical to witness.)

TC and I ended up walking down 14th street (LES) to Lush, taking photos along the way. We got sidetracked by the gourmet grocers and finally succumbed to one. Garden of Eden. HOLY MOTHER OF FUCK we about orgasmed in there. It was a foodie’s wet dream, I’m not shitting you. We could have spent hours and hundreds of dollars. As it was, we ended up getting food to bring back so that we could all eat before the party. Let me just say – it was the BEST Mac n Cheese any of us have ever had. I dream of it. Want in my pants? Bring me Garden of Eden Mac n Cheese.

BBG’s “hotel” room was…..interesting. It was more like an apartment than a hotel. Ok, more like a shoebox than an apartment, lol. For the price, it was fine. It had character. The bathroom was shared amongst 4 rooms, and I swear the toilet room wasn’t more than 3 feet wide. For that matter, the room couldn’t have been more than 10 feet wide, lol. The bed was up against the big window which had no screen. We were on the second floor, but the first floor was below street level a bit, so let’s say floor 1 and a half. It was unseasonably warm, with no AC and poor air circulation so as we were getting ready, 14th street had a great view of a few naked or scantily-clad women getting dolled up. Before getting ready I decided to take a cold shower to cool down, so I pattered down the hallway in only undies. I pattered back, wet and naked with a towel. Didn’t give too much of a fuck who might have seen. As dusk dropped, we were quite visible from the street and had fun with it. Don’t you wish you were hanging outside the Istanbul Grille Friday night??? Three hot BBW’s getting naughty and naked for the city ;)


The hot n sexy BBG lounging in bed………..Our bed as we got ready for the party

BBG kept twittering all weekend!

The party was…..interesting. Heh. Compared to NYC natives, I’m a country bumpkin. The bar seemed small, and it was constantly packed with well over 150 people at all times. Navigating through the crowd was insane. I’m not one for crowds, and so I felt really out of my element. I was surrounded by beautiful women and to be honest, I felt underdressed. Or overdressed, lol, not enough skin showing. I’ll play off that I’m a demure sexpot ;) All in black save for my deep shiny red shoes and bag.

TC is an amazing amazing woman, BBG and I dubbed her the Martha Stewart of Kink. She’ll have to tell you why. I can’t recall all of her DIY suggestions for kink and stuff, because my memory is teh suck, but I think she needs to make a whole site just for all of it. Also, this lady has the hottest mane of hair – faux-red and down to her ass. I’m so lucky to have had such amazing and beautiful women to hang out with Friday before the party. I can’t even tell you how many truly amazing people I met and spoke to. This cute fellow blogger boy (who apparently reads my blog more than I thought, and I enjoy his as well) showed up unexpectedly and hung out with me and my girls all night, party and afterparty.

I was overwhelmed by the sexy hot beautiful women that night. Femmes, butches, bi, straight, lesbian…..oh yeah, and a few guys. But the women! oooff.*swoon*

The beautiful red-dress girl we kept bumping into as we smoked a cigarette on the sidewalk. Cute-beautiful and sweet and someone I could talk to for hours.

Natt, who looked so damn hot in the Clyde get-up (I have a new blogger crush, the fedora and tattoo, amongst other things, did me in totally. Not to mention Natt is fun and funny and so goodlooking and easy to talk to and……wow I’ll stop with the gushing). Also, one of the only people to notice and comment on my sexpot blood-red shoes. *swoon*

Mariella, who is just….an enigma. You look at her, this dark-haired big-eyed beauty and you know her young age but my god you’d never guess. She’s beyond her years. It was hard though to reconcile the blog details (details now gone from her blog but I read enough before she started it over) with this angelic face.

Sinclair. Oh Sinclair. I swoon over her writing, she weaves the most delicious erotica. She is truly a wordsmith. But to meet the “real person” was fucking amazing. She is….wow. You really find out in person what the fuss is all about if you didn’t already know and it’s shocking that she doesn’t just have a parade of femmes trailing her every move. BBG introduced me early on in the night as just Lilly. A bit later, in a group of a few of us as I was introduced again, my name clicked. Sinclair says “Oh! Lilly…as in Dangerous Lilly??” with this look that…… wow. Thank fuck for dimly lit rooms, I blushed and was hit with a shy attack even moreso than usual. Later as BBG was groped/spanked/fondled by Sinclair for a minute I watched in envy – not just because it was Sinclair, in general the roughness – the yank of the hair, the firm pressure of a gliding hand, the stingy smack on the ass. Yes, please.

Every time bloggers met, it was a hug and a squeal and a “ohmygod you look beautiful, it’s so fucking great to meet you!!” For all my social anxiety and unsuredness in attending, I can’t say how glad I am to have been there.

Meeting Catalina was awesome, who’s been giving me email support on my quest/need to lose weight and get healthy. Damn skinny bitch ;)

Nadia is another blogger friend I looked forward to meeting. Sadly, due to the packed-like-sardines state of the party and all, we didn’t get to spend much time together. This needs to change soon!!

I didn’t win anything at the raffle. Goddamn though, I gotta tell you, 75% of the people in attendance would have traded any sexual favor to win the Eleven in the raffle. I did bring home a few small goodies though.

My feet were utterly killing me halfway through the party. I have something called plantar fasciitis (which goes along with the fibro) and so I was in agony. But it was worth it.

OMG, there’s more, much more, more people and hotness and whew! On to the afterparty, the true high point of the weekend…….to continue in Part 2. I know I left out some shit here because I’m so tired and overwhelmed. It’ll all come out this week, in time. Everything I planned for didn’t happen, and everything that happened was so deliciously unplanned. I’ll also start putting up all my touristy NYC buildings photos on Flickr.

  11 Responses to “Ugh, my feet hurt (I love NY)”

  1. Lilly I can’t believe I don’t get to see you every day for the rest of my life. I just adore you, girl…

    ~I know! Bittersweet meeting, indeed. I had such a wonderful wonderful time with you!!

  2. This sounds absolutely wonderful! I can’t wait to read more on it!!!

  3. Glad you had a good time in NYC. I’ve done similar looking for ASM in Penn Station, so I can only imagine how it was for people who never met in person before.

    And I’m glad to hear you finally found the *right* pair of shoes to go with your outfit…

    ~Srsly, if there’s going to be 4 goddamn Auntie Anne’s, they should at least all be different. There shouldn’t be more than one near an escalator. Penn Station is um, alot bigger than I realized last visit.

  4. I am so jealous. Someday, I’ll get to meet all of you beauties as well.

    ~Well I have on good authority there’s a calendar being talked about for next year, so start saving and planning now!! I would LOVE to meet you!!!

  5. I’m jealous too. I really wanted to go, but it totally wasn’t in my budget. I’ll be visiting your area of the state around the holidays, though. We should totally do lunch :)

    ~Hey yes we should! It was a bit of a pricey trip for me, just as much in my shopping for it as the actual trip, lol. But worth it.

  6. Oh, how I wish I had been there. Thanks for sharing the details of the fun. You’re awesome.

    ~I’m sure you do wish, lol. Now go swoon over BBG at her place, I’m sure she needs it ;)

  7. Aw, now I’m blushing!

    It was lovely meeting you, hun–hope to see you ’round these parts again soon :]

  8. […] Lilly starts her recount of the trip in and some of the fun. […]

  9. Glad you had such a good time in the big city, and sorry you were intimidated by the women you encountered…you can more than hold your own (oops, sorry, great image but bad choice of, and truth be told, most people prefer partners built for comfort and not for speed…and if you think Garden of Eden is a foodie’s heaven, then i’m just hoping subsequent posts will include d&d or a few other locations. GofE is nice, but really only AAA and not the major leagues.

  10. What a great gettaway! I am so jealous!

  11. Those shoes were effing rad. If I’m really good, what are the chances I could get a picture?

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